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A note that Lung will not be made available on vinyl
as this composition was created to be listened to in
its entirety, and LPs require an interruption.

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Lung + Throat
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Lung .(42:13)

(MP3 Excerpt)
(MP3 Excerpt)
(MP3 Excerpt)
(MP3 Excerpt)

these four excerpts give brief glimpses
onto some of the sonic vistas of Lung.

Composition by Little Women

P+C 2013 AUM Fidellity








LITTLE WOMEN (the four chambers):
Travis Laplante
tenor sax
Darius Jones alto sax
Andrew Smiley guitar
Jason Nazary drums

Recorded in one complete take on October 22, 2012
by Michael Marciano at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn
Mixed by Ryan Power in mid-November 2012
Produced by Little Women & Steven Joerg
Cover Artwork by Mick Barr

4 Stars. "Lung is conceptualised around the human breath, treating it as a sound source and organising element. The results are both inventive and moving, striking a remarkably fluid balance between structure and free improvisation."
–Stewart Smith

"This is the most beautiful and emotionally powerful piece of music I’ve heard so far in 2013." –Philip Freeman

TIME OUT NEW YORK Critic's Pick / Preview Feature
"A monumental exercise in both subtle restraint and skronky fireworks." –Brad Cohan

Rated 9/10 .. There is no band quite like Little Women and Lung is an even scarcer achievement." –John Garratt

Lung – the new album-length composition from Brooklyn’s genre-defying Little Women – is sonic cinema without precedent. Collectively composed and refined over the course of 2011/12, the piece is a collaborative work at the purest level, and is by far their most dynamic to date. Tone poem evocation, pop group melodicism, all-four-vocal-chords-as-one intonation, and unparalleled shrapnel-sharp/laser-beam-focused shredding are some of the sonic vistas moved through during this astonishing creation. The aim of their music continues to be transcendence, be it via brutally precise sonic assault, indelibly ascendant melodies or a quiet imbued with the globally resonant sound of the circulatory system.

Where their previous acclaimed suite Throat (2010, AUM061) grabbed listeners by the neck from its first seconds, Lung arises slowly from silence. The visceral qualities of their previous work maintained, the band is now also comfortable in places of deep subtlety – the long inhale, and magical moment of pause before the exhale – thereby diving deeper into the inner planes of emotion and spirit. The highly charged emotional center of Lung becomes fully evident only when listened to in its entirety.

The band writes, “The main themes/forms of Lung all have the shape of a downfall of something beautiful. We were working with a Shakespearian form from its conception. The main themes that developed organically throughout the process of creating Lung are: the life and death of humans, the inhale and the exhale, the death of earth (both seasonally and ultimately). These themes exist and are encompassed on both the microcosmic and macrocosmic level, meaning they exist simultaneously inside every sound, every phrase, every section, and the entire piece.”

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