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WILLIAM PARKER ..Voices Fall From The Sky ..ACENT1015/16/17

Limited physical edition of 1000 copies,
a truly gorgeous set throughout with
"mini-LP" wallets & 40pg. booklet feat.
notes, full song annotation & lyrics by WP

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3CD Set w/Booklet - $22

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notes & lyrics in PDF) - $22
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Produced by William Parker

All new material recorded and mixed & total mastered
by Jim Clouse at Park West Studio, Brooklyn, NY
December 2017–January 2018


All compositions (music & lyrics) by William Parker,
© Centering Music (BMI)



Album/CD1 - Voices Fall From The Sky

1. Espirito (1:14) feat. Omar Payano
2. Airlift (2:05) feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez
3. Bouquet for Borah (12:26) feat. Andrea Wolp
4. City of Flowers (6:02) feat. Andrea Wolper
5. Despues de la Guerra (6:14) feat. Bernardo Palombo & Jean Carla Rodea
6. Small Lobby (3:26) feat. Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez
7. So, Important (6:20) feat. Kyoko Kitamura
8. We Often Danced (14:28) feat.
Fay Victor
9. Voices Fall From The Sky (6:43) feat.
Amirtha Kidambi
10. Revolution (5:39) feat. Timna Come
11. A Tree Called Poem (8:27)
feat. Morley Shanti Kamen

1 – The Olmec Group
2 & 6 – Raina accompanies herself on piano / WP donso ngoni on 2
3 – Rob Brown alto sax / Dave Sewelson alto sax / Eri Yamamoto piano
William Parker bass / Gerald Cleaver drums
4 – Karen Borca bassoon / Masahiko Kono trombone, electronics
5 – Dario Acosta Teich guitar /
Angelo Branford guitar
Timna Comedi harmony
/ WP, JCR, AB percussion
7 – Eri Yamamoto piano
8 –
Dave Sewelson alto sax / Heru Shabaka-Ra trumpet / Jean Cook violin
Jason Kao Hwang violin
/ Eri Yamamoto piano / William Parker bass
9 – Steve Swell trombone / Jason Kao Hwang violin
/ William Parker bass
10 – Dario Acosta Teich guitar
/ William Parker bass
11 – William Parker 6-string donso ngoni.

Album/CD2 - Songs

1. All I Want (2:20) feat. Ernie Odoom
2. Baldwin’s Interlude (2:51) feat. Ellen Christi
3. For Julius Eastman (3:05) feat. Lisa Sokolov
4. Aborigine Song (2:05) feat. Lisa Sokolov
5. Life Song (4:16) feat. Ellen Christi
6. Band in the Sky (6:03) feat. Lisa Sokolov
7. Sweet Breeze (5:06) feat. Leena Conquest
8. Morning Moon (6:08) feat. Lisa Sokolov
9. A Thought for Silence (3:12) feat. Ellen Christi
10 Poem for June Jordan (3:02) feat. Leena Conquest
11. Autumn Song (2:01) feat. Lisa Sokolov
12. Falling Shadows (8:24) feat. Ellen Christi
13. Tour of the Flying Poem (5:52) feat. Mola Sylla
14. Prayer (3:54) feat. Leena Conquest

1 – AMR Ensemble
2, 5, 9, 12 – William Parker bass
3, 4, 6, 8 – Yuko Fujiyama piano
7, 10, 14 – Eri Yamamoto piano
11, 13 – Cooper-Moore piano

Album/CD3 - Essence

1. The Essence of Ellington (7:11) feat. Ernie Odoom
2. Lights of Lake George (4:41) feat. Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay
3. For Fannie Lou Hamer (11:56) feat. Leena Conquest
4. Deep Flower (8:23) feat. Ernie Odoom
The Blinking Of The Ear feat. AnnMarie Sandy
5. Meditation on Freedom (4:57)
6. Without Love Everything Will Fail (3:42)
7. Dark Remembrance (7:01)
8. Heavenly Home Meditation on Peace (14:12)
9. Natasha's Theme (2:04) feat. Leena Conquest

& 2 – William Parker Orchestra
3 – Kitchen House Blend Ensemble
4 –
AMR Ensemble
5–8 : Eri Yamamoto piano / Leonid Galaganov drums
9 – William Parker Double Quartet


“After a lifetime in free jazz, William Parker is ruminating on freedom in profoundly personal and spiritual terms. As always with Parker, the music is uncompromising—radical and radically beautiful.” –The Nation

“For lovers of song, William Parker’s box set Voices Fall From The Sky represents an inexhaustible, eloquent and impressively varied treasure trove. Even within the context of an extraordinary discography, it marks itself out as something uniquely rewarding. One of the discs of this, or any other, year.” –Jazzwise

“Generous, roving and unbound. A mother lode of independent thought in a searching mode.” –

“9/10 Stars. In a career full of lofty goals and incredible highs, William Parker has once again sculpted an album that will stand apart from the pack through beauty alone. Once you take into account Parker's ambitiousness and his strong sense of social obligation, Voices Fall from the Sky rests on even sturdier ground. This is an album to take with you into the next lifetime.” –PopMatters

“To place William Parker squarely in the box labeled “composer” or “improviser” is to deny the fertility of the ground he has spent the past 45 years preparing. More and more, the projects he is helming inhabit a diverse world where sound and form work in symbiosis, blurring the boundaries of categorization in the process. Parker is forever forming environments in which transformation can occur and optimism thrive. Stones can become flowers, water and metal can merge and the simple act of raining rose petals is alchemical, turning motion to sound as dance transmogrifies into constructive protest or soul food as savory as the music on these discs.” –The New York City Jazz Record


One of the intrinsic aspects of William Parker's extensive oeuvre that bears repeated mention is the vast range thereof; all of it filled with light. From era-defining statements of free music to soul-jazz organ quartet; from his seamless incorporation of indigenous folk forms to his exhilarating work for jazz orchestra; from the joyous accessibility of his Quartet (and essential In Order To Survive) to his nuanced scoring for dance and film.

And this new work! A treasure box abounding with gems, Voices Fall From The Sky is an expansive 3CD Box Set comprising three distinct and complementary albums whose focus is on the voice: the singers, 17 of whom are featured here -&- the songs, all composed (and produced) by William Parker. Half of this collection are brand new recordings made during winter 2017/18 and half are Parker-curated selections of previously recorded material which has been either long unavailable or is presented here in new form.

Accompaniment to the singers on these 34 pieces ranges as widely as the voices, from self-on-piano (the two pieces performed by Raina S-G) to duet to ensembles large & small. A multitude of approaches are employed: art song to operatic, pop to gospel, heart-stopping ballads to dance numbers, silence to exuberance. The lyrical content expresses love of nature and its vital importance to a whole life, compassion, anti-oppression, anti-violence of any kind, praise of the creative spirit, and, Love. These themes are foundational in all of Parker’s work; the forefront spotlight through a multitude of expressive voices here makes them that much more salient.

Parker has been working with singers since first embarking on his distinguished path in the early 1970s. His creations featuring voice & song which have found greatest renown to date have been with the groups/projects, Raining On The Moon [ “In suggesting an alternate past, where Nina Simone jammed with John Coltrane, Parker finds another future.” –The Sunday Times ], and The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield [ “A superb example of how a pop songbook can be transformed .. a fierce and awesome display of musical prowess .. among the broadest, deepest and richest listens of this year (or any).” –JazzTimes ]. And, from a full-page featured review in The Wire of Parker’s most recent release in this form, Stan’s Hat Flapping in the Wind: “Through these songs, love rains down.”

Here Now, June 2018 >>>

Album 1, also entitled Voices Fall From The Sky, features all-new work (save the opening invocation) predominately recorded & mixed during Winter 2017/2018. It features the widest range of voices & accompaniment. Singers: Timna Comedi • Morley Shanti Kamen • Amirtha Kidambi • Kyoko Kitamura • Bernardo Palombo • Omar Payano • Jean Carla Rodea • Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez • Fay Victor • Andrea Wolper Accompanists: Karen Borca • Angelo Branford • Rob Brown • Gerald Cleaver • Jean Cook • Jason Kao Hwang • Masahiko Kono • William Parker • Dave Sewelson • Heru Shabaka-Ra • Steve Swell • Dario Acosta Teich • Eri Yamamoto

Album 2Songs, is wholly comprised of duets, and focuses on three singers with whom Parker has had decades-long creative relationships with. Vintage recordings with Ellen Christi and Lisa Sokolov from the early 1990s :: which have been unavailable for almost 20 years :: are here re-contextualized with more recent work featuring Leena Conquest (and one feat. Mola Sylla)
Accompanists: Yuko Fujiyama • Cooper-Moore • William Parker • Eri Yamamoto

Album 3Essence presents voices within large ensemble & features new iterations of previously released work together with a brand new suite / recording entitled The Blinking of the Ear, performed by mezzo-soprano opera singer AnnMarie Sandy. The previously released work features the singers Ernie Odoom, Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay and Leena Conquest, with accompaniment by four very different versions of the William Parker Orchestra, and his Double Quartet. The brand new suite features Eri Yamamoto: piano and Leonid Galaganov: drums, although how they and AnnMarie Sandy fill the silence is practically orchestral.

The creation of this rich compendium has been a very important project for Parker, who produced, curated and sequenced its totality this past Winter. It is being released on his own Centering Records imprint in a strictly limited physical edition of 1000 copies.

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