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SHRIMP BOAT ~ Something Grand..(AUM028/29/30/31).... Read Reviews

4 CD Box Set$25

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[ A rather deluxe package ]
Three Albums in digipaks + 56
page perfect-bound book
+ Bonus Album in slipcover
all within a beautiful & sturdy slipcase.
[ Edition of 2500 ]

: vocals, guitar, bass ...IAN SCHNELLER: guitar, vocals, drums
DAVID KROLL: bass, banjo, tenor sax ...ERIC CLARIDGE: drums, bass ...BRAD WOOD: drums, soprano sax
+ JOE VAJARSKY: tenor sax ...+ TOM JASEK: drums

SHRIMP BOAT was a phenomenal band that made music out of Chicago from the mid ‘80s clear through to 1993. Taking inspiration from bluegrass, jazz, country, rock ‘n’ roll and most importantly - their own collective gung-ho, their ability to voluminously manifest new song form from the air around them left those exposed awestruck. Four albums were released in the group's lifetime: great, beautiful documents all, but they aren’t even the half of it...

SHRIMP BOAT recorded practically everything that they ever played. Something Grand manifests the extended “mega-money shot” culled from well over 400 hours of unreleased tapes - 16-tracks made at Idful Music, 4-tracks made at their loft on Archer Avenue, live stage performances, and radio broadcasts. The book features plentiful evocative archival imagery, illustrated discography, full credits and two sets of extensive liner notes: a beautiful essay by painter/SB compatriot Walter Andersons and a history by producer Steven Joerg and the band members themselves.

“As we speak, Chicago’s Shrimp Boat are the best band on the planet .. four musicians who
have already placed themselves in a league that very few ever attain.”
CMJ, 1990


Album One (1986~1988)

1 Rocks Are Oil
2 Born in a Sour
3 Bumble Bees
4 Collecting Me
5 Only Making Fools
6 Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy
7 Mimi
8 Sourwood Mountain
9 Melon Song
10 Pillars Pond
11 Can You Spare Some Change
12 I Can't Wait I Cannot
13 Married in a Fever
14 Welcome to the Way It Is
15 Basin Slip
16 Ollie's Song
17 65

Album Two (1989~1992)

1 Hey Buddy, What's Wrong
2 The Light Between Your Knees
3 Watched Pot
4 Heart of the City
5 London Dew
6 Wonderful Wonderful
7 Warzone
8 You Are My Flower
9 Sanchez River
10 Charm Lost
11 How Sweet She Was
12 Anna E
13 Medea Rising
14 She Ra
15 Kickball
16 Fuzzy Tremolo
17 Limerick Dub

Album Three (1992~1993)

1 Honeyside
2 Those Hookers
3 Truck
4 Steam
5 Motorcade
6 Slave Reel
7 Shoes
8 Well, I Love My Baby
9 I Don't Mind the Bums
10 Weeping Into a Pond
11 Shrimpcore
12 I Loves You, Porgy
13 When My Hand Is on the Wheel
14 Drought of '43
15 Columbo
16 Mudpin
17 The Sultan's Eyes



[A SAMPLER OF] Something Grand CD (AUM027)
This was a full-length (14-song, 56 minutes) CD sampler of the three principal albums of Something Grand; it was produced in an edition of 500 copies strictly for Press/Radio promotions of The Box. It was packaged in jewel-case with original art/booklet full of promo hype & now non-working phone numbers/emails, and was so substantial in and of itself that it deserved its own AUM catalog number.

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