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Strictly limited edition pressing released on the 69th Anniversary
of David S. Ware's birth – November 7, 2018

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"Kama" while reading below..

DAVID S. WARE TRIO....The Balance (Vision Festival XV +).AAUM107 (DSW-ARC04)

(Physical Edition – 500 copies,
deluxe 6-panel digipak)

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1 ..Vision Suite 2010 part 1 ...(15:28)
2 ..Vision Suite 2010 part 2 ...(14:16)
3 ..Vision Suite 2010 part 3 ...(12:17)

4 ..Kama... (8:49)

5 ..Virtue... (6:49)
6 ..Bodhisattva... (5:26)
7 ..Gnavah... (9:08)

All compositions by David S. Ware
w/ William Parker & Warren Smith;
published by Gandharvasphere/Daswa (ASCAP)

David S. Ware: tenor sax, saxello (on 5/6)
William Parker: bass
Warren Smith: drums, tympanis/percussion (on 5/6/7)

Vision Festival XV performance recorded by Stefan Heger
at Abrons Art Center, NYC on June 27, 2010

Tracks 4–7 recorded by Michael Marciano
at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn on December 2, 2009

Al mixed with & mastered by Michael Marciano
at Systems Two

Produced by Steven Joerg


The Balance is the fourth edition in AUM Fidelity's DSW-ARC Series; it presents an outstanding and incendiary David S. Ware concert in trio with William Parker & Warren Smith, and will be released on the 69th anniversary of his birth (November 7). A tenor sax–bass–drums excursion displaying full vitality from the first note, this suite of spontaneous form was created at NYC’s Vision Festival in 2010. Ware had been a perennial top draw at this vital annual gathering since its beginning; this was his first time back since the revered Quartet bid farewell there in 2006, and it was an exhilarating return.

This latter-day DSW Trio convened only three times over their 10-month existence: the Dec. 2009 studio session for Onecept, this June concert, and the Oct. 2010 album release celebration at the Blue Note in NYC, documented on Live In New York, 2010.

Also included here are four out-takes from the Onecept session – all of which had been completed & considered for inclusion at that time. The three releases together present the =total & complete work= which this group created.

Each of their three communions has its own flavor: Onecept dealt exquisitely with s p a c e and featured David on three different horns (tenor, stritch, saxello), with Warren Smith on tympanis/percussion in addition to drum set. The night at the Blue Note features the most extensive documentation of Ware on an alto sax in existence, with the Mid & Far-Eastern tones he brought forth on the instrument blossoming beautifully over the course of two sets in an intimate setting. This festival stage concert is premier 21st Century free jazz rendered with the virtuosity and lucidity that only Ware (with his esteemed peers) could provide. An utterly complete treat.

The very limited edition CD is packaged in a deluxe 6-panel digipak, with liner notes by Ware's long-time producer Steven Joerg, concert photography by Michael Wilderman, and the glorious cover artwork painted live at this concert by the musicWitness®.

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