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AUM019 – DAVID S. WARE QUARTET    Corridors & Parallels
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2. Straight Track 10:03
3. Jazz Fi-Sci 4:22
4. Superimposed 5:58
5. Sound-A-Bye 3:09
7. Corridors & Parallels 9:00
8. Somewhere 3:11
9. Spaces Embraces 3:18
10. Mother May You Rest In Bliss 6:08

All compositions by David S. Ware, except track 7 by David S. Ware / Matthew Shipp;
all published by Gandharvasphere / Daswa (ASCAP)
C+P 2001 AUM Fidelity

David S. Ware: tenor sax
Matthew Shipp: synthesizer
William Parker: bass
Guillermo E. Brown: drums

Produced by Steven Joerg
Engineered by Chris Flam

Recorded at Sorcerer Sound, NYC on February 26+27, 2001
Mixed and Mastered at Mindswerve, NYC in April, 2001

Light painting and design by Ming@409

It was following a David S. Ware Quartet performance at the Blue Note/NYC in July 2001 and listening to an advance copy of Corridors & Parallels that preeminent jazz critic Gary Giddins wrote the following observation in his Weatherbird column:

"Let's be bold: The David S. Ware Quartet is the best small band in jazz today. I realize that I will almost certainly hear another quartet, or trio or quintet or octet, this week or next, that will make me want to backpedal. But every time I see Ware's group or return to the records, it flushes the competition from memory."

Five months later, in his 2001 wrap-up/best of Weatherbird column, Giddins wrote on Corridors & Parallels again:

"I disliked Lord of the Rings (never read the book), but since seeing it, I find that Matt Shipp's electronic interludes remind me of the dark caves, and when Ware's tenor arrives, finally, and rises to its full height, it's like Gandalf knocking Christopher Lee on his ass. In other words, after five months, this album seems even grander than it did the first time around."

2001: After a decade+ of top operation, and a dozen profound albums to prove it, this is the very highly anticipated album #13 from the David S. Ware Quartet....Following two beautiful and critically acclaimed albums for the Columbia label, ways were officially and mutually parted in January.....Wasting no time, AUM brought Ware and his Quartet into the studio in February.

This album is a first for Ware in a pair of important ways. Perhaps the most compelling is his incorporation of synthesizer into the sonic template. This marks pianist Matthew Shipp's recorded debut on the instrument. In addition, for this session, Ware decided to forgo his standard of first rehearsing a new batch of compositions with the Quartet. The album is largely composed of pieces developed on the spot those two February days in the studio. Displaying a particulary wide range of approaches -- barnstorming workouts which long-time Ware fans have come to relish, eloquent ballads, mantra-like songs that develop like messages beamed direct from the outer reaches of the cosmos, and a call-and-response that brings to (my) mind the climactic musical exchange between François Truffaut's character and the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind -- Corridors & Parallels adds further to a visionary group concept that has found the band consistently navigating the outer reaches of sound, and then bringing it all back home. -SJ


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