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1 Gold Weave 6.21 (MP3 Excerpt)
2 All Be(tween) 5.30 (MP3 Excerpt)

3 ...Will Be Unbroken 6.00
4 Satta Pox 5.38

5 Chronos Splinter 7.46 (MP3 Excerpt)
6 Light Within Light 5.19

7 Tundra Roll 6.54
8 Know Now Go 4.32

C+P AUM Fidelity



source tracks & inspiration from the improvised duets & infinite grooves created by William Parker & Hamid Drake on Piercing The Veil (AUM017)

Black Cherry by ORGANIC GROOVES:

Produced by Sasha Crnobrnja from the multi-track session tapes of Piercing The Veil; additional production by Zeb.

Additional instruments on select tracks:
Zeb: guitar, synth / Gregory: melodica / Takuya: keyboard, trumpet

concept, titles, sequence & design by Ming Tubby


In a fine, fine time of synergistic confluence, AUM Fidelity meshed with ORGANIC GROOVES and this mesmerizing beauty is the result.

A DUB remix album of some of the holy sounds and infinite grooves on Piercing The Veil (AUM017) by master musicians William Parker & Hamid Drake was intended from the beginning. We were just waiting for a sign as to who would be right & ready for the task. The question was answered in the summertime. At a tremendous event name of Firescape, held at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn, Organic Grooves provided the soundtrack. The brain-shifting/body-moving music they were concocting had a profound effect. A copy of Piercing The Veil was discreetly placed near the decks, and a few days later, Organic Grooves' Sasha Crnobrnja ('sir-no-burn-jah') gave a call. It has all been very good from that point forward. -SJ


"Over the past 5 years, Sasha Crnobrnja and Erika Lively's roving Organic Grooves bash has become a mainstay of the city's clubbing scene, growing from modest roots into one of the more anticipated nights of the underground arena."

"Skies fill with billowing mushroom clouds coaxed on by atomic shakers. Raindrops freeze their descent and combine into mid air tidal waves curled by electric bass. Sunbeams breakdance into fresh spectrums with every wash of multi-hued echo. Do these meteorological phenomenon sound like false choices on a pop quiz? They are not. Check the frayed pages of your almanac for proof. Organic Grooves are elements all around us. Activate them for positive shifts in your atmosphere."

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