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WILLIAM PARKER ..Crumbling In the Shadows Is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake ..ACENT1005/6/7

3CD + 48pg. Booklet BOX SET
Strictly Limited Edition of 1000 copies
(50 were signed & hand-numbered
by William Parker)

Physical Box Set is out of print

full-res / lossless downloads available from bandcamp,
with extensive, full-content digital booklets

Crumbling In the Shadows...

1) Stained Glass Sky with Dancing Light (for Stan Brakhage) 21:23
2) Crumbling in the Shadows is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake 19:18
3) Equador/Resolution 24:54

1) Night Density 13:19
2) Double Mystery 17:35
3) Green Mountains (for Bill Dixon) 5:58
4) Philadelphia Clay 6:42
5) Velocity 6:43
6) Pointed Acceptance 11:51

& 48-page booklet of new writings by William Parker

CD Three / Testimony
1) Sonic Animation 22:58
2) Testimony (for Beb Guerin) 11:22
3) Light #3 3:52
4) Dedication 15:39
...for Charles Clark 1945-1969
...& Albert Stinson 1945-1969
5) The Second Set 24:11

All compositions by William Parker, Centering Music BMI
P+C 2011 Centering Records

William Parker:
bass, compositions, writings

Produced by William Parker

CDs ONE & TWO: Recorded on August 12th, 2010
at The Gallery Recording Studio, Brooklyn, engineer: Keith Parker

CD Three / Testimony: Recorded December 28, 1994
at The Knitting Factory, New York, engineer: James McLean

Art Direction: Ming@AUM
Box and Booklet Cover Photographs by Tom Wilkins


"The most consistently brilliant free jazz bassist of all time." –Village Voice

"One of the 50 Greatest New York Musicians of All Time." –TimeOut New York

Crumbling In the Shadows Is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake is a limited edition box set comprising 3 albums of William Parker solo bass performances/compositions in full tandem with a 48-page booklet of all-new William Parker writings (poems, dreams, meditations and more).  Very powerful and profound music and words, through and through.  Cinematic excursions on solo bass accompanied with words that present a fully seasoned new recipe for life. The first two CDs are new works recorded in August 2010; the third CD in the set reissues Parker's first solo bass album, Testimony, originally released in 1995 and long since out of print.

The individually sleeved CDs together with the booklet are contained within a specially designed and hand-crafted (with old-school machine help) two-piece box. The whole of this box set is quite stunning/beautiful, if I do say so myself. This set was printed & pressed in a strictly limited edition of 1000 copies (987 to be exact). A quantity of these will be made available to AUM Fidelity's world-wide distribution network for "official" release on September 13, 2011. It will be available direct from AUM Fidelity and William Parker until it is out of print. -SJ

Regarding this box set's title:

Fraulein Miller owned about 200 slaves in South Carolina. Legend has it she was a benevolent master who would save pieces of stale cake for the slaves from time to time. This was something she was very proud of. Then one day several slaves made their way into the kitchen stealing large knives. They had made the decision to cut the throats of the overseers and escape. At the crucial moment just before bloodshed was to occur they heard the sound of a low string instrument. It was a bass being bowed and the music was like a dance but you couldn't dance to it without listening and you couldn't listen without feeling it. These displaced and tortured Africans held out their arms, they intertwined them like branches from a tree. Becoming unified as one voice they looked in the slave master's eyes turning and walked off the plantation into the horizon never to be seen again. –WP

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