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AUM035 –
The Beautiful. ....Reviews

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1. All Up In It
2. Frida K. The Beautiful
3. Trident
4. Spiraling Out
5. Pooch (for Wilber Morris)
6. A Time To
7. Last Minute Trip Part One
8. Last Minute Trip Part Two
9. Poppa's Gin in the Chicken Feed
10. Robinia Pseudoacacia

P+C 2005 AUM Fidelity / Triptych Myth

Packaged in deluxe 6-panel digipak with liner notes by William Parker.

Produced by Steven Joerg and Triptych Myth.
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio,
Brooklyn NYC on March 31, 2005.

Cooper-Moore: piano
Tom Abbs: bass
Chad Taylor: drums

Original artwork by M.P. Landis
Original artwork remix and design by Ming@409.

In March of 2005, AUM Fidelity joined forces with the extraordinary trio TRIPTYCH MYTH. This is the first result therof – a tremendous album of work exquisitely captured live in the studio a few weeks after our agreement was signed.

The Beautiful ranges from gorgeously melodic (heart-breaking and re-building) new songs from Cooper-Moore, tone-poem explorations of the Now, new definitions of swing, excursions into energy music that will confound pre-conceived notions, New American Folktales waiting for the New America to be born, and cinematic colorations that carve sound into mountains. All True.

Triptych Myth is a trio : Cooper-Moore (piano), Tom Abbs (bass) and Chad Taylor (drums). They finely honed their group concept in the first years of the new century; they did it right here in New York City. This is their first studio recording and here, captured at the peak of their powers, their focus is on The Beautiful.

Cooper-Moore played piano as a child prodigy in churches near his birthplace in the Piedmont region of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His performance roots in the realm of avant jazz music date to the NYC Loft Jazz era in the early/mid-70s. His first group was the collective trio Apogee with David S. Ware and drummer Marc Edwards. In more recent times, he was a core member of William Parker’s In Order To Survive quartet and then performed regularly with Susie Ibarra. He is a composer of the highest beauty order, a designer and builder of musical instruments, and has often times been referred to in reverent tones as a musical genius.

Chad Taylor’s distinct voice and distinguished rhythmic/tonal vocabulary has been heard to great effect in performance with musicians representing widely varied schools from Fred Anderson to John Zorn. He has also recorded or collaborated with Tortoise, Isotope 217, Sam Prekop, Stereolab, Mouse on Mars and Jim O’Rourke, and is a core member of the Chicago Underground Duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra.

Tom Abbs’ large buoyant tone, versatility, and depth as a player has led him to work with Butch Morris, Charles Gayle, Roy Campbell, Jemeel Moondoc, Billy Bang and many others. However, his rich tonal vocabulary and flexible rhythmic firmament are full equally featured here in this collective trio of soul-sound peers.
- SJ

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