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WHIT DICKEY / TAO QUARTETS....Peace Planet -&- Box of Light....AUM108/109

2CD Set - $20
(Physical edition - 600 copies,
deluxe 8-panel digipak)

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Tao Quartets 2CD
+ Vessel In Orbit CD

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Peace Planet [CD1]
1 ..Peace Planet ...(10:06)
2 ..Seventh Sun...(10:33)
3 ..Ancient Monument ...(9:54)
4 ..Suite for DSW... (13:55)

5 ..Blossom Time... (8:58)

Matthew Shipp: piano
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
William Parker: bass
Whit Dickey: drums

Box of Light [CD2]
1 ..Eye Opener... (4:16)
2 ..Ellipse:Passage Through... (7:23)
3 ..Ethereality... (8:06)
4 ..Box of Light... (12:50)
5 ..Rotation Steps... (7:45)
6 ..Jungle Suite... (12:05)

Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Steve Swell: trombone
Michael Bisio: bass
Whit Dickey: drums

All compositions by Whit Dickey in collaboration
with the respective Quartets; © Whit Dickey (BMI)

All recorded, mixed & mastered by Jim Clouse at Park West Studios, Brooklyn during Winter 2018/19

Produced by Whit Dickey





Peace Planet -&- Box of Light are a tremendous pair of brand new studio albums created by drummer-leader Whit Dickey together w/ two distinct yet interrelated Quartets. All involved here have long been deep seekers of truth through sound, and between them is a luminous web of deeply affecting work, which now spans decades. This pair presents their very latest work together.

=Peace Planet= features Matthew Shipp-piano, Rob Brown-alto sax, William Parker-bass
=Box of Light= features Rob Brown-alto sax, Steve Swell-trombone, Michael Bisio-bass

Having left an indelible mark via classic albums under the leadership of David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp, the projects which drummer Whit Dickey led & produced in the ensuing years often brought out the best from all involved; that is most certainly the case here. A united pair of albums created this past Winter, the two works represent the Yin and the Yang respectively. Dickey chose Tao Quartets as the name of the groups for this work as the Tao wholly incorporates an understanding of this elemental dynamic of life, and that same understanding is here to be heard.

Representing the Yin is Peace Planet: a fluid, supple and dynamic flow of instantly composed wonder; each of the pieces presents as a mini-suite, with astonishing cohesiveness. Gentle lyricism and rhythmic/melodic invention abound. Also of note here is “Suite for DSW” – a paean to Dickey/Shipp/Parker's former bandleader, David S. Ware, whose profound and enduring inspiration is deeply felt by all.

Box of Light brings the Yang herein, with fiery energy and crackling interplay to the fore. The inspiration of Dickey’s early studies with Milford Graves are clear here, as is the precedent set by such as the New York Art Quartet (feat. Graves/ Tchicai / Rudd). It is likewise clear that the idea of total sensitivity, to each and from each musician toward the evolution of the music, is also to the fore.

After an extended period of realignment with his central creative essence, it was AUM's great pleasure to present the re-emergence of Whit Dickey as a leader in 2017 with the exquisitely rendered Vessel in Orbit, a trio work featuring Shipp and violist Mat Maneri. Thankfully, as can be heard on these brand new recordings (and yet more to come), that album was just the beginning of his creative re-birth. Enjoy!

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