Reviews - WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET.. Sound Unity ..(AUM034)
VILLAGE VOICE - 2005 Jazz Year-End Top Albums
Sound Unity - #1
"Balance and teamwork distinguish every album on this list, but only a great bassist can hold your attention up against this much firepower on trumpet, sax, and drums." - Tom Hull

ONE FINAL NOTE - Top 10: 2005
"Considering bassist/composer/bandleader William Parker’s multifarious talents, it is in the most traditional of lineups—the stripped-down, piano-less quartet—that his true genius manifests itself.  With a penchant for catchy, swinging, post-bop melodies enlivened with exploratory free jazz excursions, Parker’s quartet is the most consistently rewarding of his many projects, having developed a repartee that is nothing short of stunning.  Recorded live on tour, Sound Unity—the much anticipated follow up to O'Neal's Porch—exemplifies the art of jazz improvisation at its most telepathic level, from a group that will easily go down in the history books as revered as Miles Davis’ second quintet or John Coltrane’s classic quartet." - Troy Collins [Doug Schulkind's Favorites of '05]
"When will the world recognize that William Parker is a genius? No composer in jazz gets closer to the pumping heart of the music's lifeblood. No bandleader and organizer is more selfless in the service of the collective self-expression. Few instrumentalists are as versatile, or improvisors as generous. Parker has performed on more than two hundred records, and this latest, with his outrageously tight working quartet, is simply one of his best."

VILLAGE VOICE - Jazz Consumer Guide (*PICK HIT*)
"..if you listen to this record four times, each time focusing on a player, you'll hear four slightly distinct albums, each one coherent. They did it." - Tom Hull

ALL ABOUT JAZZ (West Coast Print Edition)
"These four create palpable magic from the bubbling cauldron of empathic ensemble playing and daring solo work backed by masterful technical skill. .. This generous live recording catches one of the premier bands working today inspired and inspiring, making the sacred accessible, weaving sound from the real." - Rex Butters

'4-Stars Review' : "Riveting, nimble and innately listenable, the quartet never falters." - Jeff McCord

Editors' Picks: Best of 2005 - "What stands out on Sound Unity is the almost telepathic interaction and bubbling conversation between the four musicians."

".. irresistable and nourishing .. this is extroverted, vibrant front porch music of the highest order." - Larry Cosentino
This wonderfully astute review by Troy Collins just up now.

Yes I! Review by Nils Jacobson.

Indeed! Review by Christian Carey

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