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Life plus your choice from one of
these also very beautiful
Eri Yamamoto albums:

Firefly / The Next Page
In Each Day
, Something Good

Your Combo Choice

.I Love .4:10 (MP3 Excerpt)
2 .Stars
.5:42 (MP3 Excerpt)
3 .New York Time .5:01
4 .Life .4:06 (MP3 Excerpt)
5 .Remembrance .4:50
6 .Circle .6:13
7 .Lunar Express .6:23

.Passing By .3:48
9 .Ground .5:05
10 .You Are Welcome .3:21 (MP3 Excerpt)
11 .The Flow .3:12 (MP3 Excerpt)
12 .Revive .7:03
13 .Half Moon .4:17 (MP3 Excerpt)
.Last Night's Dream .5:10 (MP3 Excerpt)

All compositions by Eri Yamamoto, © Jane Street Music (ASCAP)
except Lunar Express by Ikuo Takeuchi, © ikuosan Music (ASCAP)

Eri Yamamoto: piano, compositions
David Ambrosio: bass
Ikuo Takeuchi: drums


Produced by Eri Yamamoto and Steven Joerg
Recorded & mixed live by Michael Marciano
at Systems Two Studio, Brooklyn, NY
on June 20, 2016

Cover artwork by Leo Yamamoto

"4.5 Stars – In a way, the meeting between the quiet hometown [Kyoto] and the big city [NYC] is an apt metaphor for the music, which is like a cherry tree blossoming in the concrete of an urban environment. The album both captures the endless movement of a sea of people moving by, and the meditative moment where time just seems to stop and the awareness of nature becomes a sign of the gift that is life. Throughout the album, Takeuchi, Ambrosio and Yamamoto are in constant and close interaction and the sheer easiness and depth of their dialogue is a thing to treasure, like having a good talk with a friend about the joys and sorrows of a day gone by." –Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz

"This skillful, under-the-radar pianist is well deserving of greater attention, and her ace card is a sense of masterfully wielded drama that sets her apart from her peers." –The New Yorker

"Fantastic sounds from pianist Eri Yamamoto – a musician we've maybe not given proper due in previous years – but who really has us listening strongly again with her wonderful work on this record! There's a pointed, poetic quality to the performance – one that's underscored by some of Eri's notes on the tunes. The music is also never too lyrical for its own good, as Yamamoto always has this way of keeping an edge to her performance – a quality that knows the outside, and can reference it in a few simple flourishes, then bring things back into warmly swinging territory with her very well-matched trio members." –Dusty Groove


The luminously gifted pianist-composer Eri Yamamoto returns anew (!) with a truly bountiful collection of her singular all-original music, performed with her perennial trio partners of deep empathy, bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. As the album title Life suggests, the material moves through a far range of emotional evocation, from ebullient to thoughtfully introspective, reflecting the absolute vibrancy of her long-time adopted home, New York City, and the importance of finding space within the perpetual motion of the city for moments of reflection and meditation.

Eri’s remarkable gift for indelible melody remains a hallmark of her compositions; a full dozen brand new songs are featured here, together with a pair of fresh takes on earlier songs which have been crowd favorites. "You Are Welcome" was featured on her AUM Fidelity début, Duologue (2008), and "Half Moon" first appeared on her second, self-released trio album, Three Feel (2002). Note that this is a brand new studio recording, exquisitely captured & mixed live at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn; the music is presented on the album as two sets, akin to the Trio's live working method.

Life is also Eri Yamamoto’s 10th album release as a leader and, rather momentously, it also marks Ms. Yamamoto’s 20th anniversary as a working jazz musician in New York City. It was here where she first really heard the music, had a revelatory experience while doing so, and moved here from Japan to devote her life to jazz.


And once again, I must state and remind all readers here that, as per the advice of master Reggie Workman, her New School faculty mentor at the time, she get herself a working gig --- astonishingly, she with her trio has held – for the past 17 years – a weekly weekend residency performing only her original material, at Arthur’s Tavern, which is now the longest-running jazz & blues club in NYC. Every Thursday-Friday-Saturday folks; if you're in NYC, make it a decided point to tip on in.. and E n J o Y !

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