ERI YAMAMOTO Feature in New York City Jazz Record, November 2018,
by Marc Medwin : The New York City Jazz Record
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: photo by Jimmy Katz

Eri Yamamoto moved to NYC from her native Japan in 1995. A classically trained prodigy on piano, she had recently walked from a potential recording deal with Sony because the offer didn't work for her. Her trip to the city was initially just to visit her sister here. But, after hearing Tommy Flanagan perform in trio – her first exposure to jazz music – Eri had a momentous revelation that her future would be with this music, and that she needed to stay in its NYC nexus to study.. On our first hearing her play not too long thereafter, it was evident that her passion had been ignited, her devotion to learning was pure, and that the musical gifts which would allow her to add to the stream of jazz beauty were plentiful.

She fully impressed Matthew Shipp as well, who brought her to the BlueSeries/Thirsty Ear label to record her trio album Cobalt Blue in 2006. When William Parker came to record his first album of compositions for piano trio, Luc's Lantern, he chose Eri to occupy that seat . He then brought her into his Raining On The Moon ensemble, and the wisdom of that decision is in full evidence on the album, Corn Meal Dance.

AUM Fidelity first recorded Eri Yamamoto as a leader for the album Duologue, her first outside of the piano trio format. And it struck us most deeply then that Eri writes incredibly beautiful songs. Contemplative, jubilant, mesmerizing songs. Songs which we’ve found increasingly rewarding with each successive listen. Eri Yamamoto's growth as a jazz player and composer over the decade since first hearing her play was truly phenomenal. We decided to work some more together! Eri’s distinctly invigorating approach to the jazz trio and remarkable gift for indelible melodies continues to reach album-to-album highs. When she is not busy touring the world with her own group and/or with William Parker, the Eri Yamamoto Trio performs every Thursday/Friday/Saturday at Arthur’s Tavern, a/n historic jazz club in New York’s Greenwich Village. If you're in town, mark it & make it to see her play!

In late 2019, we'll be releasing a bold and joyous new work together: Goshu Ondo Suite, Eri's first work composed for full choir together with jazz trio. Stay well-tuned!

Eri Yamamoto - Discography on AUM Fidelity on

2019 Goshu Ondo Suite : Eri Yamamoto Trio & Choral Chameleon
2016 Life : Eri Yamamoto Trio
2013 Firefly : Eri Yamamoto Trio
2012 The Next Page : Eri Yamamoto Trio
2010 In Each Day, Something Good : Eri Yamamoto Trio
2008 Redwoods : Eri Yamamoto Trio
2008 Duologue : Duos w/ Daniel Carter, Hamid Drake, William Parker, Federico Ughi

Eri Yamamoto
also features on these luminous William Parker albums

2018 Flower In a Stained-Glass Window -&- The Blinking of The Ear (two ensembles/two albums!) Centering Records
2018 Voices Fall From The Sky (widely ranging ensembles & singers! / 3CD Box Set) Centering Records
2015 Great Spirit (Raining On The Moon Sextet) AUM Fidelity
2015 For Those Who Are, Still (Large Ensembles / 3CD Box Set) AUM Fidelity
2013 Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (Quartet+++ / 8CD Box Set) AUM Fidelity
2007 Corn Meal Dance (Raining On The Moon Sextet) AUM Fidelity


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