Reviews - SHRIMP BOAT.. Speckly ..(AUM033)

ALL ABOUT (full review)
"An almost-lost masterpiece of American songwriting .. There's something indefinably special and magical going on here, and it makes you feel good to be alive." - Chris May

DUSTED MAGAZINE (full review)

PITCHFORK (full review)

" .. Its roots in folk music are clear (the nearly surreal poetry of "An Orchid Is Not a Rose" musically sounds like it could be a cover of the Carter Family), but Shrimp Boat's trademark musical tangents also appear, though kept on a shorter leash than on the more freewheeling box set. Prekop's proudly strained vocals give the songs great character, while the members' instrumental versatility varies the textures invigoratingly. Perhaps now Shrimp Boat can finally get its due respect." -Steve Holtje

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