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DAVID S. WARE ..Onecept ..AAUM064

CD $13
(deluxe 6-panel digipak)

1 .Book of Krittika .7.53
2 .Wheel of Life .6.31 (MP3 Excerpt)
3 .Celestial .6.24
4 .Desire Worlds .6.56
5 .Astral Earth .14.54 (MP3 Excerpt)
6 .Savaka .4.35
7 .Bardo .6.43
8 .Anagami .6.50
9 .Vata .4.27 (MP3 Excerpt)

All compositions by David S. Ware with Parker & Smith;
published by Gandharvasphere/Daswa (ASCAP)
P+C 2010 AUM Fidellity

Produced by Steven Joerg and David S. Ware

Recorded in (((3D SOUND))) by Michael Marciano
at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn on December 2, 2009.
Mixed and mastered by M.M. at S.T.S.

Cover artwork (front -&- back) by Richard Cohen
design/layout by ming@409

Liner notes by Steven Joerg & David S. Ware
(in conversation with SJ at this time)

David S. Ware
stritch, tenor sax
, saxello
William Parker bass
Warren Smith drums, tympani

"4 Stars .. jaw-dropping" -DOWNBEAT, Peter Margasak

“nine stellar free improvisations .. Parker and Smith's work complement the saxophonist to perfection throughout .. [listening] I know I’m in the presence of a master musician.”
THE WIRE, Dan Warburton

“a group music based upon such a level of intuitive understanding that it can only be described as extraordinary.” –ALL ABOUT, Nic Jones

“Ware’s playing is astonishing, pushing the limits of brain, fingers and equipment, ideas rushing out in a stream of furious, liquid invention, with an almost superhuman precision.”, Daniel Spicer

“Certain improvised music albums begin with an invocation so powerful, of such a transcendent quality, that the listener is immediately encircled in the webs of possibility it generates. .. Onecept joins this select group. .. To call this music free improvisation would be doing it a disservice, as the trio’s intimate communication births structure after structure with melody at the core.”
DUSTED, Marc Medwin

JAZZTIMES Feature / June 2010
An excerpt of a very fine piece by David R. Adler is accessible via the link; even just the excerpt already hearkens toward the next DSW project, to be released in late Spring 2011.

Onecept is a vital document, steeped in the combative and sacramental modes of post-1960s free jazz but committed at every turn to the action just at hand, or just ahead.”

"Ware is a genius at extrapolating from and recombining source material on the fly—his mind as well as his fingers move with electric urgency. In the liner notes he asks, "Is there any limit to the speed at which you can press them keys down, to which it will function correctly? That's what I'm trying to do now, push it as far, as fast as the human fingers can move." The saxophonist has long sought to reach an ideal state as a player—to master the mechanics of his horn so thoroughly that his thoughts can flow straight into music, as though the instrument didn't exist. Far from slowing down out of concern for his health—he's intensifying that search"
CHICAGO READER, Peter Margasak

"Onecept documents a pivotal chapter in the ongoing development of one of today's more important artists." –POINT OF DEPARTURE, Troy Collins

"these nine songs are the rare glimpse of three jazz musicians lifting the sound way above their heads and pushing it through the ceiling." –, John Garratt

"The have the tautness of the great Sonny Rollins trios of the 1950's combined with the freedom and elasticity of the music as it has evolved since that time. This joyful album is the consummation of Ware's art and is breathtaking to behold." –JazzAndBlues, Tim Niland

The recording and release of Onecept celebrates David S. Ware's 50th year of singular and profound saxophone artistry; a studio session specifically arranged for same featuring Ware on three saxophones – saxello, stritch, tenor – along with fellow musical masters William Parker (stalwart fellow prophet) on bass and Warren Smith (also featured on Ware's album Shakti) on drums and tympani. Unlike almost every previous album Ware has made in the past 20 years (Corridors & Parallels being another exception), there was no rehearsal for this session; the songs/streams were created fully in the moment of creation, trusting in collective skill to manifest the majesty.

Onecept is an impeccable entry in the oeuvre of his recorded works. By the time you read this, the Trio will have made their public performance debut at the Vision Festival, NYC in June, 2010Their next performance took place at the Blue Note, NYC on October 4, 2010. I hope you took my advice and were there if you were here.

David S. Ware on Onecept:
"The express intent is that time and space, which is a relative thing, on this record, the way in which I'm playing, time and space is collapsing. It is folding in on itself and that is bringing on a different reality."

William Parker on Onecept:
"We trimmed off a lot of the outside rays of the glow, and we're in the circle inside the light now. A different side of things is showing."

Steven Joerg on Onecept:
"Exquisite next phase in this modern Master's development. All new temples of sound. David wanted Warren to play tympani on this and I'm so glad that he did. Recording engineer Michael Marciano outdid himself here. Your brain can swim in this mix. (((3D SOUND))) indeed!" –SJ

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