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MIKE PRIDE ..Drummer's Corpse ..AAUM078


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1 .Drummer's Corpse .(33:00)
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2 .Some Will Die Animals (for Gen Makino) (26:00)
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Compositions & texts by Mike Pride;
published by Funhole Music (BMI)




Drummer's Corpse
Oran Canfield, Russell Greenberg,
John McClellan, Bobby Previte,
Ches Smith, Tyshawn Sorey
drums & gongs
Marissa Perel, Fritz Welch
vocals & percussion
Chris Welcome
: guitar
Mike Pride
: drums, organ, vocal, percussion, gongs & nose flute

Some Will Die Animals
Chris Welcome: guitar
Eivind Opsik
: double bass
Mike Pride
: bass drums,
tom toms & recitation

Marissa Perel, Yuko Tonihira,
Fritz Welch
: recitation

Produced by Mike Pride
Recorded August 1 & September 23, 2012 at The Bunker Studio by Aaron Nevezie
Mixed by Jamie Saft at Potterville International Sound
Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves

Session photography, artwork, layout/design by Mike Pride

The distinctly gifted drummer/composer Mike Pride is prolifically active as a leader/accompanist in a wide variety of groups and genres: metal, noise, avant-garde rock, free music, and modern jazz. On May 14, 2013, AUM Fidelity will release two of the most potent albums he has created to date. The 33 min. maximum intensity transformative epic, Drummer’s Corpse, was recorded within the same month as the diametrically opposed (in concept, content and title), Birthing Days, and no pair of records better represent his multifarious artistic nature. Their simultaneous release is a major artistic statement from Mr. Pride.

Drummer’s Corpse was originally conceived and written in 2005, following a devastating apartment fire which consumed nearly all of Pride’s possessions, recordings, and compositions. Further developed through a series of live performances and personnel adjustments, the piece was finally fully realized and studio-recorded in late 2012. Drummer’s Corpse features an inter-generational seven-strong convention of some of the finest drummers currently active in the realm of adventurous music; organ drone & waves of electric guitar; and extreme vocal performance art by Pride and two additional members of this stunning assembly. Pride writes, “This piece has taken on many meanings to me. It is my Ascension. It is a scream against violence and war. A scream against greed and envy. A howl of strength, power and self reliance.”

On the additional composition included here, Some Will Die Animals, Pride writes, “this piece was written shortly after the great drummer, vocalist and personal friend of mine, Gen Makino took his own life, shockingly, stirring up an entire community of Tokyo & Osaka based noise and punk musicians. Gen was a singular, inspiring, powerful person - one of the most passionate musicians I have ever witnessed. The piece is composed of a serialized tone row for double bass and a graphic score for guitar, bass drums and tom-toms. The piece is interrupted twice by a news broadcast, read simultaneously by 2 men and 2 women, each with the text in different orders. The broadcast mashes through many things, including global sex-terrorism, suicide & scientific descriptions of imaginary future-animals.”


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