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Kidd Jordan Feature article by Steve Dollar (first appeared in the New York Sun) = great!


"With steely determination and emotional resolve in the face of great tragedy, Jordan, Parker and Drake have created a timeless album of understated, dark beauty. Palm of Soul is spiritually revelatory free jazz, hauntingly beautiful and emotionally resonant." - Troy Collins

"Palm Of Soul answers prayers and upends expectations." - Derek Taylor

"Jordan unrolls color variations on his tenor that make his one instrument come across like an orchestra." - Lyn Horton

!EARSHOT (Canadian Radio Report) - #1 on Jazz Charts

THE ABSOLUTE SOUND (esteemed high-end audiophile periodical)

Music: 4/4 Stars ....Sonics: 4/4 Stars

"Like Fred Anderson in Chicago and Vinny Golia in Los Angeles, saxophonist Edward "Kidd" Jordan has been as overlooked by the general jazz audience as he has been revered by the fortunate players he's mentored over the decades. He's been performing and recording for nearly 50 years, with credits ranging as far afield as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Cannonball Adderley, and Cecil Taylor, and yet he will still be considered a "discovery" by many.

Palm of Soul is an ideal place to make the acquaintance of the 70-year-old New Orleans native's mature tenor saxophone stylings. Recorded in Brooklyn a month after Jordan was uprooted by Hurricane Katrina, this trio date features the dream rhythm section of drummer Hamid Drake and bassist William Parker, players thoroughly versed in both Jordan's totally improvised approach and personalized musical vocabulary and syntax. Jordan taps the tenor's full range, from meaty lower registers to sqauwkly highs and "split reed" polyphonics. Confidently toying with pitch, he weaves serpentines lines that often have an Eric Dolphy-like conversational quality as they slither through the kaleidoscopic textures and spaces created by Parker (adding guimbri, gongs, bowls, and talking drum to his pizzicato and arco bass) and Drake, whose percussion arsenal includes tabla and frame drum as well as traps set, and who adds his voice to 'Unity Call.' African and Eastern flavors abound, and implicit tales of anguish, contemplation, struggle, and liberation emerge from improvisations given such titles as 'Living Peace' and 'Last of the Chicken Wings.'

A tightly centered soundstage emphasizes the trio's sticky interplay, while its depth draws listeners in and allows room for instruments to define themselves. The sonics are clear, right up to the sharpest percussion attack, but especially warm in the mid and low ranges where Jordan's taut timbres and Parker's rubbery strings tend to operate.
- Derk Richardson

"Jordan's tenor sax work here is at once rabid and gentle, hilarious and tragic. He exploits the full tonal range of his horn like few contemporaries, contrasting timbre, dynamics, texture and articulation with infinite variety. .. [ this album is a tribute both to the power of the players and of improvised music.] - Chris Kelsey

"Like a force of nature, Palm of Soul is more exotic and unpredictable than anyone, including Jordan, might have anticipated." - Jon Andrews

AMAZON.COM Customer Review by John C. Graham (toronto, ontario)

"Kidd Jordan's finest"
Extremely significant offering from Kidd Jordan, William Parker, and Hamid Drake. The playing is slow and ballad like for the most part with Parker and Drake contributing in a delicate and unorthodox manner. Parker, especially, is heard on a variety of percussive instruments as well as his customary bass. It's a wonderfully calming spiritual soundscape for Kidd Jordan to play within and over top of.

We read in the liners that Kidd Jordan had lost his home to hurricane Katrina just three weeks before this recording took place. The impact of that devastation and the renewed hope for a strong and positive future are focal points along this musical journey. There are cries of despair coupled with the cries of birth and rebirth. Jordan's tenor sounds naked and alone, breathing with calm and then with fire, saying all that needs to be said.

I sat in silence for a while after I listened to this disc for the first time. It was if I was unaware that it was over. I somehow felt cleansed and free of the shackles that society insists I wear. I was calm and clear headed. It was only when my infant son tugged at my pantleg that I realized I was back.
I've listened many times now and with each visit I am rewarded in a new and delightful way.

Another stellar offering from Steven's little Brooklyn label...something we've come to expect every year now. This magnificent disc is highly recommended. Cheers!

OFFBEAT (New Orleans)
"Kidd Jordan plays the saxophone like a master storyteller. Like any well-told tale, Palm of Soul only gets better each time it's heard. - Todd A. Price

"A bastion of strength in these troubled times." - Nic Jones

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