AUM Fidelity


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1. Planter's Song
2. Seven Crows *
3. Melon Song
4. Greenhouse
5. Shady Grove

6. Lemmings Leap *
7. An Orchid is Not a Rose *

8. Triangle Song

9. Green Island *
10. Speckly
11. Houston Tower

12. Drought of '43
13. Hyatt Ridge Circle Dance

14. Country Wagon

all songs composed by Shrimp Boat; copyright 1989/2005,
except Shady Grove (traditional; arranged by Shrimp Boat)

P+C 2005 AUM Fidelity

NOTE: None of this material is on Something Grand !

Sam Prekop: vocals, guitar
Ian Schneller: guitar, vocals, trumpet, cello
David Kroll: bass, banjo, tenor sax
Eric Claridge: drums, bass on *
Brad Wood appears on Speckly & Houston Tower

Produced by Shrimp Boat.
Recorded January 1989 at Idful Music, Chicago
by Brad Wood and Brian Deck.
Mixed by Brad Wood.

Originally issued by Specimen Products in an LP edition of 1000 copies in 1989 and long since out of print. This premiere CD edition was made under exclusive license from Shrimp Boat.

“Driven by soul and poetry, Shrimp Boat’s material celebrates
the imagination, the hallucinations and the dream.” - Walter Andersons
(from the original liner notes, reproduced in this CD issue artwork)

> This is the first-time-on-CD issue of Shrimp Boat’s brilliant and long out-of-print debut LP,
transferred and re-mastered with love from the original master tapes.

>> Originally issued in 1989, it prompted CMJ to proclaim at the time: “the debut album of the year; four musicians who have already placed themselves in a league that very few ever attain.”

>>> Sixteen years later, Speckly remains a masterwork of utterly unique American song-craft, featuring floor-stomping dance numbers, hypnotic ballads, and through-and-through - an unabashed love for the beautiful movement of carbon-based life forms through time and space.

>>>> Here now for you - discover anew the beauty of…

AUM Fidelity