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....... and there came a time to exorcise ..

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1. Erased 2.36 .
2. Misbehaving 2.46
3. Hit Me 1.57
4. Suicide Note 2.33 ...
5. Blunt 3.59 ...
6. Packin' 4.12 ...
7. Hands In The Pants 2.57
8. Love Song 2.00
9. Sweet Appraisal 2.03
10. Lonely Gauge 3.11 ..
11. Do I Dare 1.44
12. An Explication 4.18

All Compositions by Daughter; C+P 2003 AUM Fidelity

Mary Louise Platt: voice
Nicole Lombardi: bass/voice
Cezhan Ambrose: guitar/bass
+ cello on Packin'
Joe Fiorentino: guitar
Mike Linn: drums
+ Orlantha Ambrose: violin on Packin'

Produced by DÓS (Steven Joerg & Arthur Owens)
Recorded by Mark Ospovat at Emandee Studio
Mixed by J.Z. Barrell and DÓS
Mastered by Chris Flam at Mindswerve Studios


DAUGHTER is a great band, and they have made this one great album. The band kicks precision punk rock and the songs are armament and artillery for this time, in which the shredding of the space-time continuum is rapidly advancing. Some folks were surprised that AUM Fidelity produced this. Bottom line is that the urge to rock will I believe forevermore remain with us, and it struck hard when we heard DAUGHTER. Next time you're feeling the same urge, pick up on Skin. We do love great albums.

Further to the seven stellar punk rock songs featured are these additional heights: Blunt - a sensory displacement dub excursion ode to the titular medicinal, Packin' - a near symphonic raging paean to having the same, the M.L.+ Nicole mic skills showcase of Hands In The Pants, the neo-psych acoustic Lonely Gauge, and finally the noise experiment that closes the album shut. -SJ

DAUGHTER - U.S.A. TOUR January / February 2004 >>>

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