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AUM023 – DAVID S. WARE Quartet ..
Freedom Suite

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The Freedom Suite

I. 7.05

II. 11.38

III. 8.12

IV. 12.30

Composed by Sonny Rollins, published by Orpheum Music (BMI). Arranged by David S. Ware
+p 2002 AUM Fidelity

David S. Ware: tenor sax
Matthew Shipp: piano
William Parker: bass
Guillermo E. Brown: drums

Produced by David S. Ware and Steven Joerg

Recorded by Jim Anderson on July 13, 2002 at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn. Mastered by Alan Silverman at Arf! Digital, NYC

Design by Ming@409 from photographs by Edvard Vlanders

The David S. Ware Quartet brings Sonny Rollins' "Freedom Suite" into the new century, exquisitely.

Following on the success of his first excursions utilizing synthesized sound on 2001's acclaimed Corridors & Parallels (AUM019), David S. Ware manifests another first - an album-length arrangement/interpretation of his early mentor Sonny Rollins' composition, "The Freedom Suite," for performance by his mighty Quartet.

Sonny Rollins' original 1958 recording (with Oscar Pettiford and Max Roach), is a 19-minute tour de force of four interconnected themes, and one of the Master's most acclaimed recordings. As arranged by Ware for his Quartet, and performed on this album, Rollins' stellar composition is brought with grace full into the present day - a lush and incendiary reading, spanning 40 minutes and following David S. Ware's intensive and intuitive direction. - SJ

"This is a perfect opportunity to show the link between me and Sonny,"
explained Ware in an interview earlier this year, "an opportune time to
show how one generation is built upon another and how the relationships
work in the whole stream of music that's called jazz."

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