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AUM034 – WILLIAM PARKER Quartet ..
Sound Unity . ....Reviews

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1. Hawaii 12.30
2. Wood Flute Song 10.40
3. Poem for June Jordan 8.45
4. Sound Unity 21.00

5. Harlem 8.45
6. Groove

all compositions by William Parker, Centering Music (BMI)
P+C 2005 AUM Fidelity



William Parker: bass
Hamid Drake: drums
Rob Brown: alto sax
Lewis Barnes: trumpet

Produced by William Parker and Steven Joerg

Artwork by Lois Eby; Design by Ming@409
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Recorded live to multi-track at Vancouver International Jazz Festival and Suoni Per Il Popolo (Montreal) in the Summer of 2004.

Mixed and mastered with Chris Flam, Mindswerve, NYC

In 2001, the William Parker Quartet - one of the greatest Jazz groups the world has ever known - was introduced to the world-at-large via their debut release, O’Neal’s Porch. This album went on to be chosen among the Top 10 Best Jazz Albums of the Year by the New York Times, Jazz Times, Downbeat and

Finally now May 2005 - and just in time – this is the second album from this extraordinary group. Sound Unity is comprised of six new long-form compositions recorded live to multi-track in Montreal and Vancouver on the group’s Summer 2004 tour of Canada. Infectious grooves and luminescent melodies to the fore! Consummately stunning and eternal!

[ Second edition pressing in jewelcase with 6-panel booklet featuring all original artwork and liner notes by William Parker ] - SJ

From the liner notes to Sound Unity by William Parker:
All people in the world need the beauty of truth to survive. ... Over the last 600 years we have acquired tons of knowledge and information about everything under the sun, yet we are a stone’s throw away from destroying the world in which we live. All information that is acquired in life must transform into wisdom; then into compassion. Without compassion science will never succeed.

• This album is of the God-Head.

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