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- WILLIAM PARKER & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra

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cover painting by Lois Eby

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1. Interlude #1 (The Next Phase) 4.00
2. James Baldwin To The Rescue 18.21
3. Oglala Eclipse 19.44
4. I Can't Believe I Am Here 28.50

5. Interlude #7 (Huey's Blues) 5.22
6-8. 3 Steps To Noh Mountain
.......Departure 5.08
...... Soft Wheel 5.22
...... Laughing Eyes And Dancing Hearts 3.41
9. The Mayor Of Punkville 30.47
10. Interlude #8 (Holy Door) 6.00
11. Anthem 13.06

All Compositions By William Parker,
Centering Music BMI 1999
p 2000 AUM Fidelity

William Parker: leader, bass, piano
Roy Campbell: trumpet/flugelhorn
Richard Rodriguez: trumpet
Lewis Barnes: trumpet
Masahiko Kono: trombone
Steve Swell: trombone
Alex Lodico: trombone

Chris Jonas: soprano sax
Darryl Foster: tenor sax/soprano sax
Rob Brown: alto sax/flute
Ori Kaplan: alto sax
Charles Waters: alto sax/clarinet
Dave Sewelson: baritone sax
Dave Hofstra: tuba, bass
Andrew Barker: drums
Cooper-Moore: piano 2, 3
Aleta Hayes: voice 2
Produced by William Parker and Steven Joerg
Recorded Live at the Tonic, NYC during Little Huey's 1999 Season on Nov 27 (1, 5, 10), Sept 4 (4, 9, 11), Aug 14 (6-8) by Steven Joerg and July 10: (2, 3) by James McLean
Mastered By Chris Flam At Mindswerve

Paintings By Lois Eby:
Front Cover - 'Incantation VII' 12 7/8"h x 14"w acrylic/wood panel 1999
Back Cover - 'East 6th Street Now' 14" x 14" mixed media on paper 2000
Back of Booklet - 'For Amadou' 8" x 8" mixed media on paper 2000

Typesetting & Layout By Ming@409

LITTLE HUEY returns to disc! Bassist/composer/poet/ultra-deep human WILLIAM PARKER held a monthly series at NYC's Tonic last summer/fall with his 16-piece Creative Music Orchestra. These shows were all recorded, and this majestic selector set is the result. 'Mayor Of Punkville' also features a fat 12 page booklet full of William's writings. I must earnestly state that getting up every morning in the world of today would be a far more difficult task were it not for William Parker and the Music he provides for. As he embodies so many of the beliefs that the existence of AUM Fidelity is predicated on, may that day arrive sooner when folks on a mass scale awake to WP. Better must come! -SJ

From the liner notes by William Parker:
There is a castle that is made entirely of light. In its windows we can see the many faces of tone. They await the arrival of the angel Gabriel who stands at the door of the spirit room. It holds a trumpet made of red ebony. This trumpet when sounded will be different from the previous one. You will be able to smell the soil, leaves and dust. You will be able to hear the oceans and the singing of doves. You will be able to see the reflections of all the forgotten ones. As you see them their memory will be implanted in your heart. It begins to rain music all over the world. Everyone is soaked in sound. What would happen it the world leaders along with the media decided to tell the truth. Would the axis of the earth shift? What would happen if we put the life of someone we don't know ahead of money, vanity and the value of property? What is that called? Is that the definition of ART?

There are two ways to make music - the academic or the spirit way. The first is built off the concept that there is no living spirit world, only the world that we can see, hear, touch, feel and taste. This music is based on the idea that man is the composer of music and music is only manifest as sound. It is finite, with a beginning and an ending. This school of music is taught in music schools all over the world using maps called scores that regulate the imagination. Using theories and formulas designed to keep us away from a religous experience. The second way to approach music is not being taught in music school. The theories of Cosmic Music, Spirit Music, Winti Music, Tone Music, Om Music, are based on the ultimate music theory which is love of GOD. The acknowledgement that the Universe and everything in it is connected and is music. "Music IS" all that lives, all that is part of creation. Music composition and improvisation becomes a form of prayer. Succinct and beautiful. Encompassing the entire existence of sound and silence.

The Mayor Of Punkville gets its title from a short story I wrote with the same name. The story is about a city named Crescentville. Like many urban cities it was overrun by gangsters, politicians and businessmen. Things eventually got so bad they began to put handcuffs on the flowers. People were shot for no reason except that they existed. Crescentville soon got to be known as Punkville. A musician named Bob Jefferson traveling to Chicago passes through during election time. He decides to campaign for Mayor. He runs for office and is elected Mayor Of Punkville. He slowly begins to get an orchestra of musicians who play cosmic music. They go on to rid the city of corruption. The old Mayor, the ceos, gangsters, politicians, television talk show hosts, movie stars, models, pro basketball, baseball, and football players are all put on a giant rocket ship and sent to another planet. -William Parker, May 2000

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