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AUM047WILLIAM PARKER...Double Sunrise Over Neptune. .Album Reviews.Reviews

CD $13

Morning Mantra 15:08 (MP3 Excerpt)
Lights of Lake George 27:18
O'Neal's Bridge 00:37
Neptune's Mirror 22:39

All compositions by William Parker, Centering Music (BMI)
P 2008 AUM Fidelity; C 2008 Centering Music

Lewis Barnes: trumpet
Rob Brown: alto sax
Bill Cole: double reeds
Sabir Mateen: tenor sax, clarinet
Dave Sewelson: baritone sax
Jason Kao Hwang: violin
Mazz Swift: violin
Jessica Pavone: viola
Shiau-Shu Yu: cello
Joe Morris: guitar, banjo
Brahim Frigbane: oud
Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay: voice
Shayna Dulberger: bass
Gerald Cleaver: drums
Hamid Drake: drums
William Parker: double reeds, DOSON’ngoni, conductor

Recorded live June 19 & 20, 2007
at Vision Festival XII by Stefan Heger
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Heger
at Fisheye Music, Cologne

Cover art and Design by Bill Mazza
Photographs by Kate Glicksberg

Produced by William Parker
Assistant Producer: Steven Joerg

Festival producer: Patricia Nicholson

An orchestral work featuring immensely gifted individual and collective voices from around the world (see above!), meshing as one to manifest a pair of deep double-drummer-and-bass driven mantras; this is serious (other) World teleportation music that achieves psychedelic proportions of sonic interplay.

The specially commissioned world premiere of Double Sunrise Over Neptune took place on June 19, 2007, the opening night of Vision Festival XII.  It was a great performance, though there were technical difficulties in the live mix that affected the recording. The call was made (and fortuitously it was possible) for all of the musicians to reconvene at the Orensanz Art Center the following afternoon to perform and record the piece a second time. I was there as well; it was blissful. The entirety of that afternoon performance is presented here, followed by the second half (live mix glitches ironed out by then) of the premiere performance. Go deep into this on long drives my friends, whether it involves the road or not. - SJ


Double Sunrise Over Neptune premiere performance at Vision Fest XII on June 19, 2007 / photos by Kate Glicksberg


From William Parker’s liner notes:
“Double Sunrise was borne of a concept I call universal tonality, which is based off of the idea that all sounds like human beings come from the same place. All sound has a heartbeat and breathes the same as each human being. Some sounds are born in Africa; others are born in Asia, Europe, Australia or America. These sounds pass through certain human beings. We don't invent sounds, we are allowed to encounter them; we don't own them, they existed before we were born and will be here after we are gone.

Musically, Double Sunrise Over Neptune has to do with the blending of sound with intent and message. The poetic intent going through the music is “do not kill another human being for we cannot bring them back to life. One day a double sunrise will appear in the sky. We have until that time to become One with music.”  All the musicians involved in this project are great leaders, composers, improvisers in their own right. I thank them with all my heart for their unique contributions on this recording.”

This project is supported by the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and is released in cooperation with Arts for Art, Inc.

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