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1. Black Cherry
2. Chatima
3. Heavenly Walk
4. Japeru
5. Nur al Anwar
6. Piercing The Veil
7. Loom Song
8. Chaung Tzu’s Dream
9. Bodies Die/Spirits Live

All songs composed by William Parker and Hamid Drake;
Published by Centering Music (BMI) / Smiling Forehead Music (BMI)
C+P 2001 AUM Fidelity

Hamid Drake: drums, tablas, frame drum, bells
William Parker: bass, balafon, shakuhachi, bombard, dumbek, slit drum

The gorgeous and highly addictive dub-wise dance remake/remodel of these tracks is Black Cherry (AUM021).
Sir-No-Burn-Jah and Tubby's turned this one out yah!


Produced by Steven Joerg
Recorded by Michael Marciano on April 3, 2000 at Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn

Mixed by Joerg and Marciano at Systems Two on January 9, 2001
Final Mastering by Flam at Mindswerve in Manhattan

Cover photographs by Michael Galinsky
Inside photo and design by Ming@409

The working title of this album was This Is Drum-&-Bass, Volume 1.

Much has recently been written about the absolutely immense contributions that William Parker - born and raised in the People’s Republic of the Bronx in NYC - has made to the world in which we live. Hamid Drake - a peer of William’s and an equally immense contributor to the world of sound science - hails from Chicago via Louisiana, and has collaborated with, past and present: Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Bill Laswell, Fred Anderson, The Heptones, Michael Rose, Peter Brotzmann, The I-tals, Ken Vandermark, and many meni more this world over. When Hamid and William first met in Brotzmann’s Die Like A Dog ensemble, it was as long lost brothers. Two giants; cloth cut from the same patch of stars. A perfect union of infinite rhythm and other-worldly song. William and Hamid continue to work together, most notably in the William Parker Quartet (see O'Neal's Porch and Sound Unity).

Piercing The Veil represents their first communion as a duo. The first weekend of April 2000: a sublime live set on Saturday at AUM Hi-Q in Brooklyn was followed by a trip to the studio on Monday.

Thank you two of the deepest human beings I feel graced to know in this time. -SJ

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