Reviews - SHRIMP BOAT.. Something Grand ..(AUM028/29/30/31)

"[Something Grand is] worth its own weight in Ming period porcelain.."

MOJO - October 2004:
"Something Grand reveals a band not so much ahead of the herd as way beyond it .. playfully following their own rules and still dazzling over a decade later." (FULL REVIEW JPEG BELOW)

"As far as assessing the band's place in history, their influence goes deeper the more you hear them. .. Hyperbole runs thickly through the critical landscape (as it always has and almost assuredly always will), but Shrimp Boat can shoulder any accolade you would care to bestow upon them. They lived this music and loved it, and these are sounds that things like commerce and age can't touch."
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"To have so much by them become available now is thoroughly unexpected and fantastically satisfying."

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"[Something Grand] is manna, obsessively and lovingly circumscribed manna, from heaven. .. Shrimp Boat was the arty party band of the quaint bohemian village that was late-80s Chicago. They were simultaneously playful and cerebral; they played with an openness and sincerity that was uncommon then and is possibly extinct now. - ERIC BABCOCK

" .. the legendary Chicago band Shrimp Boat, whose unique fusion of jazz, bluegrass, folk, rock and just about everyting in between made it a pioneering touchstone of the Chicago 90s music scene. .. Something Grand is a beautifully packaged boxed set [which] documents each stage of the idiosyncratic group's evolution, starting with home-recorded gems from 1987 and ending with material from 1992, just as the band was dissolving. .. If the group formed today they'd probably be hailed as geniuses." - JOSHUA KLEIN

"The Chicago post-rock scene of the Nineties - the pneumatic rhapsodies of Tortoise, the chamber pop of The Sea and Cake, the tone poetry of Gastr del Sol - starts here, with the twisted-country and art-garage games of local legends Shrimp Boat. .. the group made three albums but also this multidisc set of work tapes ranging from arch minstrelsy to exultantly cerebral pop - Pere Ubu high on the haystack mysticism of Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music." - DAVID FRICKE

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