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William ParkerLois Eby • David Budbill. .ON BEING NATIVE . .DVDviews

DVD $15

Music by William Parker

Ink Drawings by Lois Eby .....Poems by David Budbill

A very special, unique, and lovely offering from these three artists. An original score composed by William Parker for string quartet & alto saxophone, created to accompany a moving series (and montage) of ink & wash drawings by Lois Eby, punctuated with five poems written and read by David Budbill. Inspired by, and drawn from, the landscape and people of Vermont (where Eby and Budbill have both long resided); ultimately, as the title states, this work is a meditation on being native, to a state, town, city, country, or other delineation of physical space.

The original score by William Parker, featuring string quartet & Daniel Carter on alto saxophone, remains available exclusively here on this DVD.

Editing & Montage by Danny Weiss
Professionally duplicated in a srictly limited pressing DVD-R
Packaged in standard DVD case with sleeve and 4-panel insert

Music composed by
William Parker
& performed by:

Jason Kao Hwang:
Jean Cook: violin
Nicole Federici: viola

Alexander Waterman: cello
Daniel Carter: alto saxophone
William Parker: solo bass

Lois Eby was born in Tulsa, OK. She lives and paints in Northern Vermont.  Her work is in the Vermont State Art Collection, the SUNY Adirondack Art Collection and many private collections around the country. Her artwork graces the covers of the William Parker/AUM Fidelity albums, Sound Unity and Mayor Of Punkville, as well as the Wood Flute Songs box set. Learn more about her and her work at

David Budbill was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a poet and playwright.  Happy Life was published in 2011 by Copper Canyon Press.  Park Songs:  A Poem/Play was published in 2012 by Exterminating Angel Press.  He wrote liner notes for the William Parker/AUM Fidelity albums, O'Neal's Porch and Essence of Ellington/Live in Milano. Learn more about him and his work at

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