AUM Fidelity 2018 Holidays Sale – Gift Bundles This Time !

5 Days Only >>> December 5 – 9

Wonder-full gift bundles; great prices!

A note too that all AUM Fidelity & Centering Records 2018 releases
(each of which are featured below) are now in short supply.

* Update: William Parker's Flower.. & Blinking.. 2CD is now sold out.
The other three 2018 releases pictured in top row below remain, in very short supply.

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DAVID S. WARE =Trio Trifecta=

The Balance CD
Live in New York, 2010

all together the total work created by this mighty David S. Ware trio. each album is distinct in its approach toward the listener's transcendence.


WILLIAM PARKER =!!! Voices & Song=

Voices Fall From The Sky 3CD Box Set
Corn Meal Dance

the Voices box set is a gorgeous bundle unto itself, together with one of our favorite albums of all-time, AUM or otherwise.


DANIEL CARTER+++ =Light Within Light=

Seraphic Light CD
Time Is Of The Essence.. CD

premiere free jazz of the highest order, with healing quietude intact. blessed sounds & lyricism abound.


Riti Records =Your 3 x CD Choice Bundle=

Joe Morris in both extraordinary musician and producer mode. He re-launched his Riti label early in the 2000s and brought 9 more great and distinctive works into being on same. Choose any 3 CDs of those still available for $20.
Include CAT#s in your PayPal order comments, or email after ordering with your choices to:

Your Choice – 3 for $20

=The CaseQuarter Trifecta=

God's Got It (brand new issue) CD
You Without Sin, Cast The First Stone
Singing Songs of Praise

Glory to the essence of Jesus, indeed – 'tis the season! Vital works within the gospel canon and anywhere passionate voices, electric guitar & deeply affecting song are sung. the total available works in physical form. Expanded & remastered edition of God's Got It just in!


DAVID S. WARE =Archive Series 01 & 02=

David S. Ware - Birth of a Being 2CD
David S. Ware & Matthew Shipp Duo

the first two essential editions in the DSW-ARC Series. Indeed!



WILLIAM PARKER =Very Latest Work=

Sold Out / Out of Stock!


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