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1 .This Is An Apple .6.00 (MP3 Excerpt)
2 .Wonder Land
.4.12 (MP3 Excerpt)
3 .Bumpy Trail .7.17
4 .Redwoods .9.09
5 .Bottled Water Princess . 6.04
6 .Magnolia . 6.17
(MP3 Excerpt)
7 .Story Teller .5.09
.Dear Friends . 4.03 (MP3 Excerpt)

All compositions by Eri Yamamoto, Jane Street Music (ASCAP)

Eri Yamamoto: piano/composer
David Ambrosio: bass
Ikuo Takeuchi: drums

Produced by Eri Yamamoto and Steven Joerg
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio
Brooklyn, NY on February 18, 2008

Cover artwork by Leo Yamamoto

Eri Yamamoto's growth as a jazz player and composer over the last 10 years is truly phenomenal. Having deeply impressed us (anew) last year, AUM Fidelity quickly recorded two albums with her in early 2008.  The first was the exquisite Duologue, released in June, which featured her in duo with established masters of the music (William Parker, Hamid Drake, Daniel Carter).  And now on Redwoods, with her regular working trio of longtime compatriots, bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi, Eri’s distinctly invigorating approach to the jazz trio and remarkable gift for indelible melodies reaches yet another track-for-track high.  When she is not busy touring the world with her own group and/or with William Parker, the Eri Yamamoto Trio performs every Thursday/Friday/Saturday at Arthur’s Tavern, a/n historic jazz club in New York’s Greenwich Village. If you're in town, mark it & make it.

Hey too, here is a right fine video listen of Eri Yamamoto performing 'Bumpy Trail', also featured on Redwoods.

E N J O Y ! –SJ

Trio photo by Rika Yamamoto

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