Reviews – WILLIAM PARKER ..Double Sunrise Over Neptune...(AUM047)

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"one of the year’s few truly profound recordings."
–Bill Shoemaker

THE WIRE Lead/Featured Review
" feels truly, tenderly, prophetic." please see full review posted below...

4 Stars: "Duke Ellington and Sun Ra aren't mentioned enough in the same breath but here Parker presents the two icons as part of a rich common language .." please see full review posted below...

5 Stars: "Cosmic and Magnificent! Magnificent and Earthly! .. The biggest achievement of the album is that it all works to perfection : tight interplay, wild improvisations, wonderful rhythms and themes, the power of a big band with the sensitivity of a small ensemble, it is dark and refreshing, familiar and new, tribal and universal, expansive and intimate, control and chaos, emotional and soulful, bringing the most unbelievable cocktail of genres and styles, and it works ... it works! ...   ... this is music which should never stop ... .. this is music that the whole world should hear ..." -Stef

"as compelling as anything released so far this year .. a statement of vision realized with extraordinary clarity." -Nic Jones

"a kaleidoscopic tour-de-force .. cosmic groove music with a global flair—a seamless merger of Eastern and Western traditions conveyed with passionate conviction." -Troy Collins

VILLAGE VOICE / Jazz Consumer Guide - Pick Hit!
"The sort of miracle Sun Ra used to conjure up, but two planets further out from Ra's home base. A" -Tom Hull

KZSU / Stanford U. Radio
"This is a mystical extended work for 16 musicians. The music breathes, with global instrumentation contrasting orderly riffs and free-jazz invention, as the lovely voice of North Indian vocalist Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay gently wraps up the whole ensemble. An awesome disc." -Fo

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