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ROY CAMPBELL Ensemble....Akhenaten Suite
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1. Akhenaten (Amenophis, Amenhotep IV) 11:40 (MP3 Excerpt)
2. Aten and Amarna 6:30

3. Pharaoh's Revenge Intro Part 1 2:53

4. Pharaoh's Revenge Part 1 10:24 (MP3 Excerpt)

5. Pharaoh's Revenge Intro Part 2 3:07
(MP3 Excerpt)
6. Pharaoh's Revenge Part 2 10:31 (MP3 Excerpt)

7. Sunset On The Nile 12:09

All compositions by Roy Campbell, C 2008 Camroy Music (ASCAP);
P+C 2008 Arts For Art, Inc./AUM Fidelity

Package: jewelcase with liner notes by Steve Dollar & design by Bill Mazza

Roy Campbell trumpet, flugelhorn, arghul
Billy Bang violin . Bryan Carrott vibes.....
Hilliard Greene
....Zen Matsuura drums

Produced by Arts For Art, Inc. and Roy Campbell
Recorded live at Vision Festival XII by Stefan Heger

Akhenaten Suite is one of master Roy Campbell's crowning achievements as a player-composer-arranger, and
also was to be his final album statement as a leader. Also features fellow master Billy Bang in similar peak form.
Read responses to the album's original 2008 release here.
This 2015 repress/reprint CD edition was facilitated by Arts for Art, Inc. with the blessings of Campbell's family.

"A thoroughly refreshing album on several counts: the true suite form, the ensemble itself, the soloing. A tour de force." -Point of Departure

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Roy Campbell is a jazz trumpeter and composer of the first order, one who encompasses the tradition even as he pushes the music forward. A founding member of the luminous collective Other Dimensions In Music, as well as Marc Ribot’s recent Spiritual Unity project, his last album as a nominal leader, 2001’s ‘Ethnic Stew and Brew’ (w/ William Parker and Hamid Drake) topped countless year-end top 10 lists.  The well-traveled trumpeter has long been a sonic frontiersman, embracing the universality of a sound continuum in which the Harlem-bound A Train and the majestic River Nile are moonlit reflections of each other. Here Campbell turns his hand to an extended work inspired by Amenhotep IV, Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Akhenaten Suite, specially commissioned for and recorded live at the 2007 Vision Festival, is a splendid passage to a fabled dimension. It’s realized by musicians – including Billy Bang on violin – who have an intimate affiliation with Campbell’s vibrant brass stylings and wonderfully open, expansive compositions.  This project is supported by the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and is released in cooperation with Arts for Art, Inc.

Press Acclaim for Roy Campbell:

The genius of this ensemble – [Other Dimensions In Music] -- is how it embraces the open forms and fluid dynamics advanced by avant-gardists while imbuing the music with what James Brown would call soul power.” – Playboy

"A song-like lyricism informs the gusts of pure sound at the sonic extremes of his instrument, combining with his dark, soft, rounded tone and his regard for the jazz-trumpet tradition. … Campbell's trio makes a powerful case for free jazz as an important expression of the African aesthetic in the U.S. When it's fused with music from the African diaspora, you can hear free jazz as the extension of a long African heritage.” - Boston Phoenix

"Many want to canonize jazz as America's classical music, but vanguard musicians such as Roy Campbell reinforce the case that jazz is this country's contribution to so-called 'world music.' - CityPaper

"A powerful and lyrical player who embodies the best elements of the bop-to-modern trumpet lineage, Roy Campbell is a monster trumpeter. If there is a player he's closest to in that tradition, it's that paragon of lyrical bop trumpet, Lee Morgan. … Campbell attains the smoldering white-hot intensity that few apart from Miles Davis have achieved. These influences aren't mere acts of mimicry; they are fully integrated into a personal style that seemingly has the whole history of post-World War II trumpet stylings incorporated into it. Campbell is truly a complete trumpet player." - Cadence

"Roy Campbell exemplifies the type of originality acoustic players should strive for even when celebrating the tradition … Campbell's passion seems contagious, inspiring heartfelt solos from his side men." - Jazziz

"Roy Campbell has a keen awareness of his own musical heritage and a deep interest in ethnic music in general. He is a trumpeter whose intense, fiery style and eloquent expression were fine-tuned by an impressive trio of instructors - Lee Morgan, Kenny Dorham, and Joe Newman." - Stereo Review

"Trumpeter Roy Campbell's approach is to swallow all musical concepts, converting 'world music' into one music. … Campbell's trumpet comes with the lyricism of Freddie Hubbard, the freedom of Albert Ayler, and the worldliness of Don Cherry. " - All About Jazz

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