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ERI YAMAMOTO Trio ..The Next Page.AAUM071.eviews

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1 .Sparkle Song .6.30 (MP3 Excerpt)
2 .Whiskey River
3 .Just Walking .7.56 (MP3 Excerpt)
4 .Night Shadows .6.04
5 .Green Grows .5.43 (MP3 Excerpt)
6 .The Next Page . 5.55 (MP3 Excerpt)
. .(set break / 60 seconds silence)
8 .Up and Down .7.57 (MP3 Excerpt)
.Dark Blue Sky .6.11 (MP3 Excerpt)
.Waver .5.40
11 .Catch the Clouds .5.15
12 .Swimming Song .5.35

All compositions by Eri Yamamoto, Jane Street Music (ASCAP)
except #8 by Ikuo Takeuchi, ikuosan Music (ASCAP)

Eri Yamamoto: piano, compositions
David Ambrosio: bass
Ikuo Takeuchi: drums

Produced by Eri Yamamoto and Steven Joerg
Recorded and mixed live by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio
Brooklyn, NY on October 11, 2011

Cover artwork by Leo Yamamoto

"She blends soft-hued harmonies, luminous melodies and lyrical expression with the introspective spirit of pianist Keith Jarrett and the poetic resonance of the great English Romantic poet, William Wordsworth. Besides her knack for poetic introspection, she can also swing with free, vibrant energy...propelled by crackling interaction with her trio mates."
–Owen McNally, Hartford Courant (feature)

"Eri Yamamoto weighs exploratory instincts against a reflective temperament, and her trio supports her at every turn."
–Nate Chinen, New York Times

"An album of aching beauty and sparkling joy .. Her music can be fragile or soaring, but it’s always good-natured with sing-song melodies and an effortless flow." –Fo, KZSU

"The entire collection simultaneously stimulates and relaxes the listener — full of songs that allude to nature. Yamamoto has a gift for capturing the seamless, nuanced changes in the seasons, the sky, the landscape, and the beneficent balm of its consonance with the human spirit. There are the gentle crestings of “Whiskey River,” the slow dance of grays and blues in the quiet blues of “Night Shadows,” the marvel of reaching into massive evanescence so beautifully depicted on “Catch the Clouds.” And mention must be made of “Just Walking,” because Yamamoto uses David Ambrosio’s opening bass vamp to channel her inner Flanagan, beguiling with her graceful simplicity."
–Britt Robson, eMusic

"Yamamoto is a real songwriter, not simply a riff-collector, and the trio often walks a very thin line between tightly-controlled melodicism and abstraction.  It’s an intricate design that shows the beauty in the details throughout the listening experience."
–Tom Burris, Free Jazz

"Pianist Eri Yamamoto's tunes have always contained an organic sense of swing, post-bop's harmonic equations, a pop songwriter's lyricism, and a classical sense of discipline. She and her longstanding trio have developed a profoundly subtle, spacious, yet utterly modern take on the jazz piano trio."
–Thom Jurek, All Music

"They make sophisticated interplay seem effortless, without resorting to showy effect or abstraction. .. each musician is alert to the others felicities .. a wealth of musical detail to savor." –John Sharpe, All About Jazz

"Yamamoto plays with a simplicity and elegance that underscores her keyboard mastery."
–Terrell Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record

It has been two years since Eri Yamamoto's last album of wonderfully melodious songs! She has been busy playing for rapt audiences across Europe and Japan, as well as the U.S. and Canada. Folks around the world get effusive when they hear her music, and that is an organically beautiful reality. Ms. Yamamoto has also been busy writing, and The Next Page presents a treasure trove of all new compositions.

Swinging eloquence, luminous lyricism, a deep rapport with her long-standing trio, and refreshingly original material are the key factors to this music. She breathes new life into the jazz piano trio format every time she plays. Because there was so much new material when it came time to record, it was decided to format this album as two distinct sets, akin to hearing her live in a jazz club, with a short break in between. While it was recorded in highest fidelity sound at Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn, the presentation is based on her regular engagement at Arthur's Tavern, NYC – every Thu, Fri, Sat night – which is a supreme rarity for a jazz (or any genre!) group in the modern era, as well as her popular appearances at Cornelia Street Café, NYC.

Eri's inspiration for the songs spring from moments of grace that transpire in her daily life, both while traversing New York City and through exquisite moments of natural beauty experienced in her world travels. Her trio has been working together for 16 years (another supreme rarity in jazz) and this is their 7th album (the 3rd successive on AUM Fidelity, following on the glowing Redwoods and In Each Day, Something Good ; all preceded by Eri's singular Duologue). This album moves their music forward onto The Next Page. Joy remains the aim!

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