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"Spaceship 9"

..Vessel in Orbit.AAUM101

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Vessel in Orbit plus your choice from one of
these also astonishing Whit Dickey albums:

Transonic / Life Cycle / Prophet Moon

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plus your choice of

1 .Spaceship 9 .5:15 (MP3 Excerpt)
2 .Space Walk
3 .Dark Matter .5:58 (MP3 Excerpt)
4 .Galaxy 9.9:13 (MP3 Excerpt)
5 .Turbulence .4:51
6 .To a Lost Comrade .5:39 (MP3 Excerpt)
7 .Space Strut .4:29
.Hyperspatial .6:12
(MP3 Excerpt)

All compositions by Dickey/Maneri/Shipp
© Whit Dickey (BMI)


Whit Dickey drums
Mat Maneri viola
Matthew Shipp




Produced by Whit Dickey
Recorded & mixed by Jim Clouse
at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY

"Stunning in its urgency, vitality, virtuosity, and coherence as a large scale work."
-Point of Departure (and scroll down)

"An absolutely riveting performance. .. a conversation that never loses its vitality."
-The Free Jazz Collective

"4.5 Stars -- Rivers of sound that feel like they're doing millenia of geography-transforming work in a span of minutes" -DownBeat (full review below)

"4 Stars -- A very valuable document indeed" -Jazzwise (full review below)

This is astonishing sonic architecture, and a powerful album work of art in the old-school sense. As Matthew Shipp wrote back when he first heard the finished CD: "omg this is a great cd --- it is not only right, it is really right in every way –-- so cohesive and fills the space perfectly — remarkable."

Vessel in Orbit presents the first new group music in over a decade from singular drummer-composer Whit Dickey. It is a richly melodic and deeply focused album; structural integrity and emotional resonance are paramount throughout. Created together with the impeccable improvisers Mat Maneri on viola and pianist Matthew Shipp, each of these men has a lifetime commitment to creative music, and they share a musical relationship with one another that dates back decades. Dickey’s wonderfully inviting compositional structures provide fruitful platforms for his esteemed colleagues and, par for his work as a leader, he cedes the spotlight to the collective as a whole. Wide-open listening and fluid expression abound here.

In the 90s, Whit Dickey was an elemental member in the groups of both David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp. His tremendous debut as a leader was Transonic (1998, AUM005), followed on AUM by Life Cycle (which also featured Maneri & Shipp), and then a series of fine albums on the Riti and Clean Feed labels. He re-joined Shipp’s trio from 2007-12, and in 2015 appeared once again on the pianist’s beautiful tribute To Duke on the RogueArt label. In recent years, Whit has recorded extensively with saxophonist Ivo Perelman, and in late 2016 he released Fierce Silence, a duet with cornetist Kirk Knuffke.

This album also marks the welcome return appearance of Mat Maneri on AUM Fidelity, who was previously featured on the sublime A Cloud of Black Birds (1998, AUM009) & Soul Search (2000, AUM014) together with guitarist Joe Morris, as well as his own epic album production by the Maneri Ensemble, Going To Church (2002, AUM024). Maneri’s most recent release as co-leader is Transylvanian Concert (2013, ECM) together with pianist Lucian Ban, and he was fully featured on drummer Ches Smith’s auspicious ECM debut in 2016.

Since the mid-90s, Matthew Shipp has been perpetually proving his status as one of the most important and singularly compelling jazz pianists of the modern era. His work on AUM Fidelity dates to the label’s inception; most recently he has been featured on The Darkseid Recital (2014, AUM088), his second stellar duet with alto saxophonist Darius Jones; and in duo with David S. Ware on last year’s Live in Sant’Anna Arresi, 2004 – the second installment in AUM’s ongoing DSW Archive Series.

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