Reviews - JOE MORRIS Singularity (AUM018)
From a full page review in the June 2001 issue of THE WIRE
"Though swimming in outrageously honed technique, Joe Morris keeps his improvised guitar fluent, self-critical and tender. We find strange things and felicities in what he plays, just as he does. The expressive moment becomes objective: we know we're listening to something that's bigger than the both of us." -Ben Watson
"Top Improv Records of 2001" - THE WIRE
"From the first resonant chords, the improvisations flow out in a spontaneous stream, carving their way with sinuous, crystalline focus and compact potency. The pieces build on each other, weaving a tapestry of stunning detail and startling economy. This music has a soulful immediacy that drives back through the blues to the vital driving polyrhythms of Africa and forward to music of captivating melodic abstraction. The cover photo shows a delicate flower cradled in a child's hands. This music connects with that same balance of delicacy and directness." - Michael Rosenstein
"Morris uses a number of methods to build intensity: aggressive right-hand finger picking, rolling-and-tumbling left-hand phrases, flashes of lyrical chord progressions, alternating basslines and melody, angular intervals, theme and variation turned inside out and upside down, and lots of timbral emphasis on wood string, and skin. In so doing, the guitarist creates a freak of nature, a benevolent storm out of which burst bolts of lightning and roaring thunder. It's a supple, sneaky new music that lingers like a scent after a cool spring shower." - Sam Prestianni
"[Morris'] music is out, earthy and pretty all at the same time. If you've heard Singularity, you know what we mean." - K. Leander Williams
"'Singular' is the operative term here - 'only' heard is his acoustic guitar finger-picking and plucking nirvana. Morris, though, is devoid of needing additional instruments to fill in any gaps that may be open - his edgy craft and wondrous hands seemingly provide what sounds like a guitar army on the absolutely sublime improvised sounds of Singularity." - Brad Cohan

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