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AUM002/3 - WILLIAM PARKER & The Little Huey Creative Music
Orchestra.. . Sunrise in the Tone World .............Album Reviews

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1. Sunrise in the Tone World 12:14
2. The Bluest J 26:05
3. Voice Dancer Kidd 7:44
4. Mayan Space Station 14:10

5. Huey Sees Light Through a Leaf 40:10
6. Sunship for Dexter 9:55
7. And Again 5:40
8. The Painter and the Poet 5:43

All compositions by William Parker
Centering Music (BMI) 1997 p 1997 AUM Fidelity

William Parker: Leader, Bass


Roy Campbell
(+ Pocket Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Lewis Barnes
Richard Rodriguez

Alex Lodico
Masahiko Kono
Steve Swell
Soprano Saxophones
Chris Jonas
Darryl Foster

Alto Saxophones
Rob Brown
Will Connell
(+ Bass Clarinet, Flute)
Marco Eneidi
Mabo Suzuki

Tenor Saxophones

Richard Keene ( + Oboe)
Assif Tsahar
Ben Koen

Baritone Saxophones
Dave Sewelson
Joe Ruddick

Greg Bendian: Vibes
Cooper-Moore: Piano
Akira Ando: Cello
Hal Onserud: Bass
Dave Hofstra: Tuba
Susie Ibarra: Drums

Special Guests
Lisa Sokolov: Voice
Vinny Golia: Reeds
Jason Hwang: Violin
John King: Dobro

Produced by William Parker
Recorded by Alen Hadzi Stefanov
at the Knitting Factory
Jan 15 (8), Jan 29 (2,3),
Feb 19 (1,4,6,7), Feb 26 (5) 1995
Mastered and edited by James McLean
Paintings by Bonnie Wilkins

'Sunrise In The Tone World' represents the second season of sound from WILLIAM PARKER & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra. A 2xCD set from the highest realms of Black Mystery Music - two hours to reside in an alternate tone universe. Also featured is a 16-page booklet filled with William Parker's writings on the music. This is a landmark release, and it is with the greatest honor that AUM Fidelity presents these recordings, and the writings which accompany them. -SJ

Paintings by Bonnie WilkinsFrom the liner notes by William Parker: Huey Jackson was an aspiring poet who grew up in the Housing Projects of the South Bronx. Influenced by the work of Samuel Beckett, he began to write poems, short plays and essays. Huey envisioned a world where anything was possible. Talking flowers, bright blue trees, green snowflakes against a yellow sky. Everyone discouraged him from being a poet. To Huey the word poet was synonmous with the words 'Human Being.' Huey continued to write until he passed away shortly before his 18th birthday.

The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra was founded in January 1994; it is commited to all those who are told not to dream. We exist for those who have had the flame of hope put out in their lives. All those torn apart by war, poverty, madness, loneliness and hate. We also exist for those who come under the heading 'Human Being.' One of my dreams is for the music to eventually evolve to the point of limitless possibility. Where each player would have complete freedom to go wherever he or she wanted in the music. Freedom to use any sound or color to create something beautiful. I am asked many times is the music we play composed or improvised. I am not really concerned with this question, for me improvisation is a form of composition. Everytime we improvise we are spontaneously composing. I am more concerned with restoring life, with keeping the fire of human compassion burning. The fire of flowers as well as the fire of revolution.

'Sunrise In The Tone World' is dedicated to all the children of the present world. With life existing in its current state I don't think the sun would rise at all if it were not for children. The tone world is the place where children live before they are born. It is the sphere we enter when music vibrates at an ultra-high level.

"When sound vibrates at a certain level we can see a corridor. At the end of this corridor is a room where all the secrets are kept. This room is locked and can only be opened through sound. If we play the right combination of tones the door opens and we are allowed to enter the room. Once inside a secret of life is revealed to us. Everytime we play music we can enter this room."
William Parker.....The Sound Journal

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