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THE FULLY CELEBRATED. Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones. AAUM054.Reviews

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1 .Moose and Grizzly Bear's Ville .4.47
2 .Reptoid Alliance
3 .Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones .5.12
(MP3 Excerpt)
4 .Brothers of Heliopolis .7.23
(MP3 Excerpt)
5 .Enemy of Both Sides .5.56
(MP3 Excerpt)
6 .Pearl's Blues . 6.59 (MP3 Excerpt)
.Conotocarius . 5.20
8 .Dew of May . 8.35 (MP3 Excerpt)

+ enhanced CD: hi-res (audio+video) animated film
Can U Do The Mackie Burnette? ...10.02

All compositions by Jim Hobbs (Pursuit of Happiness Music Corp., BMI)
P+C 2009 AUM Fidellity

Jim Hobbs: alto saxophone
Timo Shanko
: bass
Django Carranza: drums

Produced by Jim Hobbs & Steven Joerg
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn on October 6, 2008 ~ Masterfully mixed with and mastered by Michael Marciano at STS.

Cover artwork/design by Jason Fairchild

Can U Do The Mackie Burnette? video by Jason Fairchild & Jasper Hobbs.

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Why this year is the year of the saxophone trio, in no particular order:
4. The Fully Celebrated, Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones

THE JAZZ SESSION (by Jason Crane) TOP 10 JAZZ CDs of 2009 = #4


“..savory funk / vigorous odd-meter human-drum-machine patterns / manipulated dub / folkish / fiery free jazz / riveting alto lines / quiet intensity / music of a high caliber and a hell of a lot of fun. To top it off the CD includes a bonus fantasy skateboard video that proves to be a trip.” –SIGNAL TO NOISE (Winter 2010), Jay Collins

"Boston-based saxophonist Jim Hobbs, bassist Timo Shanko and drummer Django Carranza began performing together in 1987. Yet their latest collaboration, Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones, hardly sounds like the work of instrumentalists well into their third decade of collaboration. The album feels fresh and playful, displaying the creative exuberance typically associated with young players in the joy-of-discovery phase.

On the opening 'Moose and Grizzly Bear's Ville', Hobbs lines are lighthearted and woozy, like a happy lush weaving through late-night streets at the pace of Carranza's oddly syncopated beats and Shanko's elastic pulse. 'Reptoid Alliance', which follows, is even more herky-jerky with Hobbs' squawk repeatedly looping back upon itself between a series of blissful improv snippets. Immediately thereafter, the title track changes course, as Shanko sets up a vintage Kingston groove that contrasts winningly with Hobbs' hiccups and splats. More hybrids follow, including 'Brothers of Heliopolis,' which toys with and then transcends Asian-music stereotypes. But 'Pearl's Blues (Your What Hurts?)' locates the strut and slink within one of jazz's most familiar forms, and 'Dew of May,' a subtly exploratory ballad, proves that the longtime bandmates can do more than genre hop. The Fully Celebrated's heady blend brims with a vitality that hasn't ebbed with the passage of time."
...–Michael Roberts, Jazziz

"This trio has crafted a disc full of power and intrigue on every level."
–Marc Medwin

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".. a virtuoso ensemble. .. There's no one with a more individual sound and conception than Hobbs"
...–John Garelick

“..Skillfully mixing reggae beats and Dub technology into the mix, this session adds a new wrinkle while maintaining their core appeal—catchy, mercurial tunes buoyed by visceral improvisation. .. Hobbs, the leader and primary songwriter, is one of his generation's most gifted altoists; his ability to effortlessly glide between pitches and microtones enables a boundless capacity for tonal expression. .. Filled with memorable melodies, stirring interplay and a wealth of sonic variety, Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones is a welcome return from one of the most resourceful saxophone trios working today”
–Troy Collins


Long one of Boston's musical gems, The Fully Celebrated (Orchestra) have always been Jim Hobbs: alto sax, Timo Shanko: bass, and Django Carranza: drums. A jazz band playing the rock clubs like the young punks they were, developing along the way into the sages they have become. Following a series of European and self-releases, Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones is their auspicious AUM Fidelity debut: a stellar set of all new compositions, recorded live in the studio and then mixed utilizing the latest dub technology. The album (as the group itself) cannot be stylistically pegged as each piece is a fully different / fully realized aural experience of transformative and deep tail-feather-shaking potential.

Principal composer/band leader Jim Hobbs is an untouchably gifted master of the alto saxophone; he impeccably produces a holy / wholly cogent array of sounds from his horn which the instrument was not originally designed to manifest.  The Fully Celebrated band here wield an incomparable arsenal of ways and means to transform yr present moment through mighty song and trio massage. Joyous bounce and sway, punkolodic riffage, mesmerizing incantation/cosmic groove & the stone flux title cut version of the classic Stalag riddim, dubfully rendered in Brooklyn on the eve of Election ‘08 with dew of ‘09 in mind.
The CD also contains an embedded music video: the animated skateboard groove and flex film "Can You Do The Mackie Burnette?" which also features cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, who was a member of The FCO for a time at the dawn of this century.
Joy is the aim; celebrate fully! . –SJ

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