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AUM051 / 50 Miles of Elbow Room #4-CD COOPER-MOORE...The Cedar Box Recordings. .
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CD edition is now fully out of print.

1 .A Lament for Trees
2 .Where Do Old Friends Go?
3 .Emancipation ((a
4 .Fife in the Living Room
5 .Fife on Bridge Over River
6 .That's Right
7 .Solo from Bordeaux
.A Sunday Tale
9 .Sweet Hour of Prayer
10 .Crow Shit on the Window
.The Death Queen

Cooper-Moore: diddley-bo, horizontal hoe-handle harp, ashimba, bamboo fife, twanger, piano, mouth-bow, three-stringed fretless banjo, percussion, synth, voice

This silkscreened/hand-numbered CD edition of 500 (with accompanying 20 page booklet) was produced by AUM Fidelity and 50 Miles of Elbow Room in Autumn 2008 on the occasion of Cooper-Moore's Solo Tour of America.

Will not be made available for download; the CD is available exclusively from Cooper-Moore on his tour, and by direct mail order from AUM Fidelity & 50 Miles of Elbow Room.

Cooper-Moore has been active on the creative music scene for over 30 years. Recordings with artists such as David S. Ware, William Parker, and especially Triptych Myth showcased his considerable skills as a pianist. While this is the source of his greatest notoriety amongst jazz fans, he has also simultaneously developed instruments of his own design and occasionally invention. Inclusion of some of these instruments with the large ensembles of William Parker, Bill Cole, and Butch Morris gave notice to the jazz world that piano is just one part of a much greater whole that is Cooper-Moore's music.

A whole lot more of it comes together in Cooper-Moore’s solo performances, which are remarkable displays of multi-instrumental virtuosity and showmanship. He plays one beautiful handmade instrument after another in imaginative and exciting ways, all the while offhandedly bantering with the audience and offering tall tales that can be disarmingly personal and/or hilarious. The palette and emotional range of the music is quite broad, incorporating free improvisation, composed tunes, and the nether region in between.

The first commercially available documentation of this music was issued in 2004 by 50 Miles of Elbow Room as a quintuple 7" set of solo recordings wherein Cooper-Moore played a different instrument on each side of each record. The tracks include a diddley-bo lament, a mouthbow hymn, a high energy piano improvisation, an effects-laden banjo romp, the discombobulating sound of the twanger, and plenty more. Minus the story of Reverend Love and the overdubbing on “The Death Queen,” each side of each record features a solo performance on a different instrument. Among the recording locales were a compost heap on Ward’s Island, on a footbridge, at a gig in Bordeaux, on his fire escape, and other places. Housed in a cedar wood box and pressed in an edition of 300, this went out-of-print rather quickly.

Cooper-Moore’s fall 2008 tour of the USA presented a perfect prompt for a very sharp CD reissue of this material. Co-released with 50 Miles of Elbow Room, it is available exclusively from Cooper-Moore at these performances, and directly from here and 50 Miles of Elbow Room. Some reviews of the original release.

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