Reviews - WILLIAM PARKER .. Long Hidden: The Olmec Series ..(AUM036)

This was the first piece written on the album's release in March 2006-- a beautifully done Lead Music Feature
by K. Leander Williams >>> Read the Whole of it >>>

"Thus, once Parker's sublime opening solo extemporisation on the hymn 'There Is a Balm in Gilead' is over, an eight-string African guitar picks out a delicate melody before the band launches into a beautiful mess of intercontinental polyrhythms and unselfconsciously uplifting tunes, conjuring impenetrable hieroglyphs and crumbling lost cities while batting away the vibes of world-music fusion with some suitably downtown sax skronk. Superb." - Stewart Lee

"There is an uncompromisingly full-blooded charge in the arrangements whose staccato phrasing and thickly entwined rhythms sport a decidedly danceable character. It reinforces the point that William Parker has brought a very real spirituality as well as globally-inflected virtuosity to contemporary jazz." - Kevin Le Gendre

Four different reviews were written for and are posted here. A new record for one publication! I love this website--the best of all Jazz websites, ever.

"Everyone should be listening to New York City bassist William Parker’s albums on AUM Fidelity. They have reached a steady consistency: the bass tones always round and heavy; the personality and instrumental voice of each record always distinct; Parker’s musical and spiritual convictions always articulately reaffirmed. .. This is music for people who love to hear music — spilling from windows and cars, reflecting the movements and tones of everyday moments. Most jazz albums stake some claim about uplifting the spirit, but Parker’s albums have the warmth and weight to actually do it." - Sam Sweet

"A totally unexpected combination - but under Parker's direction, it works beautifully. [A] surprising and masterful disc." - Phil Freeman

"The new album from avant-garde bassist extraordinaire William Parker [is] hypnotic [&] amazing." - Andrew Lindemann Malone

!EARSHOT (national campus and community radio report - CANADA)
"#1 on the Jazz Charts"

"On a par with the world music fusions of Parker's mentor Don Cherry, Long Hidden is an invigorating addition to a field of music easily bogged down with tepid crossover attempts. This is the real deal: raw, primal, soulful and expressive to the extreme." - Troy Collins

"Infectious music that rides the rail between free jazz and Afro-Latin polyrhythmic glee. This is inner-space music that seeks to do nothing less than map out where the infinite resides within all of us and how to get there." - Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

"The beauty of Parker's spirit and ceaseless expenditure of energy irrevocably enlivens the act of listening to the music. He is bridging the ocean between continents instrumentally, philosophically, sociologically and ethnically." - Lyn Horton

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