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AUM050WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET...Petit Oiseau. .Album Reviews.Reviews

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1 .Groove Sweet (Groove #7, Hamid's Groove, Daughters Joy) .17.56
2 .Talaps Theme
3 .Petit Oiseau .9.33
4 .The Golden Bell .6.23

5 .Four For Tommy . 4.04
6 .Malachi's Mode . 8.04

7 .Dust From A Mountain * .5.52
.Shorter For Alan . 12.37

All compositions by William Parker, Centering Music (BMI)


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William Parker: bass, cedar flute on *
Hamid Drake: drums, balafon & frame drum on *
Rob Brown: alto saxophone, B-flat clarinet on *
Lewis Barnes: trumpet

Produced by William Parker and Steven Joerg
Recorded and Mixed by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio
Brooklyn, NY in December 2007

Cover paintings by David Kroll and liner notes by William Parker
design by Ming@409

Petit Oiseau is the gorgeous and profound new album from the William Parker Quartet, released on October 14, 2008. Just as I was preparing to write up some notes to post here, I saw a review written by Ed Hazell and published on Point of Departure, an online music journal that is distinguished by its insistence on intelligent and well-considered writings on music. I thought I could not have put it better myself, so here ! ...

“Bassist-composer William Parker’s quartet may be the best working band in jazz today ... No one in the band ever simply marks time; there’s a stream of invention from reed player Rob Brown, trumpeter Lewis Barnes, drummer Hamid Drake, and the leader that never lets up. Their notes seem to have a gravitational attraction to one another; they fairly slam together and fuse into one joyful sound. Every track [here] contains examples of their unexcelled collective and individual brilliance. On songs (Parker’s term) such as the “Groove Sweet” medley and “Four for Tommy,” the music undergoes continuous, beautifully synchronized transformation, the foursome’s elaborations on the melodic and rhythm elements of the tunes growing ever more urgent and celebratory ... There’s something singing at the center of Parker’s deep woody sound, something that animates his bass lines with an intense warmth and humanity, and it radiates outward through the group. The quartet embraces every possibility in the music with equal enthusiasm—pure sound, melody, groove, pulse, are all treated as viable modes of expression. Their liberated and disciplined use of the music’s possibilities makes this a deeply hopeful and uplifting album.”  –Ed Hazell, POINT OF DEPARTURE

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Portrait by Nick Ruechel

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