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JANUARY 16, 2009 - URGENT: David S. Ware's health

Dear friends,

This is an urgent notice on David S. Ware’s health.  David needs to find a kidney donor.

David S. Ware was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1999 and he began dialysis that fall.  He had an intensive three week hemodialysis regime toward beginning peritoneal (self-administered) dialysis, which would allow him to travel.  David has been on this self-administered dialysis regime multiple times every day and night since October 1999.  While certainly difficult, he has been able to travel, and perform his music undiminished, since then.

However, late this past December, David called to say that after 9 years this treatment was no longer working as it had been, and that a kidney transplant is the only viable option for his survival.

Since then a number of friends and family members have offered to give him one of their kidneys. Unfortunately, they have all been disqualified due to health reasons or not having David's blood type, O.

Some basic/initial requirements for viable donors are that they must be under 60 years of age, do not have diabetes or high blood pressure, are in general good health, and have blood type O (either O+ or O- is fine).  

The hospital where a transplant would take place is the very highly regarded Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ

Willing and able potential donors should please get in touch with us as soon as possible:

Steven Joerg / David S. Ware management
telephone: 718 854 2387

We will then get them directly in touch with the Kidney Transplant Center at RWJU Hospital to begin the screening process for donor viability.

Thank you on behalf of David S. Ware;
please feel free to forward this notice.

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity



JANUARY 29, 2009 – David S. Ware's health UPDATE

The beautiful news is that a number of potential donors have stepped forward. The first of them is in the process of being screened toward potential transplant surgery. Medicare policy (David's principal insurance) is rather evidently that only one donor at a time may be screened. It is both David and this donor's hope that all may move toward this transplant. The screening process takes time as has been made apparent. David is in stable condition and continuing peritoneal dialysis at home. His spirits have been brightened in the past week and a half by all of your responsive energy, and we remain optimistic. When the time comes, we plan to send out/post a notice here in response to the many inquiries we've had for donations toward further direct support.

AGAIN: To All who have extended their positive energy and prayers and love to David in response to the call, Thank You.

To more good news soon!
And again, please do forward this notice to all who might not have heard.




MARCH 12, 2009 – UPDATE: healthy kidney donor found and surgery scheduled!

Dear friends, fans and extended family of the AUM Community:

It is with much happiness to report some great news on David’s journey.  The first of the beautiful people who came forward in response to the call for help – this particular beautiful person being Laura Mehr – has passed the screening process with flying colors, and a date – May 5th – has been scheduled for the kidney transplant operation.

In the 8 weeks leading up to this date, David will of course continue his intensive daily dialysis regimen, and following the operation he will have at least a 3 month recuperation period.   

To all who forwarded and posted our original email with the critical news of his search, please do the same with this notice and this URL: http://www.aumfidelity.com/david-s-ware-health.html, in order that the good news be spread as well!

A note from donor Laura Mehr:
Over 30 years ago, my husband and David shared time and spiritual understanding. During Maurice's lifetime as a spiritual aspirant and transcendent artist, Maurice talked affectionately about David and the mutual artistic understandings and spiritual connections they shared.
     When Maurice passed on almost two years ago, I contacted David to let him know that Maurice had passed. About a year after that, a friend of mine was in need of a kidney transplant, and I volunteered to be tested. Before I could be tested, my friend received a kidney from the UNOS transplant list. This was a great happy surprise to both of us, and he is now home and his new kidney is functioning well. Less than 48 hours after I got the news that my friend had received his transplant, Steven sent out the appeal about David's situation. My stunned reaction that this could be happening so quickly, gave way to the even greater surprise that as with my friend, David and I were the same blood type.  I did not hesitate to volunteer, as I knew that this was not simply happenstance, but divine intervention. As David later said "Life is truly stranger than fiction".
     Things have moved quickly from that point, and all tests have come back as a match, and we are ready, on May 5th, to cross that bright line where giving and receiving are actually one and the same.”  
–Laura Mehr
And a link to Laura’s website:

Thank you Laura(!) and to all once again for your emails and energy of support;
here’s to full-on success on May 5th and forward!

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity



MAY 5, 2009 – transplant surgery delayed one week

Hello friends, a brief note that David's transplant surgery is still on, but it has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, May 12. Please take a moment next Tuesday to send a kind thought for a resounding success.



MAY 13, 2009 – tranplant surgery a success!

Friends, the great news is that David and Laura's tranplant surgery yesterday was a success. Both David and Laura are doing fine and resting as I type this. The 3-4 month recouperation period for David begins today...



AUGUST 13, 2009 – FORWARD >>>

David has been recouperating from his kidney transplant of May 12 on schedule, the requisite regimen of anti-rejection drugs being met with the discipline of a mighty spirit accustomed to a discipline of such magnitude. He has been playing his tenor regularly at home, renewing himself further. Thank you truly once again to all who have sent their notes and donations of support. These thoughts will be rewarded full-on when he takes the stage once again for the first time since the transplant, right here in NYC at the Abrons Arts Center on October 15, 2009. See details >>>



In response to our initial email, a number of folks inquired about sending donations to David to help cover expenses during this rather extended period of time in which he has not been, and will not be able to work. Any such donations would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to do so:

You can PayPal to this address/account: aum@aumfidelity.com
and include a simple note to make it clear that it is for David S. Ware
You can also send check or money orders made out directly to David S. Ware to:

........ AUM Fidelity
.........PO Box 170147
.........Brooklyn, NY 11217



MARCH 6, 2010 >>> The event detailed below is now sold out (3/8/10) >>>

DAVID S. WARE solo performance (+ to be followed by Q&A with audience)
Saturday, March 13 – 7:00pm concert begins
in Park Slope, Brooklyn (über-easy access via ‘F’ or ‘R’ trains)

As this will take place in a private residence, attendance is strictly limited Invite/RSVP only.

Rather than having a ‘record release celebration of life’ at a club this time, with glasses clinking and idle chatter creasing the air, it was decided to present this solo concert in a private real-oak-wood-paneled beautiful sounding expanse of jaw-dropping room. This space shall provide a perfect realm for the sphere of silence to manifest, prior to the sonic journey; un-amplified by electricity, except what the human body provides. We will be recording this concert as well, so if in attendance, your electricity will be a part of that.

Is this a benefit?  Yes it is. David’s new kidney is performing beautifully, although residual effects of the requisite anti-rejection drugs continue, neuropathy principally, making it painful for him to stand or walk, or work, out of the immediate NJ/NY area.  The Master’s lungs and spirit and wisdom remain undiminished.

Further to bringing his tenor & stritch, David will be making the public performance debut of his new sopranino saxophone; illuminating the highest registers of saxophonic splendour.

RSVP for this performance now because by this coming Wednesday, if not prior, seats will be fully claimed.  You shall receive a rapid reply email confirmation with full address of venue.      

Seats (60 tops!) are $15- each.
A $30- donation will get you a seat + a signed copy of his strictly limited edition new album, Saturnian
All of the proceeds will go directly to David S. Ware.

Reserve via PayPal to this account:

If PayPal is not your thing, then you can bring $15- cash per seat with you,
but you must still RSVP to:

In either case, I’ll respond rapidly to confirm your attendance.

This is an AUM Fidelity co-production with our good friend Garrett Shelton who is making his magnificent space available for this rare and cosmic event.

Back to the balancing,

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity



OCTOBER 2010 >>>

David's new kidney continues working at 100%. His lung-strength and spirit stamina is as strong as ever, as is readily evident to the few lucky who have seen him perform live since October 2009 and to the many who have heard his latest recordings. Thank you once again - on behalf of David - and heartfelt from myself, to each and every one of you that sent notes of support and donations of support during the particularly difficult period last year.

The anti-rejection drugs that David will need to take for the rest of his life do have side effects; in David's case principally resulting in nerve damage in his feet and legs. A mega-dose of these drugs, in a heretofore unreported kidney rejection scare in September 2009, really did a number in this respect. Standing and walking is difficult and painful for David. So if you see him having difficulty walking or standing, this is the reason why >>> With this new lease on life, David's art has grown multifold: new dimensions are revealing, and it is highly recommended to those who value sonic expression of the highest order, as manifest by human beings, to pay even closer attention than what has been paid before. Yes; indeed.



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