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1. huhuhuH (nite sounds on 5th) 21:50
2. Straightahead, forward motion 11:00
3. Alen's flight preparation 4:36
4. Bustin' outta de Chamber 14:24
5. what R U going 2 due?! 6:43

all compositions by TEST,
New York City Artists Cooperative Music (BMI) 1998
p+c 1999 AUM Fidelity

Tom Bruno: drums
Sabir Mateen: alto & tenor sax,
. .flute,
Daniel Carter: alto & tenor sax,
.trumpet, flute
Matthew Heyner: bass

Produced by Steven Joerg and TEST
Recorded by Alen Hadzi Stefanov on August 5, 1998 at AUM Hi-Q, Brooklyn
Mixed by Daniel Goldaracena on March 9, 1999 at Mindswerve, Manhattan
Mastered by Chris Flam at Mindswerve
Photography by Michael Galinsky
Design by Ming@409

TEST is a collective creative improvising quartet based out of the NYC Underground; figuratively and literally. They have performed on a weekly + basis since 1992 in the streets and subway stations of New York City. Marked by the near constant interweaving of the front-line (as opposed to solo trading between the horns), and a far-ranging textural diversity (due in part to the multiple wind instruments mastered by Daniel and Sabir), TEST presents a collective of forward motion: all for one, they and you and I, cutting pure and true through the presently ruling culture of destruction.

This is one of three records released by the group in 1999 (their debuts), and the one which I feel best showcases the utterly coherent group concept of TEST. Studio for clarity; open windows on dynamic range.

This record was recorded at AUM Hi-Q (the first session done here) - a full 5 stories into the light and above the 'F' train platform below; another masterful document of the intensity and beauty which exists in the NYC of NOW. It is re-assuring how the sun rises somewhere every day. -SJ

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