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A pair of special DVD offerings, produced by musicWitness® & made available through AUM in late 2013:


Jeff Schlanger / William Parker
. .(WITNISSIMO 2013) DVDviews

DVD $20

All who have attended the Vision Festival, every year since its inception, will be famiiliar with the musicWitness®, painter Jeff Schlanger, who has tirelessly and vibrantly documented the music live on canvas as it radiates from the stage (there and at innumerable other venues/performances over the last three decades). He is also an inspired and gifted sculptor.; his work with clay, specifically his wall of 400 glazed ceramic Faces is the focus of this DVD.

The DVD is in four chapters:

CHILE•NEW YORK•AfghanIRAQ (34:00) is a visual-sonic meditation on his Wall of 400 Faces. Portions of this massive work were first presented on 42nd Street, NYC during the month of May 1980 with accompanying sound environment created by saxophonist Julius Hemphill and percussionist Warren Smith. Sections of it have since been installed in more than forty public spaces across the U.S., and the entire work is now on permament installation on the outside walls & grounds of Schlanger's studio in New Rochelle, NY. This first DVD chapter combines video capture of the entire work, in multiple seasons, interwoven with music created live with the installation over the years.

SPEAK in CLAY: Jeff Schlanger Interview by William Parker (28:00)

FIRE of COMPASSION: William Parker Interview (30:00)

BLUE VICTOR: William Parker 3-Part Bass Solo (25:00)
A stunning solo bass performance with exemplary audio-visual capture.

Videographer/editor: Michael Lucio Sternbach
Packaged in 6-panel full-color fold-out DVD "digipak" style-case

Jeff Schlanger, a New York City native, and graduate of Music & Art High School, has developed public art projects on three interrelated subjects : Music, War and Peace. Learn more about him and his work at

William Parker: solo bass
installation / site-specific music by

Roy Campbell,
William Parker
Bill Cole, Michael Wimberly,
Joe McPhee, Bob Stewart,
Zen Matsuura,
Julius Hemphill + Warren Smith,
David Mott.

William Parker / Oluyemi Thomas / Lisa Sokolov / Joe McPhee / Jeff Schlanger

DVD $20

In April 2005, CUE Art Foundation, NYC presented an installation of paintings and sculptures by Jeff Schlanger. This DVD presents a complete 74 minute musicial performance by William Parker, Oluyemi Thomas, Lisa Sokolov, and Joe McPhee, that took place within that installation.

DVD bonuses are Genesis & Testimony: a very well done / illuminating 30 minute documentary on Jeff Schlanger, and Vision Gallery: a 6 minute slide show of images from the installation and performance.

Video director/sound recordist: Robert O'Haire
Packaged in standard DVD case with sleeve and full-color 6-panel insert


William Parker: Himalayan horn,percussion, shakuhachi, flutes, bass
Oluyemi Thomas: bass clarinet, musette, flute, percussion
Lisa Sokolov: embodied voice
Joe McPhee: soprano sax

Jeff Schlanger/
paintings, sculpture



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