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Strictly limited edition pressing released on November 9, 2018

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WILLIAM PARKER....Flower In a Stained-Glass Window
.............................A-&- The Blinking of The Ear....CENT1018/1019

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Flower In a Stained-Glass Window [CD1]
1 ..Fallen Flower ...(2:08)
2 ..Gone ...(4:45)
3 ..Emmett Till ...(1:16)
4 ..Broken Earth... (1:11)

5 ..I Had a Dream Last Night... (7:19)
6 ..Flag... (0:34)
7 ..Give Me Back My Drum... (6:32)

8 ..Living Hope... (2:16)
9 ..Children... (7:44)
10 ..What Is That About?... (13:04)
11 ..Music Song... (1:49)
12 ..Samba... (2:10)

Leena Conquest: vocals
William Parker: bass (+ drum set on 12)
Kesivan Naidoo: drums
Isaiah Parker: piano
Steve Swell: trombone
Abraham Mennen: tenor sax
Dave Sewelson: alto sax
Nick Lyons: alto sax

The Blinking of The Ear [CD2]
1 ..Meditation on Freedom... (14:22)
2 ..Without Love Everything Will Fail... (10:41)
3 ..Dark Remembrance... (6:09)
4 ..Heavenly Home Meditation on Peace (part 1)... (15:39)
5 ..Heavenly Home Meditation on Peace (part 2)... (17:44)

Daniel Carter: trumpet, tenor, alto & soprano sax
Steve Swell: trombone
William Parker: bass
Eri Yamamoto: piano
Leonid Galaganov: drums
AnnMarie Sandy: mezzo soprano

All compositions (music & lyrics) by William Parker, © Centering Music (BMI)

[CD1] recorded by Jim Clouse at Park West Studios, Brooklyn
March 2017 & May 2018

[CD2] recorded by Randy Thaler at The Stone/New School
on June 27, 2018

Al mixed & mastered by Jim Clouse at Park West

Produced by William Parker

This special edition release is comprised of two =brand new= full-length albums, distinct in personnel & approach, yet complementary in ethos. William Parker is (and has been) on a profound and voluminous creative flow. Both of these albums were made in Summer 2018; they follow up and extend on his June 2018 release, the exemplary 3CD box set Voices Fall From the Sky.

Flower in a Stained-Glass Window fully features vocalist Leena Conquest, a tremendous interpreter of Parker’s work in song. She can be heard to deep affect in his Raining On The Moon and Curtis Mayfield projects. This is her first work together with Parker since 2012, and it is a most potent return to this creative orbit. She sings and speaks atop of and within a fresh ensemble featuring Parker’s bass together with long-time compatriots trombonist Steve Swell & saxophonist Dave Sewelson, South African drummer Kesivan Naidoo (in his first work with Parker), Parker’s son Isaiah on piano (an exceptionally gifted young man; here in his second time on record with his father), as well as younger saxophonic talents Abraham Mennen and Nick Lyons. This work is dedicated to the inspiration of Martin Luther King, and the lyrical content pulls no punches delivering the truth as Parker sees it. The message is: social and political justice and equality for all human beings.

Flower.. was slated for release this fall on its own, and then William Parker had a summer residency at The Stone / New School in New York within which The Blinking of The Ear was presented in wholly extended form by an ensemble featuring Daniel Carter (witness the recently released Seraphic Light), Steve Swell, Eri Yamamoto on piano, William Parker and young Leonid Galaganov on drums, with mezzo soprano AnnMarie Sandy. This composition first appeared on the Voices Fall From The Sky box in a voice/piano/drums reading. Here, as Parker writes in the liner notes: “The dream was to combine written music with improvised music; slowly and seamlessly folding them together as one. This sextet live version wholly realized that dream; it was an extraordinary event in music called universal tonality.” After hearing the recording, it was forthwith decided to include this and make it a true double-album event!

Astonishing work, all of this.

AUM Fidelity