50 Miles of Elbow Room you could do all of your vinyl record shopping here late one Saturday night and following a week of listening wake Sunday morning feeling good about life again. Sweet!

Custom Precision my very dear brother's work. He can make anything out of metal for you; fully within exacting specifications. Volume quantity certainlly preferred.

Destination: Out "you want it, you got it!" fun and intelligence together is good ya. D:O was a great blog; now a great radio program on WFMU.. go deh.

Eremite Records hear what good brother Eremite been righteous long-time making happen through to present moment. Much respect.

Pressure Sounds the finest roots reggae & dub reissue/re-presentation label, ever. Much respect.

Specimen Products custom-built & designed stringed instruments and Tube Amplified Sound Projectors. Check see the wares of a craftsman with an actualized sensitivity to the finer points of the 'old world way.'

Vision Festival The premier forward/spirit/ecstatic jazz festival in the world. NYC is the place to be in late May / early June.

The Whole Shebang some of Rick Lopez' work, featuring extensively detailed sessionographies of William Parker, David S. Ware, Matthew Shipp and much more.


( AUM Fidelity )