AUM Fidelity

AUM039/40 -
First Communion + Piercing The Veil:
volume 1 complete..... Album Reviews

2CD set is out of print

Piercing The Veil is available as
full resolution / lossless download
available at bandcamp


First Communion
First Communion I 20.32
First Communion II 13.51
First Communion III 53.57

Piercing The Veil
Black Cherry
Heavenly Walk
Nur al Anwar
Piercing The Veil
Loom Song
Chaung Tzu’s Dream
Bodies Die/Spirits Live

All songs composed by William Parker and Hamid Drake;
Published by Centering Music (BMI) / Smiling Forehead Music (BMI)
C+P 2007 AUM Fidelity

Hamid Drake: drums, tabla, frame drum, bells
William Parker: bass, balafon, shakuhachi, bombard, dumbek, slit drum

The gorgeous and highly addictive dub-wise dance remake/remodel of Piercing The Veil is Black Cherry (AUM021).
Sir-No-Burn-Jah and Tubby's turned this one out yah!

First Communion recorded LIVE! by Christina Schwartz on April 1, 2000 at AUM HQ in Brooklyn

Piercing The Veil recorded by Michael Marciano on April 3, 2000 at Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn

Both Sessions mixed by Steven Joerg and Michael Marciano at Systems Two.

Produced by Steven Joerg

WORD: having borne witness to the magic that William Parker and Hamid Drake created together within Peter Brötzmann's Die Like A Dog Ensemble, I visioned that a Duo Recording Project would result in something extraordinary. A fully improvised studio session with these two masters was scheduled. The result of this session was Piercing The Veil, released in early 2001 to great acclaim. It has been out of print for far too long; so for its re-introduction, an upping of the ante was in order. On the Saturday night prior to our Monday studio session, AUM hosted a live performance right here in our Brooklyn HQ, and we arranged for a high fidelity multi-track recording of this as well. It was a magical night, fully shared by the packed and rapt audience of some 80 strong. This First Communion is now presented on CD for the first time, in its entire 88 minutes of deeply fervent glory. ENJOY! -SJ

OH! and stay tuned for William and Hamid's brand new studio recording, Summer Snow, arriving in April 2007!

AUM Fidelity