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WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET : Live Concert Stream from San Francisco, CA May 15, 2013


WILLIAM PARKER : 3 Nights of New Music @ ROULETTE, Brooklyn (FEB 14, 15, 16)
plus a very special West Coast visit to Stanford University in early MARCH!


Eri Yamamoto Trio - Special Live Recording Session & Concert
Saturday, December 29th, 7:30pm

Recording all-new book of compositions / the next album live in concert!

@ Klavierhaus in NYC
211 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019 (bet. 7th Ave. & Broadway)
Subway; 1, A, C, B, D to 59th St. Columbus Circle.
N, Q, R to 57th St. 7th Ave.
F to 57th St.

$15- tickets at the door
for reservations: email AUM Fidelity

DECEMBER 2012 CONCERTS in NYC - GRASS ROOTS Album Release Celebration! / WILLIAM PARKER Winter Music premieres! / DARIUS JONES Quartet! / ERI YAMAMOTO Trio recording new album live at Klavierhaus!


NOVEMBER 2012 Update #1 >>>


OCTOBER 21, 2012 - DAVID S. WARE (Rest in Peace / Never to be Forgotten

Dear friends,

The outpouring of love for this great, great artist and appreciation of the profound work that he created over the course of his 40 year career has been amazing, intense, heartwarming, overwhelming. Thank you to all who have written personal notes and thank you to all who have posted their fond memories and kind words on the web.

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

OCTOBER 18, 2012 - DAVID S. WARE has passed

Dear friends,

It is with great difficulty that I type these words. David's family has informed me that he passed earlier tonight at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. His physical body failed but his spirit was completely ready to move onward.

There will be news forthcoming on a memorial service and we'll inform you of this when it becomes available.

"A giant" doesn't even begin to describe this man. David had a whole lot more to teach us. I know I had a whole lot more to learn from him, but am elementally and eternally grateful for all that he offered and revealed in his time here on this earth.

wa`alaykumu s-salamm wa rahmatu l-lhi wa baraktuh David

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

this short film by Amine Koudier was shot beginning in October 2009 at David's concert return following his kidney transplant and continued to be shot and produced to completion and presentation within the ensuing two years:





15th Anniversary Concert Series in June 2012!

In addition to producing a series of stellar new album releases in 2012 to celebrate 15 years of doing so, we will also present a four-night series of celebratory concerts in June, together with two of the finest music festivals in the world:

June 8–9–10, 2012 @ Suoni Per Il Popolo / Montreal, QC
William Parker Orchestra/Essence of Ellington (North American debut)
Darius Jones Quartet
William Parker Quartet
Raining On The Moon

June 12, 2012 @ Vision Festival 17 / Roulette, Brooklyn
William Parker/In Order To Survive
Darius Jones Quartet
Farmers By Nature
Eri Yamamoto

Further Details HERE >>>

18" x 24" silk-screened poster, edition of 50, available at Vision Festival



DECEMBER 4, 2011 @ Bohemian Caverns, Washington, DC

William Parker: bass, compositions
Cooper-Moore: organ
Darryl Foster: tenor saxophone
Gerald Cleaver: drums

William Parker’s Organ Quartet will be treating our nation's capitol to a first-time ever live sharing of works from Uncle Joe's Spirit House, which was recorded in 2010 as a tribute and gift to Parker's Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie Lee. The group will be performing pieces from the album, as well as new pieces written by WP for this occasion, including "Criminals in the White House".

@ the historic Bohemian Caverns
2001 11th Street
Washington, DC 20001

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Two separate admission sets @ 7:00PM & 8:30PM
$20 per person in advance / $25 per person at the door

To purchase advance tickets: or call (202) 299-0800

Further information:



DARIUS JONES TRIO 4-Week Residency at IBEAM, Brooklyn OCT/NOV 2011 >>>

The mighty potency of Darius Jones' Big Gurl Trio will be on full display during the their month-long residency at Brooklyn's recently renovated IBEAM studio. A tremendous opportunity for intimate audience communion. The Big Gurl book will of course be featured, and Darius promises some new compositions as well! Be there.

THURSDAYS – OCTOBER 20, 27; NOVEMBER 3, 10 – 8:30pm / $10-
@ IBEAM (in the Gowanus/Park Slope area of Brooklyn)
168 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
! Very easily accessible via the F, G, R trains at 4th Ave/9th St and a short 3-block walk !



AUM Fidelity at The Stone , JUNE 16 - 30, 2011 >>>

AUM Fidelity's founder/producer Steven Joerg curated the world-renowned experimental music performance space The Stone over the last two weeks of June, 2011 (except Mondays and John Zorn's Stone benefit concert) - a total of 24 concerts. The full schedule can be viewed here. This series prompted feature articles on the label and Mr. Joerg in both the Village Voice and the Wall Street Journal : links direct to the articles.




Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp celebrate the April release of Cosmic Lieder with two sets at Jazz Standard in NYC on Wednesday, April 27th. This will be their live on stage debut! They shall perform extensions and variations of the music on Cosmic Lieder, as well as wholly new compositions. We will be recording. Do not miss this momentous event if you are in NYC in April!
Advance tickets available now



Early Reviews (!!!) : DARIUS JONES & MATTHEW SHIPP's Cosmic Lieder >>>

"4-Stars" --- "A form of pure expression that transcends notions of genre or style." --- "These are short pieces, densely compact and almost overwhelming in the amount of creativity they cram into a few minutes at a time. It's a breathtaking indication of how far collaborative improvisation has come."

–Daniel Spicer

"Cosmic Lieder contains the sound of a duo engaged in an exercise in totality, which takes in no small amount of the music's past even while there's never any doubt that both players are concerned with music of the future."

–Nic Jones

"If titles mean anything, Cosmic Lieder is rather clever. Lied in the singular simply implies song with some degree of literary quality behind it, but Lieder tend to deliver some kind of cyclical narrative, some sense of journey or soul’s progress, and that is exactly what these two remarkable musicians have created here: a sequence of out-of-body journeyings that you might reasonably imagine Sun Ra and John Gilmore making, significant as much in their silences and elisions as in anything actually said, full of dark matter and tonal dust, interrupted by violent outbursts, punctuated by calms that seem prepared to run on forever."
–Brian Morton

"Veering between dark lyricism and roiling catharsis, the date offers an illuminating window into the creative discourse between two different generations of the avant-garde." --- "The [album] vacillates between sonic extremes, gracefully merging the fragile euphony of bittersweet harmonies with strident dissonances and brash intervals, yielding a singularly melodic sensibility that is equal parts introspective and extroverted." --- "Jones' vocalized timbre and rapturous delivery is comparable to a singer's dynamic range, as Shipp unleashes a labyrinthine series of melodic contours that escape the gravitational pull of standard harmony. Relatively brief and to the point, the oblique angles and abstruse detours of each concise tune invoke the art song tradition, making Cosmic Lieder an entirely appropriate title for this auspicious meeting."

–Troy Collins

"Julius Hemphill once said that the key to successful improvised music is contrast. He couldn’t have asked for more powerful evidence than this tightly focused baker’s dozen of performances from Darius Jones and Matthew Shipp." --- "These duo performances are truly sympathetic and move at the molecular level, making each piece on Cosmic Lieder wonderfully dense with information and ideas."

–Jason Bivens
"This engrossing union of pianist Matthew Shipp and alto saxophonist Darius Jones fascinates for its emotional and conceptual richness." --- "They both lock into a game of convergence and divergence that succeeds for their forceful individuality and unforced alchemy."

–Kevin Le Gendre

"Ideas are dwelled upon, not over-dwelled, and then they move on to the next one. The discreteness gives each track a clearer identity. Avant garde jazz? Perhaps more like improvised classical .. The mood simmers, stews and flows almost like a chamber piece." --- "A true collaboration of equals"

–S. Victor Aaron

EXCLAIM! (Canada)
"I'm going to say this bluntly: if you're a fan of improvised music, you need to hear this record. Combining language derived from free-improv, jazz and 20th century classical music, they've created a 13-part song cycle that is simultaneously beautiful, ugly, serene and chaotic. Each track is short, concise and focused. The interaction between players is almost like a fencing match — Jones deftly weaves melodies around and through Shipp's dense harmonic backdrop while Shipp parries and thrusts his ideas into the fray. That being said, it's not a battle, and the result is a stunning album that features two of NYC's most distinct voices."

–Matthew Fong

Be there to see/hear them for their live debut when everything shall be, furthered...


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! >>>


Mid–NOVEMBER, 2010 >>>


WILLIAM PARKER’s The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield LIVE at (Le) Poisson Rouge, NYC:


> WILLIAM PARKER & DAVID S. WARE on The Jazz Session + !

Jason Crane, producer of The Jazz Session, does a great job, bottom line.  You can stream these extensive interviews via the links below & they are also available as free podcasts at iTunes.   Both interviews took place just a month ago, with William and David discussing their latest releases & yes, much more!

Also very much – William Parker did a great interview “live on air” with Justin Desmangles on his very fine program on California radio station KDVS in early October.  They discuss the Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield project, Monk, and more..  The stream might still available here:

> 13th Anniversary of AUM Fidelity Holiday Sale Coming Soon !

Why yes, yes it is!   Will run for two weeks only from Nov. 27 – Dec 11.   Stay tuned!

> 2011: Early Notes of what is to come from AUM Fidelity next Spring !

GERALD CLEAVER / WILLIAM PARKER / CRAIG TABORN: the follow-up to their Farmers By Nature debut, they altered atoms in the studio this summer.  It’s of next level magnitude; can’t wait to manifest an extended glimpse of eternity once again.

DARIUS JONES & MATTHEW SHIPP DUO: an extraordinary set of wholly new (in so many senses of the word) set of compositions captured in the studio just over 2 weeks ago.  I’m still high from the first exposure!

PLANETARY UNKNOWN: David S. Ware / Cooper-Moore / William Parker / Muhammad Ali – many circles arc around and synch anew here.   Major new jazz forward band.  Mighty, majestic, mackadocious : we’re heading into the studio on November 23rd.  I don’t think “excited, stoked or holy sh*t!” really do justice to how I’m feeling about this.


> MIKE PRIDE’s FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS: Tonight @ University of the Streets, NYC ++ !

Invigorating, inventive and brought with total conviction – see/hear this group live!  Last opportunity in 2010!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 @ University of the Streets
130 East 7th Street @ Avenue A
2 sets: 8 and 10pm   $10

Mike Pride: drums, compositions
Alexis Marcelo: piano
Darius Jones: alto sax
Peter Bitenc: bass

“a successful balance of the tuneful and the abstract .. This group pulls together the two extremes without sacrificing the crystalline character of either.” –JazzTimes

“Betweenwhile showcases why we should pay attention. Effortlessly moving from free-bop to hard, punchy rock and hip-hop inspired motifs, Pride's compositions and playing can reference several things at once. He has a firm and steady hold on the groove, all the while leaving his band mates -- Alexis Marcelo on piano, Peter Bitenc on bass and self-confessed J-Dilla fan Darius Jones on alto sax -- plenty of space to improvise.” –Other Music

“One thing I've found with drummer-led combos is that drummers have a natural tendency toward democracy in a band, and [Pride’s] Bacteria To Boys share the load equitably and logically. The exceptional drummer-leaders find a way to bolster the songs and the guys in front of him .. from the sizzling 2/4 ruckus of the title tune to the Bill Evans mood of "Kancamagus," there's something completely distinctive and sophisticated about each song. .. complexity made to sound simpler than it really is.” –Something Else!

ALSO VERY MUCH – An über-extensive video archive by (((unartig))) devoted to From Bacteria Boys live performances from just the past year, along with text from an array of notable admirers.  Whoa!  You can dig deep into this Sound/Vision/Text: Profound Shower of Love Power!  Here’s the link:

Early OCTOBER, 2010 >>>

MIKE PRIDE’s FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS – Celebrate release of Betweenwhile LIVE in NYC !

>>> Two righteous opportunities to do same >>>

@ Korzo, Brooklyn – TUE, OCT 12 (official day of Betweenwhile’s release) !
667 5th Avenue, (just South of Park Slope) Brooklyn, between 19th & 20th Streets
11:00pm preceded by
9:30 Tim Berne’s Snake Oil w/ Matt Mitchell, Ches Smith    (make a night of it!)

They’ve got good food at Korzo (Eastern European style dinner until 11:30) and all pitchers (wicked beer selection) are $10 after 10 PM (think about it).  OH, and suggested donation for the music is $5-$10 (pass the hat and let each of the players of instruments be able to buy a hat when they leave!)

@ Barbès, Brooklyn – SAT, OCT 30 !
376 9th Street (corner of 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn
8:00pm / $10

Yes, the Halloween weekend, get it started correctly (and early!)



In 2008, Darius Jones started his working trio with bassist Adam Lane and drummer Jason Nazary as a way to explore improvisational concepts and to work on his own compositions. Jones first met Lane on a gig with William Hooker, which is documented on Hooker’s album, Earth’s Orbit, released just this year. Jones and Nazary were brought together by Bob Moses based on his recommendation that they meet, which led to a variety of subsequent projects such as the Kill Me Trio and Little Women.  Jones’ love for the sax trio and the connection he felt with both musicians inspired him to combine their three talents in a unique interpretation of the format. [First of course had to come Darius’ debut, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing). which you are all already on top of .. ? ..]

Darius will be rocking his Trio forward this Thursday in NYC at the (wonderful!) new SALT space as part of Destination:Out’s new Loft/Lab series.  The following week he will be bringing his music far out West a-ways for his debut performances on said coast as part of the Earshot Jazz Festival (Seattle!) and a CoastalJazz production (Vancouver!).

These performances shall reveal live in advance Darius’ next group move on record; do not miss them if you reside within the 3 cities or are within a 1 hour (or less) travel perimeter!
Later in the week of returning from the West, Darius Jones will enter the studio to record a very special duo date with Matthew Shipp. The resulting album will be released on AUM Fidelity in early 2011. And not too long after that, following further preparation, the Darius Jones Trio will bring Darius’ new book of wicked tunes specifically manifest for/by this group into the studio to record his next next album, with release to follow in 2011 as well.   

OH YES, do check Destination:Out tomorrow for their own righteous word on Thursday’s NYC show + reasonwhyhighlight: they’ll be hosting an exclusive MP3 download excursion of Darius Jones Trio [ “Welcome to Earth” ] from their first ever live concert performance on August 6, 2008.  Available for a week and half ja/ya!

@ SALT Space, NYC – THU, OCT 14 !
presented by Destination:Out as part of their brand new Loft/Lab series
SALT Space:
know this about SALT space:
is a great new space yes I do say so forward + it is located at the corner of 27th Street & Broadway in Manhattan.  the entrance is on 27th Street just east of Broadway; there will be an open door and a yellow banner on the street to signal your arrival.

THEN HEADING WEST for First Time West Coast Performances:

235 Alexander Street, Vancouver
Presented by CoastalJazz

3515 S Alaska Street (Southeast Seattle), Seattle

DAVID S. WARE Solo @ Umbrella Festival, CHICAGO – Friday, November 5 !

Yes once again!   And damn--David’s Trio performance with William and Warren at the Blue Note this past Monday was out of this world. In early November in Chicago, David will be performing outside of NYC for the first time since his transplant.  The good folks at Umbrella Music Festival made the invite.  David is stoked; he will be bringing his tenor and his new sopranino.   Expect majestic (as ever!).  And me stoked full well as I’ll be accompanying David for this trip — in addition to the music, I’ll get to meet my brand new to this world niece and nephew in Chicago for the first time!  Further details on Umbrella Festival

SEPTEMBER, 2010 >>>

COOPER-MOORE & WILLIAM PARKER DUO – Friday, September 17 @
Barbès, Brooklyn !
7:30 pm one set only - $10

A wonderful occurrence!  This rare duo performance was set up by our good friend Adam Lore, Mr. 50 Miles of Elbow Room.  His text is included below as plentifully sufficient exhortation.  More on 50 Miles of Adam below (below) as well!  There is a profound Celtic knot running through-out this email dispatch!

Cooper-Moore and William Parker are fixtures of the NYC creative music scene who have collaborated in many groups over the past few decades, notably Parker’s In Order to Survive quartet and Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra.  Most recently, both men appear on the debut recording of the William Parker Organ Quartet, Uncle Joe’s Spirit House, to be released in October.  Duo gigs are quite rare and special events, with the most recent such performance having taken place way back in 2005(!)  Their collaborations are characterized by spontaneous fire, spirit, and dashes of humor.

Though primarily known in the jazz world as a pianist, Cooper-Moore has also developed a unique vocabulary on instruments of his own design, construction, and occasionally invention.  Somewhat similarly, William Parker is renowned as a bassist, but he also frequently incorporates double-reed, percussion, and string instruments from around the world into his improvisations.

Presented by 50 Miles of Elbow Room

The limited edition Uncle Joe’s Spirit House CD will be available for sale direct and in person at this performance.

COOPER-MOORE & WILLIAM PARKER DUO – Saturday, October 2 in Worcester, MA !
7:30 pm one set only
presented by community radio WCUW @ Razzo Hall, Clark University

And for those that live near Worcester, Massachusetts!  For further basic info on this performance:

DAVID S. WARE Trio – Monday, October 4 @ Blue Note, NYC !
2 Sets: 8:00 & 10:30 pm

As mentioned above in the album release notes, David S. Ware in Trio with William Parker & Warren Smith will be celebrating the release of Onecept with 2 sets at the Blue Note (each one different)!   IF YOU ARE IN NYC on October 4, DO NOT MISS THIS.

DAVID S. WARE Solo @ Umbrella Festival, Chicago – Friday, November 5 !

And yes!   David will be performing outside of NYC for the first time since his transplant in November.  The good folks at Umbrella Music Festival made the invite.  David is stoked; he will be bringing his tenor and his new sopranino.   Expect majestic (as ever!).

JOE MORRIS Cover Feature in SIGNAL TO NOISE #59 !

Fantastic new issue of Signal To Noise magazine
with JOE MORRIS cover feature!  A very well-written article by writer Phil Freeman featuring extensive quotes from Morris, who is without question one of the most articulate musicians on music in the present day.  A great read, in other words.

Also in the same issue is a really nice article on the works of 50 Miles of Elbow Room.   Members of this list ought be well familiar with Adam Lore and his energies; if not yet, ACQUAINT YOURSELF!  :-)

Signal To Noise remains a quarterly PRINT publication, against the many odds.  Kudos!   If no bookstore stocks near you, go here to their website to purchase and/or subscribe:


And further from writer Phil Freeman >>> the second edition of his Burning Ambulance magazine (available in both on-demand print versions and PDF) has just been published, featuring a DARIUS JONES cover feature --- in-depth / very extensive piece on Darius’ history forward.   To purchase this, go here:

Phil has posted a very brief excerpt from Darius’ piece here:

Further, Darius has some burning “wood-shedding gigs” with his Trio prior to his journey to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle & Vancouver) at end of October (full news in next AUM email!)
Thurs. Sept. 9 @ Douglass St. Music Collective with DJ3 8pm – er, tonight!
Mon. Sept. 13th @ Bar 4 with DJ3 8pm

SOUNDSCAPE Archive on WKCR 89.9FM / !
full schedule of broadcast/details:

People, pretty darn sweet!  This has already begun and I had intended on sending notice of this sooner than today, when a David S. Ware set (w/ Cooper-Moore, William Parker, Rashid Bakr) from February 2, 1980 was broadcast.  UH...   BUT, I understand that this set and many others from the Soundscape archive will be archived for streaming on WKCR’s website.   DEAL IS:  A 2-week radio event September 6th– 20th unveils the Soundscape archive of WKCR on air and on website. Dozens of rare and unheard jazz, avant-garde, Latin, and world music performances restored from original tapes made at the legendary venue between 1978 and 1983.

WILLIAM PARKER’s Segments of Light premiere – THIS Sunday, September 12 !
@ 2:30pm, The First Street Garden, Lower East Side, NYC  

William Parker's Segments of Light
A New Composition for 15 Piece Bass Ensemble
at The First Street Garden in LES
(~ 50 East 1st Street btwn 1st & 2nd Ave)
On Sunday, September 12th at 2:30pm
Free and Open to the Public;  Suggested Donation: $5
The piece is dedicated to a renewal of commitment to life and peace nine years after September 11th.
Segments of Light composed and directed by William Parker
Featuring Bassists:       Francois Grillot         Dominic Duval       Garth Stevenson
Reuben Radding     Dave Sewelson         Javier Moreno        Max Johnson
Nick Jozwiak            Albey Balgochian     Tom Zlabinger         David Moss
P.J. Roberts              Zak Sherzad               Dave Hofstra           Zak Sherzad

OK!  That’s all for right now, though MUCH more coming in next Udate within the month...
Yours evermore as long as breathing oxygen,
AUM Fidelity

“Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.”
-George Eliot


@ Third Streaming Gallery, NYC – FRIDAY 13th AUGUST

A very special (and ongoing!) project — the collaboration between Darius Jones and visual artist Randal Wilcox shall be celebrated NEXT Friday the 13th with a joint Exhibition / Performance at Third Stream Gallery in lower Manhattan.  DETAILS:



Performance at 9 pm
Tickets are $10, available at the door
On Friday, August 13, Third Streaming proudly announces a performance by the Darius Jones Trio and an exhibition of paintings by Randal Wilcox. The Trio will perform at 9 pm.
Darius Jones is an alto saxophonist, composer, and producer whose debut album as a leader, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing), was chosen among the best Jazz Albums of 2009 by The Village Voice (2009 Jazz Critics Poll), NPR (A Blog Supreme), JazzTimes, All About Jazz (New York), The Boston Globe, and others.
Randal Wilcox is an artist and writer based in New York. His work has been exhibited at The Studio Museum in Harlem, Artists Space, Anthology Film Archives and is in the collections of The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the Museum of New Art. Wilcox is a Trustee of The Alvin Baltrop Trust.
This installation at Third Streaming celebrating both artists is an extension of a previous collaboration between the two. Jones commissioned Wilcox in 2009 to create his alter-ego, 'Man'ish Boy', for the cover art of his album of the same name.

Third Streaming
10 Greene street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013
further info

JUNE, 2010 >> VISION FESTIVAL XV - 15th Annual WoW!

Vision Festival XV!  Yes Indeed! This is the 15th Annual mega-gathering of innovative jazz artistry which has always been and continues to be manifest by artists themselves with no corporate funding whatsoever.  The magnitude of this – especially given the present state of economic affairs – is truly awe-inspiring to me.  The magnitude and breadth of artistry being presented this year is nigh flabbergasting.

The principal venue for bulk of performances is once again the Abrons Arts Center.  +Plus+ there are further events happening at 6 additional venues this year. The details below have been arranged for ease of comprehending it all.

AUM personalizing further, I want to point out but a few highlights (FULL details of which included below in the FORWARD):

* William Parker speaks on some of the groups that he’s playing in / leading at VF this year (see you at Campos Plaza playground!):

* Little Huey Sextet & Roy Campbell Trio – FREE CONCERT in the Campos Projects Plaza (as per above link)
THIS MONDAY, JUNE 21 - starts at 5pm; after which you can walk 13 short blocks down to...

* Darius Jones Trio @ Local 269 Monday 6/21 @ 8:30pm – hell yeah!  Darius with Adam Lane on bass and Jason Nazary on drums THIS trio is the next group of Darius’ AUM shall studio-record for a release in 2011.

* VISION FOR VISION Benefit Night – Wednesday 6/23 – astounding lineup; this night be one for the ages.

* David S. Ware Trio – Sunday 6/27 – the entire lineup for this night is rather strong (aye!); Ware’s trio with William Parker and Warren Smith make their public performance debut on this night.   We’ve already cut the studio album; it’s coming out in September...

* oh yes, and on Friday 6/25 @ 6:00pm sharp! in Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater there will be a Panel Discussion (admission to which panel discussion is Free and Open to the Public without tickets) which I mention because it might be interesting to those interested in the topic: This Music & the Recording Industry in the Internet Age : and because I’ll be one of the panelists speaking their knowledge along with Bruce Gallanter (Downtown Music Gallery), Philip Blackburn (Innova Records), Scott Menhinick (improvised Communications), Joe Morris (artist, Riti Records).  I’m confident you’ll hear and understand some things about the mechanics/reality of same that you did not before.


Vision Festival XV Schedule / Venues / Ticket Info
7 venues / 11 days

When, Where & Tickets
(afternoon): Poetry & Music @ Tribes (285 East 3rd St., 2nd Floor)
JUNE 21 (afternoon): FREE Little Huey & Roy Campbell @ Campos Plaza playground (13 Street between Ave. A & Ave. B)
JUNE 21 (evening): Evolving Music @ The Local 269 (269 E. Houston St. & Suffolk)
JUNE 22: FUNK Jazz @ Drom (85 Avenue A between B & C)
JUNE 23 - 29: Innovative Music/Dance/Art @ Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand Street)
JUNE 23 - 29 (late night): Join The Conductions @ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk Street)
JUNE 30: Akron/Xtended/Family @ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street)

Tickets @ Abrons Arts Center
$25 per night ($20 per night students, seniors and members at the door only)
$150 for 7-day pass to all shows at the Abrons Art Center
$15 for Saturday Afternoon Emerging Artist Series
$10 for Sunday Afternoon College Bands
Tickets @ Clemente Soto Velez $7 (door only)
Tickets @ Tribes
$5 (door only)
Tickets @ The Local 269
$10 per set / $15 for 2 sets / $20 for the night (door only)
Tickets @ Drom
$20 or $10 per set (door only)
Tickets @ Le Poisson Rouge
$22 in advance / $25 at door / $20 Students & Seniors

Tickets are available at the door for all events (except for that FREE concert on June 21, you just need shoes to walk on in!)

Advance tickets for Abrons Arts Center and Le Poisson Rouge are available online;
use this link, scroll down a half page and look on the left side of page for advance ticket links:

Sunday 06/20:
Poetry + Music
@ Gathering of the Tribes (285 E. 3rd St.)
2:00 to 5:00 pm
Poetry / Words & Music / Music alone and in surprising combinations
Poetry & Music: Aaron Howard + Gwen Kruger & Tomislav Butkovic // Barry Wallenstein + Max Johnson
Albey Balgochian + Jane Grenier B // Yuko Otomo + Shayna Dulberger // Jake Marmer + Alon Nechushtan // Steve Dalachinsky + Ellen Christi // Alexandre Pierrepont + Charles Waters // Tamara Singh + Andrew Barker // Charles Waters & Andrew Barker // Ellen Christi, Max Johnson & Andrew Barker
Monday 06/21:
FREE Outdoor Concert
@ Campos Plaza Playground (13th St. between Ave. B & C)

William Parker's Little Huey Sextet
Lewis Barnes // Asim Barnes // Shayna Dulberger // Rob Brown // Gerald Cleaver
Roy Campbell Trio
Roy Campbell // William Parker // Michael Wimberly
FREE performances! Come early!

VF15 at the Local!
@ The Local 269 (269 E. Houston St.)
Bradley Farberman Ensemble
Chris Dimeglio // Jason Kao Hwang // Jared Pauley // Dan Tamberelli // Dave Miller
Darius Jones Trio
Darius Jones // Adam Lane // Jason Nazary
The Lowest Common Denominator
Tim Berne // Herb Robertson // Matt Mitchell // Dan Weiss
Nate Wooley // Mary Halvorson //Reuben Radding
Tuesday 06/22:
Jazz Funk
@ Drom (85 Avenue A)
Frank London's Kali Krew
Frank London // Deep Singh // Anthony Coleman // Brandon Seabrook // Richie Barshay
Celestial Funk Band
Patricia Nicholson // Kidd Jordan // Cooper-Moore // Lewis Barnes // Asim Barnes // Vernon Reid // Mazz Swift // William Parker // Hamid Drake
Wednesday 06/23:
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)
*Support the Artists who Support the Vision!
on the Main Stage
Opening Ceremony
Patricia Nicholson Parker // William Parker // Matthew Shipp // Roy Campbell, Jr. // Hamid Drake // Rob Brown // Cooper-Moore
The Blues Escaped
Roy Campbell, Jr. // Kidd Jordan // Jason Kao Hwang // William Parker // Hamid Drake
Stomp It!
Matthew Shipp // Whit Dickey, Jr.
Rob Brown's New Quartet
Rob Brown // Matt Moran // Chris Lightcap // Gerald Cleaver
Broken Flowers
Matthew Shipp // Patricia Nicholson
In Order To Survive
Rob Brown // Lewis Barnes // William Parker // Hamid Drake // Cooper-Moore
* $30 door / $25 students & seniors for this
Midnight Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)

12:00AM (midnight) Kidd Jordan
Thursday 06/24:
Celebrating a Lifetime of Achievement: Muhal Richard Abrams
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand Street)

Muhal Richard Abrams - Solo
Fred Anderson Duo
Fred Anderson // Chad Taylor
Lifetime Trio
Joseph Jarman // John Ehlis // Rob Garcia
Muhal Richard Abrams Trio
Muhal Richard Abrams // Ari Brown // Harrison Bankhead
Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater: Film Night!
featuring films by Stefania Errore & Jacob Burkhardt and others
Midnight Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)

12:00AM (midnight) Hamid Drake
Friday 06/25:
Vocal Music
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)

The Fay Victor Ensemble
Fay Victor // Anders Nilsson // Ken Filiano // Michael T.A. Thompson
The Sabir Mateen Ensemble
Sabir Mateen // Raymond A. King // Jason Kao Hwang // Jane Wang // Daniel Levin // Michael Wimberly // Warren Smith
Jayne Cortez & the Firespitters
Jayne Cortez // Denardo Coleman // Bern Nix // Al MacDowell
Amiri & Amina Baraka // Rene McLean // Alan Palmer // Calvin Jones // Dwight West // Rudy Walker
Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater:

Panel Discussion - Music & the Recording Industry of the Internet Age                   
Bruce Gallanter // Philip Blackburn // Steven Joerg // Scott Menhinick // Joe Morris
7:45PM Stations #2014 - First Intersection Dance/Music
Jason Jordan and Dancers // Connie Crothers (music)
8:45PMJohn Blum & Jackson Krall
10:15PMHill Greene - Solo
Midnight Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)

12:00AM (midnight) Jason Kao Hwang
Saturday 06/26: - AFTERNOON
Emerging Artists
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)
R & E
Areni Agbabian // Tony Malaby // Qasim Naqvi
Lorenzo Sanguedolce Quartet
Lorenzo Sanguedolce // David Arner // François Grillot // Todd Capp
Kyoko Kitamura // Yayoi Ikawa // Harris Eisenstadt

Saturday 06/26:
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)
Reggie Nicholson's Percussion Concept
Reggie Nicholson // Warren Smith // Dan Eaton // Salim Washington
Borah Bergman - Solo
Ned Rothenberg's Sync
Ned Rothenberg // Jerome Harris // Samir Chatterjee
Open Loose
Mark Helias // Tony Malaby // Tom Rainey
A Bass Choir - Tribute to Sirone
Charles Gayle // Larry Roland // Ken Filiano // Jane Wang // François Grillot // Michael T. A. Thompson
Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater:
   Amiri Baraka Speaks: "Corporate Control of the Arts"
8:45  John Ferris
9:15   Thulani Davis // Joseph Jarman
10:15 The Young Fogeys: Dave Sewelson // Rondi Sewelson

No Late Night/Midnight Conduction Tonight
Sunday 06/27: - AFTERNOON 
NY's Innovative College Bands
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)
York College Blue Notes
Director: Tom Zlabinger
New School Students & Graduates - DuoDuoDuo
Mike Bjella // Steve Lugerner // David Scanlon // Angelo Spagno // Nick Jozwiak // James Muschler
Brooklyn College Jazz Band
Director: Salim Washington

Sunday 06/27: -
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)
North South Clarinet Ensemble
Perry Robinson // featuring Dr. Michael White // Charles Eubanks // Ed Schuller // Bob Meyer
Breuklen Tek Orkestra
Guillermo E. Brown // Omar Little // Shoko Nagai // Cochemea Gastelum // Keith Witty // Kala Cuerington // Kassa Overall // Tecla Esposito // Will Johnson // Neil Ochoa
Billy Bang's Spirit of Sir One
Billy Bang // Andrew Bemkey // Dick Griffin // Henry Warner // Hill Greene // David Colding // Taylor Newman Baker
David S. Ware Trio
David S. Ware // William Parker // Warren Smith
Peace Out Trio
Dave Burrell // William Parker // Hamid Drake

Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater:
Panel The Economy's Effect on the Individual Artist
          with Connie Crothers, Mathew Shipp, Jason Hwang
7:45 Film by Stefania Errore: Flowers Are / Music Is
8 PM Patrick Brennan Solo
8:45  Dom Minasi Solo
Late Night Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)

  Roy Campbell
Monday 06/28:
The European Link
+ Chicago
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)

The Stone Quartet
Joelle Léandre // Roy Campbell // Marilyn Crispell // Mat Maneri
Touch the Earth II
Günter "Baby" Sommer // Wadada Leo Smith
Mike Reed's People, Places & Things
Greg Ward // Tim Haldeman // Jason Roebke // Mike Reed
Abrons Arts Center's Underground Theater:
8 PM
Dance & Music  Jason Jordan & Dancers // Gerald Cleaver
9:15  Jean Carla Rodea's Azares
        with Joe Morris, Joachim Badenhorst, Pascal Niggenkemper & Gerald Cleaver
10 PM Zak Sherzad's Flow of Expression Solo
Midnight Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)
12:00AM (midnight)  Kali Z. Fasteau
Tuesday 06/29:
Tributes To RASHIED ALI + Dance & Baltimore Giant
@ Abrons Art Center (466 Grand St.)

Stations #9969 - 3rd Intersection & Conclusion
Jason Jordan & dancers // Connie Crothers // Jason Kao Hwang // Gerald Cleaver
By Any Means
Muhammad Ali // William Parker // Charles Gayle
Lafayette Gilchrist's Inside Out
Lafayette Gilchrist // Michael Formanek // Eric Kennedy
Drum Tribute for Rashied Ali
Hamid Drake // Gerald Cleaver // Michael Wimberly // Vladimir Tarasov // Brahim Fribgane
Late Night Conduction
@ Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (107 Suffolk St.)
11:00PM Tony Malaby
Wednesday 06/30:
VF15 Closing Performance
@ Le Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St.)

[the] slowest runner [in all the world]
Jeremy Young // Ian Temple // Jesse Perlstein // Hunter Jack // Gillian Jackson // Jake Chudnow
William Parker's Southern Satellites
William Parker // Rob Brown // Lewis Barnes // Hamid Drake // Asim Barnes // Isis
Seth Olinsky // Dana Janssen // Miles Seaton // William Parker // Hamid Drake

Official website:

Support us!
*For information on becoming a VIP of the Festival, go to:

Thanks For Supporting Innovative Music in NYC!

Arts for Art | 107 Suffolk Street, #3.5 | New York | NY | 10002

MARCH 6, 2010 >>> The event detailed below is now sold out (3/8/10) >>>

Herein:  ONE topic / ONE event / ONE week from today / ONE reminder to act now:

DAVID S. WARE solo performance (+ to be followed by Q&A with audience)
Saturday, March 13 – 7:00pm concert begins
in Park Slope, Brooklyn (über-easy access via ‘F’ or ‘R’ trains)

As this will take place in a private residence, attendance is strictly limited Invite/RSVP only.

Rather than having a ‘record release celebration of life’ at a club this time, with glasses clinking and idle chatter creasing the air, it was decided to present this solo concert in a private real-oak-wood-paneled beautiful sounding expanse of jaw-dropping room. This space shall provide a perfect realm for the sphere of silence to manifest, prior to the sonic journey; un-amplified by electricity, except what the human body provides. We will be recording this concert as well, so if in attendance, your electricity will be a part of that.

Is this a benefit?  Yes it is. David’s new kidney is performing beautifully, although residual effects of the requisite anti-rejection drugs continue, neuropathy principally, making it painful for him to stand or walk, or work, out of the immediate NJ/NY area.  The Master’s lungs and spirit and wisdom remain undiminished.

Further to bringing his tenor & stritch, David will be making the public performance debut of his new sopranino saxophone; illuminating the highest registers of saxophonic splendour.

RSVP for this performance now because by this coming Wednesday, if not prior, seats will be fully claimed.  You shall receive a rapid reply email confirmation with full address of venue.      

Seats (60 tops!) are $15- each.
A $30- donation will get you a seat + a signed copy of his strictly limited edition new album, Saturnian
All of the proceeds will go directly to David S. Ware.

Reserve via PayPal to this account:

If PayPal is not your thing, then you can bring $15- cash per seat with you,
but you must still RSVP to:

In either case, I’ll respond rapidly to confirm your attendance.

This is an AUM Fidelity co-production with our good friend Garrett Shelton who is making his magnificent space available for this rare and cosmic event.

Back to the balancing,

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

JANUARY 20, 2010 – One Year Anniversary!

Kind greetings once again,

In the hope as ever that this dispatch finds you all well.  2009 was a trying year all around the world; all around the world 2010 begins with the fact that it too will be so.  Still with the full-on power of love, beauty, creativity, compassion non-stop as needs be.

2009 was a great year for the music, and it was very nice to see all of our AUM works recognized.  All six of the 2009 AUM Fidelity releases made prominent appearances on year-end recollections.  David S. Ware’s Shakti, Cleaver / Parker / Taborn’s Farmers By Nature, The Fully Celebrated’s Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones, Morris / Cancura / Gray’s Wildlife, Darius Jones’ Man’ish Boy, Joe Morris’ Today On Earth.  Every one of them.  Details on the album pages on site.  I’m momentarily proud of that fact.  2010 promises yet another rich release schedule; news of the first one and more below!

Contents herein:

>>> NEW RELEASE: ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO / In Each Day, Something Good (AUM059) !
VIDEO PROFILE ON ARTIST LOIS EBY (Sound Unity, Mayor of Punkville) !

>>> NEW RELEASE: ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO / In Each Day, Something Good (AUM059) !

Eri Yamamoto
: piano, compositions
David Ambrosio: bass
Ikuo Takeuchi: drums

A wonderful new collection of fresh and melodically indelible compositions by Eri Yamamoto brought to vibrant life with deep sensitivity along with her long-running Trio partners, bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. Half of these pieces were composed as a soundtrack to the 1932 silent film, ‘I Was Born, But...’, by Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu. The film deals with the unchanging human situation that we don't choose which family we're born into, and the problems that come with this. While Ozu's film is serious and sometimes heartbreaking, it also has lightness and humor; Yamamoto's compositions accentuate this emotional complexity.

Read very nice new feature/interview by Joe Bendel in The Epoch Times


        JANUARY 25-26-27 : MON, TUES, WED

Hot on the heels of year-end accolades for his album debut, Man’ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing), Darius Jones will be presenting three nights of new music at premier NYC new music venue Roulette.  Each night will feature a different group and material, details below.  First some lines concerning the year-end accolades (thank you to our awesome press agent Scott @ improvised Communications for compositing this):

Darius Jones begins the new year on a high note thanks to the momentum provided by the incredible response to his October 2009 debut, Man'ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing).  In addition to appearing on nearly 40 best-of lists, the record earned strong showings in both the JazzTimes and Village Voice critics' polls, including runner-up honors in the latter's Best Debut category.

Reviewers called it "one of the most impressive debuts in recent memory" (Ed Hazell,, "some of most beautiful sounds ever committed to disc" (John Sharpe,, "an incredible recording that will make you sing, make you weep and make you marvel" (Jason Crane, and "a robustly accomplished debut that confirms not only the blunt fact of his arrival but also the ceaseless vitality of his chosen tradition" (Nate Chinen, New York Times).   

Jones himself was called "a singular talent" (Brian Morton, Jazz Journal), "a dramatic new voice on alto saxophone" (Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant) and "a skilled composer, a hugely soulful saxophonist, and an assured leader" (François Couture,  "He’s got a raw but disciplined sound, a head full of ideas and a heart full of talent," adds the Boston Globe's Steve Greenlee.

"His sound evokes Albert Ayler’s cry-point vibrato," declared The Wire's Philip Clark, "but Virginia-born alto saxophonist Darius Jones is no idle clone—with expressive glissandi as opulently sensual as that of Johnny Hodges, and a knack for flipping innocent melodic utterances into lines fraught with chancy harmonic and rhythmic ambiguities, Jones’s concept is proudly his own."
! ! !

Monday, January 25 @ 8:30pm
Darius Jones Trio

    Adam Lane: Bass
   Jason Nazary: Drums
   Darius Jones: Alto Sax and Composition
This trio with Adam Lane and Jason Nazary is his 'regular working trio’ with a full book of tunes outside of the Man'ish Boy book (except for the piece "Chaych!" which appears as a bonus track on the album, in a live version by this trio).

Tuesday, January 26 @ 8:30pm
Darius Jones Quartet
Lisle Ellis: Bass
   Angelica Sanchez: Piano and Wurlitzer
   Jason Nazary: Drums
   Darius Jones: Alto Sax and Composition
The Quartet is a brand new configuration and this will be their public debut; put together by Darius looking toward his next group recording project and featuring compositions from 'The Book of Mabel' which is a continuation of his Man'ish Boy series.  A first glimpse of these pieces and a new work in progress.

Wednesday, January 27 @ 8:30pm
Darius Jones' Elizabeth-Caroline Unit featuring singers: Fay Victor and Sarah Dyson
Ben Gerstein: Trombone
   Charlie Looker: Baritone Guitar
   Caley Monahon-Ward: Violin
   Nick Anderson: Drums
   Darius Jones: Alto Sax and Composition
The Elizabeth-Caroline Unit is Darius' "chamber jazz" outfit with a focus on voice and songs.  And again a whole new set of compositions, tonight also featuring some “sub-groupings.”

Hope to see you there; I’m planning to be there all three nights!

20 Greene Street (between Canal and Grand Streets)
Reservations/Tickets: 212.219.8242
$15: General Admission
$10: Students, Under 30s & Seniors, Harvestworks & DTW members


       TOMORROW, THURSDAY, JANUARY 21 @ 8:00pm

Trumpeter/composer Roy Campbell’s Akhenaten group <> tonight with Bryan Carrott on vibraphone, Hilliard Greene on bass and Michael Wimberly on drums in a special double-bill with Matana Roberts Illumination. Details: <>


DAVID S. WARE / Saturnian (solo saxophones, volume 1)  
coming in March, Master Ware’s triumphant and profound return to the stage in its entirety.

in April, this extraordinarily and purposefully intense outfit releases their killin’ full-length debut.

FALSTAFF / Falstaff   
the long-promised re-issue of this genius Chicago trio’s 1993 self-released debut is coming in May.

WILLIAM PARKER / ‘The Curtis Mayfield Project’   
in the Summer of 2010, an authoritative presentation of William Parker’s re-interpolation of the songbook of Curtis Mayfield, featuring gospel choir.

and MORE...

>>> VIDEO PROFILE ON ARTIST LOIS EBY (Sound Unity, Mayor of Punkville) !

Vermont-based painter Lois Eby. Her beautiful work adorns the covers of the William Parker AUM Fidelity releases, Sound Unity and Mayor Of Punkville. As part of its series called The Artist, RETN TV Channel 16 in Burlington, Vermont, has produced a video profile of Lois in her studio. Very nicely done; dig the live painting footage while Lois listens to William and Hamid play. The soundtrack to the video is all from their album, Piercing The Veil <>
View & Listen & Insight:

And again, as ever, thank you for reading and supporting the forward work here as you are able.

Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

“For every person who has ever lived there will come, at last, a spring he will never see.
Glory then in the springs that are yours.”
  -Pam Brown



Late August, 2009 >>> ANNOUNCING ! ! !

An awesome AUM Fidelity live production – October 15, 2009 at the Abrons Arts Center, NYC.

DAVID S. WAREthe Jazz Master's triumphant return to the stage.

DARIUS JONES TRIO young master celebrating the release of his forthcoming debut album as leader, Man'ish Boy.

WILLIAM PARKER & THE LITTLE HUEY CREATIVE MUSIC ORCHESTRA – the LHCMO's first performance since June 2005 at Vision Festival X; here performing the world premiere of "Subsequent Illumination Inscriptions/Light Cottage" (for George Russell).

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Abrons Arts Center
Advance tickets $20- now available



Early AUGUST, 2009 – !

Hello Good Folks!   Herein: three performances of highly recommended note.

TONIGHT, MONDAY, AUGUST 10 @ LOCAL 269, NYC   7:30pm / $10-
($7- for students/seniors)
269 E. Houston Street @ Suffolk Street

This joyously phenomenal collective trio hits NYC again tonight!  If you missed them at Barbes in July for their record release performance, may the boundless soul generated in their acts of creation have radiated out to you / let yourself be in the first wave of receipt this eve! Local 269 is a real comfortable & friendly place with good ice cold beer on tap and the musicians are right there in the space with you.  Their debut album released just under a month ago..  

JOE MORRIS / Wildlife     CD+download (AUM056)
Joe Morris:
Petr Cancura: tenor and alto saxophone
Luther Gray: drums
more info, mp3 excerpts and direct purchase (nice!)

AND, a few more great reviews since last we emailed about this album:

Striking the right balance between tenderness and aggression, light and dark .. a very articulate jazz post-modernism that draws equally on the lexicon of post-bop, avant-garde and non-western improvisation to create music whose rich historical roots do not choke its sense of newness or vitality." –Kevin Le Gendre, JAZZWISE

"4 stars --- It is extremely rare to have a record start with a three-minute drum solo, as an introduction for an uptempo free bop power improvisation by a trio. Gray and Morris take care of the drive and the forward motion, Cancura keeps the attention going with his powerful and sensitive playing. The second piece "Thicket" made me think more than once of Ethiopian composer and vibist Mulatu Astatqé, not only because of Cancura's longing and very melodic development, but also because of the more expansive rhythms. Regardless of the influence, the piece is a pure beauty. The third piece "Crow" is more spiritual and bluesy, slow and deep and emotional and soulful, keeping the deep essence of the tradition, but packaged in a more modern and free way. The album ends with the upbeat "Nettle", uptempo and boppish again, full of great playing by all three musicians. Luther Gray is great. Morris as unpredictable as ever - and I always welcome his lyricism on bass. Cancura is a guy to watch. Enjoy!" –Stef, FREE JAZZ blog

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 @ OUTPOST 186, Cambridge MA   8:00pm / $10-
186 1/2 Hampshire Street in Inman Square, Cambridge MA

Not forgetting about our friends in the Boston area...this wonderful trio will be working their magic next month at this very cool new performance space/art gallery.  Check out the link above for more.

29 Cornelia Street (btwn Bleecker & West 4th), NYC

Eri and the long-standing members of her Trio will be doing a special performance this coming Saturday which will feature (all, I do believe) of the material from their next album, which we’ll be recording the week following and shall release in January 2010!

#4  AUM Fidelity Presents...  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2009 >>>

Finally for now, MARK THIS DATE!   A must-attend AUM Fidelity showcase/major musical event of the Fall...more news later this week!



Early JULY, 2009 – !

at Barbès, Brooklyn on Friday, July 17th @ 8pm !

“The trio's congenial interplay is superlative, whether careening through the quicksilver changes of "Nettle" or extrapolating the somber motifs of "Crow." A compelling document of the saxophone trio tradition as a democratic exchange of ideas, Wildlife presents three masterful improvisers at the top of their game.” –Troy Collins, ALL ABOUT

"This album is a masterful showcase for three brilliant musicians." –Phil Freeman, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Not quite a decade ago the perceptive jazz guitarist Joe Morris began a side career as a bassist, developing a new set of techniques and strategies for improvisation. “Wildlife”, a trio release with the saxophonist Petr Cancura and the drummer Luther Gray, highlights his ascendant command of the larger instrument. The album’s four long tracks were spontaneously conceived, and Mr. Morris steers the action with bullish clarity, whether he’s plucking tangled clusters or walking four beats to the bar. His rapport with Mr. Gray, a regular colleague, runs impressively deep. More surprising is his bond with Mr. Cancura, a relative newcomer (to me, at least) whose robust exertions on alto and tenor access free-jazz legacies from both sides of the Atlantic. –Nate Chinen, THE NEW YORK TIMES


APRIL 24, 2009 – !

Kind Greetings All !

¡ AUM Fidelity UPDATE:  Late April 2009  !

Kind Greetings to AUM Fidelity Friends Fans and Family,

This dispatch is mostly about wicked strong alto sax players/composers that you are required, or requested – as you wish, to become familiar with now or anew.  Two of the finest breathers in the land (known earth land) and each with distinct visions, full expertise and all soul flowing forth.  We are honored and blessed to present the very latest news of their motions forward now.

Thank you for being and for reading..

> BAM! NEW RELEASE: THE FULLY CELEBRATED / Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones !

> BAM! NEW RELEASE: THE FULLY CELEBRATED / Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones !

My own fully now testimony on the creation and BEING! of this righteous entry is all up on the site (working on it as I type) along with sound streams and ordering info!  The “street date” and digital download release of this is May 26th.  As per being a fully credentialed human-being-in-training & also a member of the ‘AUM Community’ email list, you are able to be the very first in your respective community to have access to the extra mighty FINE creation full on enhanced CD with digipak artwork frame from alto sax master & composer Jim Hobbs along with his brothers in arms (literally!), Timo Shanko on the 4 long deep strings and Django Carranza on the very well tuned tubs with skins.  We (Jim, TFC and me) recorded this in October in Brooklyn .. on the eve of Election ‘08 with dew of May ‘09 in mind.    It’s all working out now ... ain’t it?

OH, this is also AUM’s first ‘enhanced CD’ which we made use of by adding the 10m animated short film (groove & flex video!) “Can U Do The Mackie Burnette ?” in hi-res audio+video.  We really do love most of you here; we really do.

THE FULLY CELEBRATED ~ Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones digipak CD edition  (AUM054)

+ Early note on record release celebration of same performances in BROOKLYN & BOSTON:

B A R B È S Brooklyn
RYLES JAZZ CLUB Boston (Cambridge!)


It was just last week that bread was broken together; good people!  Darius Jones is an extraordinarily gifted young man whose principal voice right now is via the alto saxophone. We’ve heard him play like a deep-soil motherlover on a number of occasions in the past year, and at one of them we stepped and he came with a vision. This coming weekend is the first salvo manifest.  AUM Fidelity will be recording this long weekend (and releasing in October) the debut album of Darius Jones as created by the DARIUS JONES TRIO with COOPER-MOORE and RAKALAM BOB MOSES.  You do make it on out to either one both or all three of these events and be a part of the future this weekend  .. Manhattan and Brooklyn venues and times below .. SEE YOU THERE.

this SATURDAY APRIL 25 – ROULETTE – 8:30pm (Full Darius Program)
Admission: $15 or less depending .. very nice
20 Greene St  (between Canal and Grand)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 219-8242


The Elizabeth Caroline Unit
Sunny Kim: Vocalist, Sarah Dyson: Vocalist, Lola Danza: Vocalist, Ben Gerstein: Trombone, Darius Jones: Alto Sax, Adam Lane: Bass, Jason Ajemian: Bass, Charlie Looker: Guitar, Chris Welcome: Guitar, Alex Waterman: Cello, Caley Monahon: Violin, Ches Smith: Drums/Percussion

.. is Darius Jones' compositions for chamber ensemble and voice. This music is a vehicle for Jones to explore his love of the human voice and the unlimited possibilities with it. Darius will use three different vocalists from different musical traditions. The ensembles will vary from piece to piece. The music is about love, hope, and connection. And the constant struggle that we have with trying to find those things in our lives.

Darius Jones Trio w/ Cooper-Moore and Bob Moses
Bob Moses: Drums, Cooper-Moore: Piano and Diddly-Bo, Darius Jones: Alto,
.. This music is about growing up in the church in the south. It is about the celebration of the art, prayer, which is a part of every spiritual philosophy. Learning spiritual secrets and wisdom from those who have walked before us is a strong tradition in the south. Come see this trio conjure up spirits.

this SUNDAY APRIL 26 – ZEBULON – 9:00pm (Two Sets)
Donation pass the hat plus good vibes / attractive staff
258 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-6934



Yes!   this brand new Riti album was officially released on Tuesday.  Below are extracts from three astute reviews thereof.  Do go ahead and order now (along with The Fully Celebrated!) before this limited edition of 1000 copies is gone.  Again, this is [Panel 1] of the Joe Morris/AUM Fidelity 2009 triptych.  [Panel 2] is Wildlife and will be out on July 14 (sooner direct); [Panel 3] will be the long-awaited (for me looking forward!) new Joe Morris Quartet album (Joe’s newly composed beauty tunes & guitar, Jim Hobbs: alto sax, Timo Shanko: bass, Luther Gray: drums) to be recorded late Spring and released in October.   Aye!

JOE MORRIS • JOHN VOIGT • TOM PLSEK / MVP LSD: The Graphic Scores of Lowell Skinner Davidson  (RITICD10)

THE WIRE / May 2009
"Iridescent showers of carefully placed notes and raw bowed textures .. splintered dialogue across canyon-wide intervals .. growling utterances .. elegant concords." –Bill Meyer

(below is excerpt from full page feature review of Joe Morris' recent releases: MVP LSD, High Definition and Elm City Duets)
"Joe Morris has always been something of a ronin, never aligned for very long with any one scene or school of playing, or any one city or band–or, since he took up the bass and banjo, any one instrument. This non-dogmatic approach has stood him in good stead, giving a bracing sense of freedom and determined individuality to his playing. You approach every new recording with a sense of anticipation, expecting to be surprised in some way.

“Lowell Davidson's graphic scores offer yet another way of ordering improvisation. Written on 3x5 note cards, the compositions, left untitled by Davidson, are little treasure maps marking the spots where the richest balances of chance and design, intention and coincidence lie buried. To a greater or lesser degree, the scores dictate interactions between players, the development of the piece, the shape of line and tempo. Morris (on guitar), bassist John Voigt, and trombonist Tom Plsek––who all spent many years performing with Davidson––defer to the scores on MVP LSD, and the result is neither freely improvised nor through-composed, but some ideal marriage of the two approaches. "Particles" is a glittering sound field, like a stochastic composition by Xenaxis, in which different patterns grow and die away. The score of "Separate Blue X's" prompts gestures of different sizes and proportions, occurring in diverse registers and tempos. "Gold Drop #2" elicits round, plopping notes from Plsek and Voigt, plus liquid ripples from Morris. The trio places their trust in these signposts left by Davidson's quirky imagination as it made its mad, intuitive journey through life; and their trust is entirely merited. This is a lovely and long overdue tribute to one of free jazz's unheralded geniuses."  –Ed Hazell

"As with most engaging music, so much informs every moment of MVP LSD that any overarching description is futile. Each performer has a large timbral pallet, but more conventional modes of expression are also plentiful. Sample Morris’ beautifully pan-tonal musings on “Separate Blue X” or Plsek’s pointilistic punctuations on “Index Card no. 1.” There is dialogue a-plenty, but the larger picture is of a trio, the three musicians often seeming to breathe as one as they explore these rich and multivalent compositional landscapes. .. It is a shame that Davidson didn’t get the recognition he deserved during his life. .. Davidson could not have better advocates than Morris, Voigt and Plsek." –Marc Medwin

Peace and blessings;
forward with compassion, creativity and kindness.

AUM Fidelity
Inducing elevated states of soul since 1997


MARCH 25, 2009 – Much News !

Kind Greetings All !

Much to update you on; so keeping introduction brief here to get to the heart knowledge of it all.  
Life is good; every new morning and day and night of same to be savored.
Forward ever; backward never.

> RUCMA SERIES @ Local 269, NYC !
> VISION FESTIVAL 14 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED (and included herein) !


Yes indeed, the very welcome return of the Riti label!  Joe Morris has been quite busy of late, strikingly prolific with a series of very powerful releases on a number of fine labels.  This very personal session is being released on Riti on April 10, but is available direct from AUM now!
: The Graphic Scores of Lowell Skinner Davidson  CD (RITICD10)
sound samples and further details

+ THE WIRE – Joe Morris’ Invisible Jukebox featured in March issue:
This is a really great read; you can learn a lot herein my friends! If you have or happen across this issue, read this!
In meantime, you can listen to some excerpts from the Jukebox here.

Some real fine recent words written on the two new AUM Fidelity and new CaseQuarter releases; cliick on each title below for direct link!

DAVID S. WARE / Shakti   (AUM052)


ELDER UTAH SMITH / I Got Two Wings   Book+CD  (CASE104)

True we’ve got one last batch of the gorgeous 2xLP audiophile quality edition of this awesome album.  If you’re interested, do act now as when they’re gone, they are truly gone!  Of course it is also available on gorgeous CD audiophile edition as well.  The album was chosen on numerous Year End Top 10s for 2008, though we haven’t gotten around to compiling that list yet as it has been an especially hectic year so far.  Thank the cosmos that Spring has arrived and energy increased as a result!

And yes, below is just for Spring/Summer ... Fall 2009 is a whole further-ly rich story ... let’s enjoy the fresh present season first!

THE FULLY CELEBRATED / Drunk on the Blood of the Holy Ones  (AUM054)
Due out 100% on May 26 (avail-sooner-AUM direct), with record release celebrations at that time set for both Boston and Brooklyn, this one was maybe a long time in coming to pass; the timing and vibes had to be perfect.  The Fully Celebrated (Orchestra) are Jim Hobbs: alto sax, Timo Shanko: bass, Django Carranza: drums.  And this is a brand new album of mesmerizing material recorded on the eve of Election ‘08 with dew of ‘09 in mind: all live in studio then mixed utilizing the latest dub technology.  I absolutely loved the title when Jim told me.  Can’t get enough of this  Lawd!

Due out 100% on July 14 (avail-sooner-AUM direct) This is [Panel 2] of the Joe Morris/AUM triptych planned for 2009.  It’s a genuine pleasure to be working close on releases with Brother Morris once again.  This music just makes me so happy when I listen.  A fully improvised session that you just can’t believe is actually fully improvised; kind of like when you hear ODIM.  Joe on bass, young and incredibly gifted young man (with ever-present smile) Petr Cancura on saxophone, great ever greater drummer Luther Gray.  Satta!  

OH, if you noticed that AUM055 was skipped, that’s because it wasn’t.  The long-promised FALSTAFF re-issue has that cat# saved for it---also come summertime ‘09 is the plan!

> RUCMA SERIES @ Local 269, NYC !
RUCMA/Arts for Art has found a new presenting space and are producing live music nights there every Monday (since earlier this month!)  Oh yes, some real strong/much fun sets so far.  It’s a relatively small bar with friendly proprietors; old school brought into the here and now.  Check out the full present schedule on the RUCMA MySpace page:

Wow it’s mighty strong, and this year VF is taking place in the most professional high-tech-beauty space in the past 14 years!   Air conditioning being but one huge plus..  Among many other performances, I was stoked to see that Joe Morris’ GoGo Mambo 10-strong ensemble is performing.  Man whoa ha ha, this group almost made their NYC debut at my wedding; is alright though, Vision Fest is a right fine celebration for their debut here as well ;-)

VISION FESTIVAL 14:  JUNE 9 – 15, 2009, NYC
Abrons Arts Center / Henry Street Settlement
466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street) New York, NY 10002
(MONDAY, JUNE 15 takes place at Orensanz Art Center for the old school VF flavor!)
Day 1: Tuesday, June 9th   All on the Main Stage

7:30     Opening Invocation: Hamid Drake / Patricia Nicholson / William Parker
Brass Bang
Billy Bang – violin
Ted Daniel – trumpet
James Zollar – trumpet
Ahmed Abdullah – trumpet
Dick Griffin – trombone
Russell Carter – drums
Douglas R. Ewart and Inventions “Dawn”
featuring Shaku Joseph Jarman – flute, sax, poetry
Douglas R. Ewart – winds, percussion, voice
J.D. Parran – flute, clarinets and bass sax
Donald Smith – piano
Thurman Barker – drums and vibes
"Vision of New York" video by Luciano Rossetti
Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris Conducts A Chorus Of Poets and String Ensemble
“Conduction® No. 187, Erotic Eulogy”
Chorus of Poets:
Yasha Bilan, Mark Gerring, Chavisa Woods, Nora McCarthy,
Justin Carter, Alex Bilu, Helga Davis, David Devoe
String Ensemble:
Nicole Federici, Jason Kao Hwang – viola
Shawn McGloin, Jane Wang – bass
Skye Steele, Charlie Burnham – violin
Greg Heffernan, Alisa Horn – cello
Text by Allan Graubard

Day 2: Wednesday, June 10th  All on the Main Stage
Marshall Allen – A Lifetime of Achievement

Special Set
Marshall Allen – reeds
Edward "Kidd" Jordan – tenor sax
William Parker – bass
Henry Grimes  – bass & violin
Hamid Drake – drums
Bill Cole’s Untempered Ensemble
Bill Cole – double reeds
Joseph Daley – tuba
Shayna Dulberger – bass
Warren Smith – drums
Atticus Cole – percussion
Althea Sully-Cole – vocals
The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen           
Marshall Allen – alto, EVI, flute, clarinet, vocals
Knoel Scott – alto, vocals
Charles Davis – tenor sax
Yahya Abdul-Majid – tenor sax
Danny Thompson – baritone sax
Rey Scott – baritone sax
Fred Adams – trumpet
Cecil Brooks – trumpet
Dave Davis – trombone
Dick Griffin – trombone
Bill Davis – tuba
Dave Hotep – guitar
Farid Barron – piano and organ
Wayne A. Smith Jr. – drums
Elson Nascimento – surdo
special guests Billy Bang – violin and John Ore – bass

Day 3: Thursday, June 11th  – on the Main Stage

Yvonne Meier’s Score  
Yvonne Meier – choreography and dance
Christopher Williams – dance
Gabi Glinz – dance
Arturo Vidich – dance
Mystery Guest – dance
Michael Jaeger – tenor sax
Dave Gisler – guitar
Christian Jaeger-Brown – drums, percussion
William Hooker’s Silent Film/Live Music Project
“Symbol of the Unconquered” film by Oscar Micheaux
William Hooker – drums
Adam Lane – bass
Darius Jones – sax
Ernest Dawkins New Horizons Ensemble
Ernest Dawkins – sax, clarinet, flute
Stephen Berry – trombone
Darius Savage – bass
Isaiah Spencer – drums
Sunny Murray Quartet
Odean Pope – sax
Sabir Mateen – sax and flute
Lee Smith – bass
Sunny Murray – drums
Day 3: Thursday, June 11th  – in the Experimental Theater
7:45     David Budbill / Hamid Drake / William Parker
            ‘The Fire of Compassion / Meaning of Jazz’ in words and music.
            David Budbill – words
           William Parker – bass, donso n’goni
           Hamid Drake - drums
 9:15    Video Installation by Lili White

Day 4: Friday, June 12th  – on the Main Stage

Miriam Parker – dance / Jason Kao Hwang – violin
Charles Gayle Trio
Charles Gayle – sax
Lisle Ellis – bass
Michael Wimberly – drums
"The Ras Ensemble"
Ras Moshe – tenor sax & flute
Matt Lavelle – trumpet
Dave Ross – guitar
Shayna Dulberger – bass
Charles Downs – drums
Ayler Project
Roy Campbell – trumpet
Joe McPhee – sax and trumpet
William Parker – bass
Warren Smith – drums
Collective Quartet
featuring Zim Ngqawana – sax
Matthew Shipp – piano
William Parker – bass
Nasheet Waits – drums
Day 4: Friday, June 12th  – in the Experimental Theater
5:00     Panel Discussion – FREE
             Establishing Rights / Meeting Needs / Building Community in the Arts
8:15     Reaching into the Unknown – w/ special musical guests
            A Rogue Art Book Release – Steve Dalachinsky, poet / Jacques Bisceglia, photography / great musicians tba
9:30     Video, Jo Wood Brown As The Crow Flies w/ live music by Rob Brown

Day 5: Saturday Afternoon, June 13th – on the Main Stage                            

Seth Meicht’s Big Sound Ensemble
Matt Bauder – alto saxophone
Seth Meicht – tenor saxophone
Charlie Evans – baritone saxophone
Aaron Meicht – trumpet
Steve Swell – trombone
Adam Lane, – bass
Mike Pride – drums            
Bear and Eagle
Catherine Sikora – saxophone
Jeremy Bacon – piano
Chaedria LaBouvier poet
Darius Jones Trio
Darius Jones – alto sax
Cooper-Moore – piano, diddley bow
Bob Moses – drums

Day 5: Saturday Afternoon, June 13th  – in the Experimental Theater
5:30     Panel discussion – FREE
Art and Politics past, present, future

Day 5: Saturday Evening, June 13th  – on the Main Stage

Matthew Shipp – solo piano
Rob Brown Trio
Rob Brown – sax
Craig Taborn – piano
Nasheet Waits – drums
Milford Graves Quartet
Milford Graves – drums
Langford Grant – sax
DD Jackson – piano
William Parker – bass
Lisa Sokolov Trio
Lisa Sokolov – voice, piano
Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez – cello
Cameron Brown – bass
Joe Morris GoGo Mambo
Joe Morris – bass
Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng – percussion
Jim Hobbs – alto saxophone
Timo Shanko – tenor saxophone
Luther Gray – drums
Steve Lantner – piano
Bill Lowe – trombone
Joe Moffett – trumpet
Forbes Graham – trumpet
Willie Martinez – percussion
Day 5: Saturday Evening, June 13th – in the Experimental Theater
9:45     Henry Grimes Solo – bass, violin & poetry
10:45   Paul Harding, spoken music featuring Hilliard Greene – bass

Day 6: Sunday Afternoon, June 14th  – on the Main Stage

PS 182Q (Jamaica, Queens) K-2 Recorder & Percussion Ensemble
Steve Swell & Michael T.A. Thompson – orchestra directors
Achievement First Bushwick Middle School Orchestra
Daniel Levin – director
Brooklyn Friends School Jazz Band All-Stars
Jessica Jones – director
York College Blue Notes (HS Big Band)
Tom Zlabinger – director
Panel discussion – FREE
Innovative Music in our Schools

Day 6: Sunday Evening,  June 14th  – on the Main Stage

Planet Dream
Steve Swell – trombone
Rob Brown – drums
Daniel Levin – cello
Fred Anderson Trio
Fred Anderson – sax
William Parker – bass
Hamid Drake – drums
Michele Rosewoman and Quintessence plus Guests
Michele Rosewoman – piano, keyboards
Brad Jones – acoustic & electric bass
Tyshawn Sorey – drums
Loren Stillman – alto & soprano saxophones
Jacob Yoffee – tenor saxophone
Vincent Gardner – trombone
Richard Padron – guitar
Carter / Dickey / Yamamoto
Whit Dickey – drums
Eri Yamamoto – piano
Daniel Carter – saxes, trumpet, clarinet, flute
Full Blast
Peter Brötzmann – sax
Marino Pliakas – electric bass
Michael Wertmüller – drums
Day 6: Sunday Evening,  June 14th  – in the Experimental Theater
6:45     Patricia Spears Jones – words with Jason Kao Hwang – violin  
8:00     Bill Brand short film with TBA live music
Day 7: Monday Evening, June 15th at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street            
Celebrating the art and sculpture of Angel Orensanz
Bringing together Sound, Sculpture, Movement, Color
A Collaboration between Angel Orensanz Foundation and Arts for Art
Jason Kao Hwang’s Spontaneous River
25+ member String Ensemble
Trio X
Joe McPhee – sax and trumpet
Dominic Duval – bass
Jay Rosen – drums
Patricia Nicholson – dance
Miriam Parker – dance
Mariko Kumanomido – dance
Jason Jordan – dance
Cooper-Moore – hand-crafted instruments
Jason Kao Hwang – violin
William Parker – bass
William Parker Quartet + special guest
William Parker – bass
Rob Brown – alto sax
Lewis Barnes – trumpet
Hamid Drake – drums, percussion   
+ Special Guest



FEBRUARY 2, 2009 - in the midst of the all that is, some nice news:

East Village Radio just posted an AUM Fidelity label profile (written by bredren J.A.) and with link to a fine AUM Fidelity program stream.


JANUARY 8, 2009 - HAPPY NEW YEAR and 3 Big News Items for today!

>>> IMMINENT NEW RELEASES from AUM Fidelity & CaseQuarter !

DAVID S. WARE / Shakti  CD (AUM052)


I GOT TWO WINGS: Incidents and Anecdotes of The Two-Winged Preacher
and Electric Guitar Evangelist ELDER UTAH SMITH   

Yes we are starting 2009 off inna mighty fine style.  The first new David S. Ware group+recording since the dissolution of the DSWQ, featuring Joe Morris on guitar  -&-  A tremendous improv trio communion of three masters recorded live at The Stone in NYC, see CD release show info just below  -&-  Lord awmighty, finally! the long awaited and so very much well worth the wait new CaseQuarter release, Lynn Abbott’s book and Kevin Nutt-produced CD to accompany same.

These are hitting store shelves at the very end of January (AUM052) & mid-February (AUM053, CASE104), but of course they will all be available for direct mail-order from AUM sooner = figuring no later than this time next week.


Friday, January 16th, 8pm
@ The Stone, NYC

Saturday, January 17th, 8pm
@ An Die Musik, Baltimore

Gerald Cleaver: drums
William Parker: bass
Craig Taborn: piano

Celebrating the imminent release of Farmers By Nature, two nights of fully improvised communion.
Yes, we will have copies of the CD on hand for sale in person!


Following on his Solo Tour of America late last year and just back from Israel and Ethiopia >>> not one, but two opportunities to partake of Cooper-Moore’s wonderful solo performances very soon.

Sunday, January 11, 9pm
Cooper-Moore + A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Union Hall: corner of 5th Avenue & Union Street in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn

A right fine double bill, and a bill-sharing reunion as well: Cooper-Moore and A Hawk and a Hacksaw both played at a 50 Miles of Elbow Room party which took place at AUM Fidelity’s old oaken space.   Much life and travel has transpired since then!  Advance tix available!
* added bonus: Adam Lore/50 Miles of Elbow Room will very likely be spinning records before and between sets.
A Hawk and a Hacksaw on myspace


Saturday, January 17, 7:30pm
Outside the Blues:  a Forum & Concert Considering New Uses of an Old Language
Brecht Forum: 451 West Street between Bank & Bethune Streets, Manhattan

7:30 pm: Panel discussion with Steve Cannon, Cooper-Moore, Elliott Sharp, Greg Tate and other TBA - moderated by Kurt Gottschalk
8:30 pm:  Solo performances by Loren Connors, Elliott Sharp and Cooper-Moore

TEXT BELOW regarding this event is from the Brecht Forum’s website:
Defining "jazz" is a problem often argued about or demonstratively avoided. As a genre, "jazz" grew out of the same gene pool as ragtime, bluegrass, country and the blues - that is, the development of American idioms in the post-slavery years. In the early part of the 20th century, such divisions were made not by genre names but by region. With the development of an industry around the music - through radio and recordings - style-labels were created and lines, often racial, were drawn.

But as "jazz" has grown to develop a variety of approaches to improvisation, the popular notion of what constitutes "the blues" has been codified into a surprisingly narrow approach. Other artists, however, have kept the open expressiveness of the blues alive. The three musicians featured in this program have taken the blues into new, highly personalized, realms. 

Prior to the concert, Cooper-Moore, Sharp, Tate and others will participate in a discussion about what constitutes the blues.


Finally, a nice review of Cooper-Moore's The Cedar Box Recordings CD from the January issue of All About Jazz - New York, which issue also features William Parker cover story and the 2008 year-end “Best of” which figures AUM Fidelity as at least one of the “Labels of the Year”.  Pick it up!

OH, and on The Cedar Box Recordings, yes we still have copies of these; they’ll be available for sale at each of the performances mentioned above & of course still via mail-order:

ALL ABOUT JAZZ – NEW YORK review by Ted Gordon
Cooper-Moore, at first glance, can be compared to a savant subway musician: eccentric, obsessed with repeating melodic and rhythmic patterns, fast, passionate, eye-catching. Though many subway musicians would never sound good beside the brief respite they afford a too-crowded platform, occasionally there is one that is so moving, so original and so well-composed that they warrant another listen.

That’s kind of how one feels when listening to Cooper-Moore’s new album, The Cedar Box Recordings. This new collection archives both his amazing home-built instruments (among them the Ashimba, the Diddley-Bo and the Twanger) and the tunes he has been playing on them for years, some going back to the early ‘70s. Characteristic is his “Emancipation”, played on the Ashimba, the “Ashton Marimba”. A tune from 1974, Moore played it every day on the sliver of park next to the West Side highway at sunset, for anyone who would listen. Like many of his other songs - which he has been playing and developing for years - it is built on a melodic theme, but as this recording suggests, constantly changes through development, texture and rhythm.

Cooper-Moore plays beautifully: his Horizontal Hoe-Handle Harp produces a mellow baritone, similar to a kora or Malaysian harp. The track included on this album, “Where Do Old Friends Go?”, stands out as the most reflective and beautiful. Similarly, his home-built Bamboo Fife and the compositions he plays on them bask in the slow-moving, slow-developing joy of a musician with nothing to lose. This kind of pure musical experimentation is tempered with both the American folk tradition and a wild streak reminiscent of Hermeto Pascoal. (Especially on the fife, the timbre of which recalls Pascoal’s ocarinas and nose flutes, almost uncannily.) Moore’s wild streak is brought out most strongly in “Solo from Bordeaux”, a wildly frenetic piano solo, which he describes as almost “painful”. To him, maybe; but to the listener, an invaluable document of a true musical innovator.

Many cheers & more GOOD news very soon!

OH YES ... a short final note for those that are interested in purchasing the limited edition 2xLP version of Petit Oiseau, do act soon as they are going very quickly!




OCTOBER 28, 2008 - PETIT OISEAU 2xLP Available Today!

Good news to bring!  It’s all right there in the title; our first jazz release on truly beautiful black vinyl, as manifest by the good folks at Shortwave Records. Check it now!


OCTOBER 14, 2008 - Ah Yes! PETIT OISEAU takes flight!!

Oh indeed! What better way to celebrate today's release of the profoundly beautiful new WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET album Petit Oiseau than to have it be reviewed on release day as part of the Fresh Air broadcast on NPR.


OCTOBER 8, 2008 - Cooper-Moore Solo Tour Update +

Having just recently performed in Detroit and Tupelo, Cooper-Moore is presently on his way to Portland to continue his Solo Tour of America with his Music: Old and New Paths program.  Yes, indeed!

Here is a very brief, nice review from Tupelo, MS:

Venue Change for SF Bay Date!
Cooper-Moore’s performance next Tuesday the 14th has been shifted from Oakland to a superior venue in San Francisco; for details:

2nd show added in St. Louis!
Indeed, a second show has been added on Sunday the 26th; for details:

Again, for full details on the Cooper-Moore Solo Tour of America:

And also again, details on the limited CD edition of ‘The Cedar Box Recordings’ .. do note that this is a CD only release (i.e. not to be made available for download) and is only available from Cooper-Moore on this tour and direct from AUM Fidelity / 50 Miles of Elbow Room:

+ this coming Saturday, Oct. 11th, the ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO are performing at the Hartford International Jazz Festival in CT. If you are free that night, please do come on in to hear them at a wonderful theater. It is a beautiful town. For more details:



Greetings and blessings to all who listen to the music and the wind; paying mind & soul while doing so,


The 3rd magical release from this extraordinary ensemble is now available direct from AUM Fidelity.  It will be released to ‘the world’ on October 14th, but here do get your listens in early.  One of my favorite bands of all time; having listened to this album dozens of times already, I simply can not get enough..  MELODIES, melodies and counter-melodies. Layers upon layers of sound unfolding to be full-revealed through dancing in your head and with your muscles ‘n’ bones. Featuring songs inspired by the nomadic peoples of Finland, Alan Shorter, Malachi Favors, Arthur Williams, Little Bird from WP’s ‘Music and The Shadow People’, and ‘the bebop look.’ Sound samples and further further / order direct now here:

Yes!  A major and very well done feature by writer David French (with photos by Bill Douthart) is in the October issue of DOWNBEAT. Available on newsstands now, AND for the first time ever, DOWNBEAT has put their whole new issue online:
You may/may not have problems with the link, but that’s OK, it’s a brand new thang. OK.  If it works for you, just use the page pull-down and go to ‘40’, or use the ‘Contents’ tab and it will be obvious where to click ‘Yes’. Yes!

+ ERI YAMAMOTO TRIO / Redwoods  CD+download (AUM049) / PRESS UPDATE!
If I didn’t write so already, it was a splendid process/experience making two truly beautiful albums with Eri Yamamoto this year.  Here is some very recent press on this happening which you ought to read...

FEATURE in THE NY SUN by Steve Dollar

October NYC print edition of All About Jazz (on stands now), a wonderful review by writer Marc Medwin:
They have long been posting full editions online and it is available to read here:
(scroll forward to page 28 for the full review), here now is a brief excerpt..
Eri Yamamoto’s pianism is quietly dignified and her approach to music making exudes introspection and beauty. Each note seems sculpted out of the silence surrounding it, making this latest trio disc a pleasure. .. This is a brilliant followup to Duologue, Yamamoto’s series of duets for the same label.”

And there is also this recent blog post by the mysterious “J.B.” on both of Eri’s AUM releases:

Reward yourself some stress relief and order now:

+ COOPER-MOORE / The Cedar Box Recordings CD only (AUM051/50 Miles of Elbow Room #4-CD) / REMINDER!
Just in case you missed the last email, Cooper-Moore’s Solo Tour of America has begun!  Click here for full further:

AND THE CD RELEASE, YES THE CD RELEASE!! Wanted to remind you that this very special release is only available direct from Cooper-Moore on his tour and by mail-order direct from AUM Fidelity and 50 Miles of Elbow Room.  Please DO tell your friends about both factors.  It’s a rich, rare, alternately heart-rending and singularly wonder-strange set of solo recordings:

+ BILL DIXON / 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur reviewed at PITCHFORK TODAY:

Muito axé e oxalá,


SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 - Cooper-Moore Solo Tour of America + Ltd CD Release

Yes to Warm Greetings One & All,

In this time/any time, the creative voice of one particularly individual/sincere/unfettered American citizen is well welcome – may be revelation even.  You don’t know until you step up from within the path.  We were witness to the kick-off performance of this program and tour on Saturday night past and it was a whole new pull-engage and thought-being tendril scintillator.  You know, you know, we all got only one life to live and it is the calling to live it.  Whatever that may mean to each of you, Cooper-Moore knows what it means to him.  

The Cooper-Moore Solo Tour of America is happening full-on, and inspired by the initial promise of this truth, Adam Lore/50 Miles of Elbow Room and myself/AUM Fidelity stepped up to produce a limited edition CD issue of his music to help pay for the man’s bus fare on the route.  Read on, and please spread the word to your friends far, wide, near, narrow ... all.

The tour is happening full-on: “Cooper-Moore to perform “Dixie” in Tupelo!”


Cooper-Moore Solo / Music: Old and New Paths
Traveling from town to town by bus and train as the routes and rates avail, Cooper-Moore will perform this brand new program fully utilizing his own handcrafted instruments. Old and New Paths is a mix, a gumbo, a stew of gospel, bop, avant-garde jazz, and blues based music which is used to accompany stories about people that he's known, and stories that he heard as a child living in the Piedmont area of Virginia.

26-FRI – Detroit, MI – Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit
28-SUN – Tupelo, Mississippi – The Link Centre  
29-MON – Tupelo public school workshops
30-TUE – Tupelo public school workshops
9-THU – Portland, OR – workshops in Portland
10-FRI – Portland, OR – galleryHOMELAND
11-SAT – Eugene, OR – The Jazz Station
14-TUE – Oakland, CA – The Noodle Factory
16-THU – Long Beach, CA – {open}
19-SUN – Reno, NV – California Building in Idlewild Park
25-SAT – St. Louis, MO – Joe’s Cafe                                                                                                               
29-WED – New Orleans, LA – venue TBA
30-THU – New Orleans, LA – venue TBA
1-SAT – Chicago, IL – Velvet Lounge
13-THU – Mexico City, MEXICO – Festival & workshops
14-FRI – Mexico City, MEXICO
15-SAT – Mexico City, MEXICO
19-WED – Cambridge, MA – Longy School of Music
22-SAT – Philadelphia, PA – venue TBA

For more/further/updated info >>>

> COOPER-MOORE / The Cedar Box Recordings CD (AUM051/50 Miles of Elbow Room #4-CD)

When Adam and I first got word from Cooper-Moore that he was going to manifest a long-standing desire to bring his earned knowledge and performance mastery to the road in a solo tour, I believe we simultaneously thought, “land/lord sakes, we’ve got to make some merch to help him cover the bus tickets at least.”  If you’re within 100 miles of any of the performances listed above (and any that might forthcome..), make that trip brothers and sisters, make that trip. And then pick up this CD from Cooper-Moore directly.  If you are not within the initial path, then catch a righteous and order this singular set direct from either AUM Fidelity:
or 50 Miles of Elbow Room:
(* and if you haven’t yet set sight on this here site, then do indulge and be better off for it)

The Monkey Speaks His Mind.

All best and forward with us all (well, many of us if not all, at least),

SEPTEMBER 18, 2008

Much good news to tell from these parts, so will get right to some of it here (and then on to the rest in a few days):


Our second release this year from the wonderfully gifted pianist and composer Eri Yamamoto is now available!  Redwoods features her long-running Trio with David Ambrosio: bass and Ikuo Takeuchii: drums. Eri’s distinctly invigorating approach to the piano jazz trio and remarkable gift for indelible melodies reaches yet another track-for-track high.  Grants sensations of buoyant joy and allows for rewarding introspection to boot.  Sound streams, early reviews, and order direct(!) here.

Also know that when Eri is not busy touring the world with her own group and/or with William Parker, the Eri Yamamoto Trio performs every Thursday/Friday/Saturday at Arthur’s Tavern in New York’s Greenwich Village. If you're in town, mark it & make it down & say hello to Eri!

And furthermore, here is a right fine and well-compelling video of Eri Yamamoto performing her composition '”Bumpy Trail”, a tune which is also featured on Redwoods.


YES INDEED, the Cooper-Moore solo tour of the U.S. is happening!  We’ll send out a separate email in a few days regarding the exciting developments thereof, but for now, NYC Metro dwellers take heed and be at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn for the tour kick-off performance!  

Cooper-Moore will lead off a triple-bill (also featuring Heathen Shame & the duo of Ryan Jewell & Greg Kelley) that was put together by WFMU Music Director Brian Turner.  More detail on totality of it here.

And the immediately pertinent details right here:
Cooper-Moore Solo / Music: Old and New Paths
at the Issue Project Room
8:00pm / Saturday September 20th / $10
Issue Project Room is located at the Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

> WILLIAM PARKER / Double Sunrise Over Neptune (AUM047) / GREAT NEW PRESS!

We love this album dearly and deeply.  And many critics have been similarly affected.  Full reviews of all excerpted below are posted/accessible on the site right here.

And some quick excerpts .. nice! ..

"one of the year’s few truly profound recordings." –Bill Shoemaker

THE WIRE Lead/Featured Review
" feels truly, tenderly, prophetic." - David Keenan

4 Stars: "Duke Ellington and Sun Ra aren't mentioned enough in the same breath but here Parker presents the two icons as part of a rich common language .." - Kevin Le Gendre

5 Stars: "Cosmic and Magnificent! Magnificent and Earthly! .. The biggest achievement of the album is that it all works to perfection : tight interplay, wild improvisations, wonderful rhythms and themes, the power of a big band with the sensitivity of a small ensemble, it is dark and refreshing, familiar and new, tribal and universal, expansive and intimate, control and chaos, emotional and soulful, bringing the most unbelievable cocktail of genres and styles, and it works ... it works! ... this is music which should never stop ... this is music that the whole world should hear" -Stef

"as compelling as anything released so far this year .. a statement of vision realized with extraordinary clarity." -Nic Jones

"a kaleidoscopic tour-de-force .. cosmic groove music with a global flair—a seamless merger of Eastern and Western traditions conveyed with passionate conviction." -Troy Collins

VILLAGE VOICE / Jazz Consumer Guide - Pick Hit!
"The sort of miracle Sun Ra used to conjure up, but two planets further out from Ra's home base. A" -Tom Hull

Aye aye, just yesterday a new Jazz Consumer Guide was published in the Village Voice; both Double Sunrise Over Neptune and Rob Brown Ensemble’s Crown Trunk Root Funk were chosen as the Pick Hits!  (also a review of Roy Campbell Ensemble’s Akhenaten Suite herein); nice sweep!

Many cheers, best regards;
more great news soon,
Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity

JULY 24, 2008

Very welcome word here on a brand new, bad-ass and beautiful AUM Fidelity release, along with notes on some other vital or very interesting releases as well.  Purchase of same guarantees you nothing but assured joy and mind expansion on listening to same.  And love, yes, love. No table of contents this time around, just right on into it and READ and LISTEN >>>

WILLIAM PARKER / Double Sunrise Over Neptune
The third (of three) Arts for Art, Inc. productions to be released in cooperation with AUM Fidelity in 2008.  This one got us high long time in process...a major new William Parker release = always a reason to celebrate, and this his first large ensemble recording in a number of years already and something new altogether.  Getting Gerald Cleaver and Hamid Drake playing the trap kits together on one session is reason enough; Joe Morris’ guitar and Brahim Frigbane’s oud meshing together is another; string section lines and brass and reed section lines and Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay, masterful classically trained Indian vocalist who flew in from Bombay for the occasion is yet another. An orchestral work featuring immensely gifted individual and collective voices from around the world, meshing as one to manifest a pair of deep double-drummer-and-bass driven mantras; this is serious (other) World teleportation music that achieves psychedelic proportions of sonic interplay. Go deep into this on long drives my friends, whether it involves the road or not.  Being released to world on August 12; available now direct from AUM:

+ ARTS INTERPLAY / a new DVD by Ebba Jahn
A brand new DVD from Ebba Jahn, the creator of Rising Tones Cross, this was filmed at Interplay/Berlin 2006, an interdisciplinary festival produced by 1/2 FMP and Ms. Jahn. Features a great 53' performance by Roy Campbell, John Betsch, Barre Phillips, and dancer Maria Mitchell; a 12' excerpt from the Spiritworld documentary on artist Jeff Schlanger, musicWitness®; two 7' experimental films created for projection with improvised music by Barre Phillips and Günter Christmann; a 20' master performance by Barre Phillips in Bass Quartet. Very nice indeed; all the way around.

(ROG-0010) CD
A wonderful double quartet studio featuring the WPQ: WP, Hamid Drake, Rob Brown, Lewis Barnes + string quartet featuring Mazz Swift: violin, Jessica Pavone: viola, Julia Kent: cello, Shiau-Shu Yu: cello. One of William Parker's favorite films as a young man was Jean Luc Godard's Alphaville. In 2006, he composed a suite of music inspired by that film and the album (recorded in January 2007) was released on the French RogueArt label. AUM bought a very few of these from RogueArt at Vision Festival this past June in order to make them available to you reading this now.

both above releases available for a limited time from AUM Fidelity:   


WILLIAM PARKER / Corn Meal Dance (AUM043)
Voted #13 Jazz Album of the Year 2007 in new Downbeat Critics Poll.  And a record that will remain a profound beauty as long as the earth turns----I exhort you anew to purchase and take time ‘round the fire. Enough buy-up response to Corn Meal Dance and we may need to release the 5 songs/pieces/compositions/elocutions from same sessions that couldn’t be included on the album.  
Go Deh!

BILL DIXON / 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound (AUM046)
In same new issue of Downbeat, well reviewed to the tune of 4 stars by Bill Meyer: “17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur is pure Dixon, massive in scale and rigorous in execution. Live recordings are gambles, and the stakes are higher when it's a one-off performance like this 2007 Vision Festival show. But neither sound nor execution suffers here; this is not a mere concert souvenir, but a significant statement. Dixon's music is about the process of becoming; while its expansions into dense, eventful fanfares and contractions into hushed, detailed dialogues may be scripted, the sound of the music is not. Even so, it's not about flailing in the dark--as group improvisations go, this one is remarkable for its poise and balance. Rather, it's about great players subsuming their identities into an ensemble. While there are some great solos, particularly by J.D. Parran, Karen Borca and the three cornetists, the way the music shifts and coalesces around their voices matters most."  Many more reviews/etc here:

ERI YAMAMOTO / Duologue (AUM048)
All About Jazz #5 by John Sharpe: “a richly melodic and rhythmically delightful set .. the bottom line is that it works beautifully.”

All About Jazz #4 by Jeff Stockton: “Duologue is characterized by lovely song-craft and guileless performances and is a perfect showcase for Yamamoto's dense, impressionistic cascades and dazzling romantic swoon.”

All About Jazz #3 by Lyn Horton: “A high-end eloquence fills Duologue. Discovering its effusive splendor is worth more than anyone could anticipate.”

All About Jazz #2 by Nic Jones: “It's clear from note one here that Eri Yamamoto is staking out her own pianistic territory and it's a privilege to be able to monitor her progress on her artistic journey.”

All About Jazz #1 by Mark Corroto: “Let's agree that pianist Eri Yamamoto's days of being described as a talent deserving wider recognition are now over.”

I like that there are 5 reviews of this rather special record up at All About Jazz; I also like a lot that it is a record to readily and seamless/beautifully easily follow along with/album to turn your kids onto jazz with type of album.  Yeah.  Make you move; make the kids move toward The Sound.  Good.  Great.

+ WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET ‘California Return’ May 2008
Ah yes, back in May!  Has it been two months plus already since then Joerg?  Oh-Ah, yes it has.  My how time fly under the carpet and above the sashes.  I was thankful to be able to make it out for this latest journey west to The Bay and beyond.  Ukiah!  Good times on dem roads  Lots of sun.  Lots of road in California.  Met some good folks out there as well; Clark Robinson being one of them, and he sent us a few photos from the Penofin festival performance.  And they are belatedly posted right here:  

William Parker Quartet at Penofin Jazz Festival, May 17, 2008 / photos by Clarke Robinson



Dear members of the AUM Community,

Master musician, story-teller, instrument builder/designer, composer, teacher, mentor and performer Cooper-Moore is currently planning his solo tour of America.  The intent of this alert is to get you involved! Cooper-Moore has been a major catalyst in the world of creative music for over 30 years. His desire is to bring his distinctly American music and perspective directly to you, the people. Community centers, churches, coffee houses, spacious living rooms...  He’ll be traveling by bus (see Cooper-Moore’s note below).  Time frame is SOON: late September-October-November.  The necessity is to be back home in Harlem by Thanksgiving.  A comfortable bed (hotel preferred) plus reasonable and respectful compensation for any performance is the key---simple and straightforward.

Please get in touch with Cooper-Moore directly as soon as possible regarding this, his contact info being:
cell 646 884 4267

Photo by Claudio Casanova

>>>>>>>>> A NOTE FROM COOPER-MOORE ON THIS TOUR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Dear Friends,
For the past 10 years or so most of my work and performances have taken place outside of the United States in Great Britain, Canada, all of Western Europe, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, and Israel. I’ve not made a living in my own country but would like to.
The project that I have in mind is
I need contacts across the country of people and venues that would be of assistance. September-October-November is the time frame I’m looking at. I don’t drive or have a car anymore so I’ll be touring by bus; no not by a Luxury Cruiser, but by Greyhound, Trailways, Peter Pan, and Mom & Pop’s InterCity Transport, anything that can get me to the next town and the next gig.
Having no long or short term commitments (musical), I figure it’s time to do this.

I’m open to feedback and suggestions
And really need the help.

>>>>>>>>> FURTHER RESOURCE INFO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cooper-Moore Solo / Music: Old and New Paths
Cooper-Moore performs Music: Old and New Paths on his handcrafted instruments. Old and New Paths is a mix, a gumbo, a stew of gospel, bop, avant and blues based music which is used to accompany stories about people that he's known, and to accompany stories that he heard as a child living in the Piedmont area of Virginia.


KUHF - University of Houston

Online Videos
Rouen, France

BBC - recorded in NYC

Johnson State College Vermont - "THE PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT"

Croatia - December 23, 2006

Marc Medwin Review of THE BEAUTIFUL


cell 646 884 4267


JULY 3, 2008

>>> TWO NEW AUM Fidelity Releases !
These two wildly different album releases ‘hit the streets’ last week.

BILL DIXON / 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound : Darfur  (AUM046)
The second in the three-installment series of releases manifest in cooperation with Arts For Art, Inc. featuring specially commissioned new works which made their debut at Vision Festival XII in June 2007.  For those that were able to bear witness to this piece live, know that all of its power potency magnitude was exquisitely captured by recording engineer Stefan Heger and mixed to !!! proportions by Nick Lloyd at Firehouse 12 under the supervision of Bill Dixon and Orchestra coordinator Stephen Haynes.
EARLY REVIEWS and LINKS to much more early press is posted here.

ERI YAMAMOTO / Duologue   (AUM048)
Pianist Eri Yamamoto will be familiar to many of you through her appearance on the wondrous William Parker/Raining On The Moon album Corn Meal Dance.  She is also a great composer of indelible melodies and this beautiful and elevating series of duets with William Parker, Hamid Drake, Daniel Carter and Federico Ughi gives full evidence to same.  It’s a lovely and affecting record, true.  Something for the whole family; a great gift!
EARLY REVIEWS and LINKS to much more early press is posted here.

>>>FW: H
ARTFORD (CT) JAZZ SOCIETY’s 2008 Monday Night Jazz Series / FREE ADMISSION !
For the past 40 years, the Hartford Jazz Society has hosted a free Monday Night Jazz series throughout July. For this year’s series, guitarist/bassist/banjoist/composer/organizer Joe Morris served as Artistic Director.  The result of Morris’ work is an awesome series of wicked double bills; check this ALL out and plan a trip!

Admission is free and all of these performances take place at the Pavilion in Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connecticut

Monday, July 7
Roy Campbell’s TAZZ - 6 pm
Matthew Shipp Trio - 8 pm

Monday, July 14
Jim Hobbs’ The Brothers of Heliopolis - 6 pm
Dominique Eade Quartet – 8 pm

Monday, July 28
Tim Berne's Bloodcount - 6 pm
William Parker Quintet – 8 pm

Monday, August 4
John McNeil/ Bill McHenry Quartet – 6 pm
Gerald Cleaver's Violet Hour – 8 pm

Full Details (personnel / directions / etc) at:

And, DO READ this Cover Feature Article on the series published this week in the Hartford Advocate:

>>> ERI YAMAMOTO Duologue Record Release Performance / NYC !

We’ll be celebrating the release of this beauty with a special performance at Cornelia Street Café.  Come on out!

July 15th (Tuesday) @ Cornelia Street Café
w/ William Parker & Daniel Carter
8:30pm, 2 sets, $10

>>> CASEQUARTER UPDATE: I Got Two Wings Book+CD (CASE104) is coming !
Yes indeed, the long awaited CASE104 is, barring any hand-of-God interference, scheduled to soon go into production.  We might even make a November release date..

Here are words on this very special project from our man in/of CQ, Kevin Nutt:
Despite waxing three of the hottest electric guitar records of the pre Rock and Roll years, almost nothing has been known about the life of the sanctified electric guitar preacher Elder Utah Smith. African-American music scholar Lynn Abbott's years of research has produced a remarkable biographical study finally shining a light onto the preaching, healing and guitar playing ministry of this path breaking performer. I Got Two Wings firmly places Utah Smith within the Church of God of Christ (COGIC) tradition along with such COGIC contemporaries as Sister Rosetta Tharp, Elder Curry and the Rev F W McGee. Filled with fascinating anecdotes and first hand remembrances and testimonies, I Got Two Wings also features many rare and unpublished photographs and a 19 track CD. The CD includes 7 previously unknown Utah Smith songs along with relevant performances by Tharpe, Curry, McGee and two rocking, sanctified performances by Utah Smith's daughter, Sister Sarah James and the Sanctified Six.


JUNE 13, 2008: KIDD JORDAN on NPR ++

Photo by Luciano Rossetti

Master saxophonist/teacher/very special Human Being, Kidd Jordan, was featured on All Things Considered/NPR this past Wednesday.  Take 8m and 20s of your time and LISTEN to this (truly & for real, props to Neda Ulaby and NPR production for getting the beauty power essence of Kidd across, undiluted):

And also READ this very fine piece written by key bredren Steve Dollar, and published as the lead Arts+ feature in Tuesday’s edition of The New York Sun:

And furthermore, this also very fine feature/interview with Kidd written by Marc Medwin, first published in the NY print edition of All About Jazz in June was just posted online:

Then finally, Kidd IS Soul; here is a mighty palm of it:
Treat yourself if you haven’t already done so; if you have, then fix up a loved one.


MAY 2008 (Part 1):

Sun-filled mid-Spring Greetings to You All!

Once again has been some time since last dispatch; have been busy as ever cultivating magnificent beauty through sound.  This is the first of two MAY 08 Updates. A mightily wonderful & urgent alert for Northern California dwellers is the first item; all tune in all good:

> William Parker Quartet in California MAY 17-20 !!! >>>
( > William Parker live interview on KZSU: Friday Morning, May 16th >>> )
> Roy Nathanson’s Subway Moon at Cooper Union/NYC MAY 21 >>>
> Rob Brown Ensemble at The Stone/NYC MAY 25 >>>
> AUM Fidelity March Releases: ROB BROWN & ROY CAMPBELL >>>
> AUM Fidelity Releases coming in June: BILL DIXON & ERI YAMAMOTO >>>
> New High Two Release: SHOT X SHOT >>>

> William Parker Quartet in California MAY 17-20 !!! >>>

One of the greatest bands currently performing; they have engendered joy and awe in audiences around the world whenever they perform. The history of jazz, inside out, is within their unified breath and at their collective fingertips.  An opportunity to bear witness ought never be let to slide!

William Parker Quartet / ‘California Return’ - May 2008
William Parker: bass
Hamid Drake: drums
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Lewis Barnes: trumpet

Sat - May 17:  Potters Valley (near Ukiah), CA - PENOFIN JAZZ FESTIVAL
WPQ performs at 5:30pm / for further info if you don’t know the score here, call: 707-462-3023

2 sets: 7:00pm & 8:30pm
further info:

TUES - MAY 20:  San Francisco, CA - YOSHI's JAZZ CLUB / SF
* please note!  One Set Only at 8:00pm!   Let us pack this place tonight!!  Tell all your friends!!!
further info:

"These four create palpable magic from the bubbling cauldron of empathic
ensemble playing and daring solo work backed by masterful technical skill.”

'4-Stars' : "Riveting, nimble and innately listenable, the quartet never falters."  

“.. irresistible and nourishing .. this is extroverted, vibrant front porch music of the highest order.”        

"A group that will easily go down in the history books as revered as Miles Davis’ second quintet or John Coltrane’s classic quartet."

The new Quartet album, Petit Oiseau, will be released on AUM Fidelity in October 2008.  

ALSO on the trip .. I’m happily flying out for the journey as well this time, so look me up. I ought be fairly easy to find, be selling CDs before and after gigs.

( > William Parker live interview on KZSU: Friday Morning, May 16th  >>> )

Advancing the SF Bay performances, but of interest to all:
Live Interview with William Parker by JazzTimes and DownBeat writer & radio programmer Forrest Dylan Bryant:
Friday May 16 at 8:00am Pacific Time on KZSU 90.1FM --- listen via stream:

> Roy Nathanson’s Subway Moon at Cooper Union/NYC MAY 21 >>>

You may remember we made the wonderful and utterly unique Sotto Voce album with Roy Nathanson a few short years back. His inspired and well lit passion to fuse poetry, stories, song and music continues with Subway Moon, using the same Sotto Voce band, expanded...  Free admission to this rare one-time-only mult-media performance. The premiere performance of this piece took place this year at the Banlieues Bleues festival in France.  Following is the press release for this rare presentation:
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art
The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street at Third Avenue
Admission is free

The New York Transit Museum in cooperation with The Cooper Union for the
Advancement of Science and Art presents Subway Moon, the last in a four-part
series celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Metropolitan Transportation
Subway Moon is a collection of stories inspired by the subway and told
through music, image and words by Roy Nathanson and "The Jazz Passengers”,
in collaboration with a group of high school students from New York’s
Institute for Collaborative Education and visiting students from the suburbs
of Paris. Premiered in Banlieues Bleues, in the course of its 25th jazz
festival in Seine-Saint-Denis, the piece tells of a magical underground
place where people from a variety of different age groups, backgrounds, and
sensibilities can think and reflect.
Subway Moon is also a multi-media exploration into the underground
sensibilities found in the subway. Through music, poems and images, Roy
Nathanson and the Jazz Passengers - with video by Andrew Gurian, transport
the listener through a contemporary world of realistic political paranoia,
rare moments of reverie, envy, lust and all the other good stuff we
experience in the subway.
There are three subway cars on Subway Moon.  The Jazz Passengers on the
“Professional” car tell their story in nine poems. The music covers a wide
range of styles explored by Nathanson and The Passengers throughout their
unique 20 year collaboration.  The songs range from Free Jazz to Tango, to
eccentric compositions and Hard Bop. The musicians, including Curtis
Fowlkes, Tim Kiah, Bill Ware, Sam Bardfeld, Nathanson, beat-boxer Napolean
Maddox, and Laurent Bardainne have grown with age and the dialogue between
them has the intimacy of neighbors who have traveled on the same subway car
for years.  In the “High School Car” I.C.E students tell New York high
school stories from a very different perspective.  The French students,
slightly younger, have yet a different story to tell. Subway Moon is a ride
through language, expectation, sound and consciousness – the kind we take
every day in New York.

> Rob Brown Ensemble at The Stone/NYC MAY 25 >>>

Celebrating the new AUM Fidelity release: Crown Trunk Root Funk

This is only the second time the group has performed live; the first at the 2006 Vision Festival inspired the studio creation of the awesome Crown Trunk Root Funk.
Yes, see you there!

Rob Brown Ensemble
Rob Brown - alto saxophone
Craig Taborn - piano
Gerald Cleaver - drums
Todd Nicholson – bass *
* the very fine young bassist Todd Nicholson subs here for William Parker who will be in Europe.

@ The Stone / Sunday, May 25th – 10:00pm set
nw corner of avenue C and 2nd street

> AUM Fidelity March Releases: ROB BROWN & ROY CAMPBELL >>>

The first pair of the incredibly rich AUM 2008 series hit in March; many of you are already on this — for those who have hesitated so far, please no longer!  Some early reviews are now posted up on the site:

Rob Brown Ensemble / Crown Trunk Root Funk  (AUM044)

Roy Campbell Ensemble / Akhenaten Suite  (AUM045)

> AUM Fidelity Releases coming in June: BILL DIXON & ERI YAMAMOTO >>>

And the next mighty pair will be released on June 24, though they will be available for mail order sale direct from AUM in May, following my return from California.  Have a sneak peak look at details (no sound samples yet, but by the next update):

Bill Dixon / 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur  (AUM046)

Eri Yamamoto / Duologue  (AUM048)

> New High Two Release: Shot x Shot >>>

I finally had a chance to hear this fine young quartet of Philadelphians live at The Stone not too long ago.  Very good energy and focus and compositions; with the freshness!  Among my favorite pieces that night was their piece ‘Triple Double’ which conveniently has an mp3 excerpt available here:

Shot x Shot / Let Nature Square  (HT019)

And it has been officially released and is on sale now!

RIGHT!   That’s all for now----more goodness coming in MAY 08 Update (PART 2)!

Yes Yes, Yours in Music,
Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity

MARCH 2008:

Greetings folks in fine radio land:

A few weeks ago AUM Fidelity sent to you and your station our two brand new and beautiful albums:

ROB BROWN Ensemble / Crown Trunk Root Funk  (AUM044)
(w/ Craig Taborn, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver)

ROY CAMPBELL Ensemble / Akhenaten Suite  
(w/ Billy Bang, Bryan Carrott, Hilliard Greene, Zen Matsuura)

Some of you have already added these jewels to rotation and are playing them = excellent and cheers!
For the rest of you, please make haste and pay mind/ears/action = yes and cheers!

PLEASE NOTE: From this point forward, AUM Fidelity shall be handing our radio promo reigns over to the very smart and eminently thorough Scott Menhinick @ Improvised Communications:

Scott Menhinick
Improvised Communications

Keep radio transmissions essential!

Yours in music,
Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity  

Coming from AUM Fidelity in JUNE:
BILL DIXON / 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur  (AUM046)
master Bill Dixon’s first large scale orchestral work to be released since 1967;
specially commissioned by and recorded live at Vision Festival XII in June 2007.

ERI YAMAMOTO / Duologue  (AUM048)
exceedingly gifted pianist/composer Eri Yamamoto in a series of duos with Hamid Drake, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi


Kind Greetings One and All,

Here now with the best kind of Update news: the first two of the ‘to be prolific’ AUM Fidelity 2008 release schedule are now available for direct mail order from the website. The AUM standard of excellence continues unabated. This pair is not officially released to stores until March 11 -- one month lead time for you of the AUM Fidelity Community e-list. Plus, further news on more fine releases now available contained herein as well.  Read on, visit the site and order away!

>>> Two new AUM Fidelity releases! >>>
>>> A note on CDs that are soon to go out of print! >>>
>>> Hail to fans of Shrimp Boat: Japanese reissues available here now! >>>
>>> And finally, a very fine new High Two release! >>>

>>> Two new AUM Fidelity releases! >>>

ROB BROWN Ensemble / Crown Trunk Root Funk  
CD (AUM044)
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Craig Taborn: piano, electronics
William Parker: bass
Gerald Cleaver: drums

Rob Brown is an awesome alto saxophonist, a mercurial improviser who is perpetually inventive, and AUM Fidelity has recorded him many times over the years as a foundation member of the groups of William Parker. In this time, Brown has revealed himself to be a composer and group leader of distinct gifts; this is our first release with Mr. Brown as leader.  A principal focus of Crown Trunk Root Funk is deep grooves, often dark and ominous, with brightness provided by Brown’s beautifully indelible melodies and the highly exploratory work of this extraordinary band.  Parker provides the root bass, and drummer Gerald Cleaver brings his supremely sensitive musicality and Detroit-bred funk.  Pianist and fellow Detroit native Craig Taborn is likewise endlessly inventive within this tremendously rewarding sonic ecosystem.

ROY CAMPBELL Ensemble / Akhenaten Suite
CD (AUM045)
Roy Campbell: trumpet, flugelhorn, recorder, arghul
Billy Bang: violin
Bryan Carrott: vibraharp
Hilliard Greene: bass
Zen Matsuura: drums

Roy Campbell is a jazz trumpeter and composer of the first order, one who encompasses the tradition even as he pushes the music forward.  A founding member of the luminous collective Other Dimensions In Music, as well as Marc Ribot’s recent Spiritual Unity project, his last album as a nominal leader, 2001’s ‘Ethnic Stew and Brew’ (w/ William Parker and Hamid Drake) topped countless year-end top 10 lists. Here Campbell turns his hand to an extended work inspired by Amenhotep IV, Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Akhenaten Suite, specially commissioned for and recorded live at the 2007 Vision Festival, is a splendid passage to a fabled dimension. It’s realized by musicians – including Billy Bang on violin – who have an intimate affiliation with Campbell’s vibrant brass stylings and wonderfully open, expansive compositions.  This project is supported by the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, and is released in cooperation with Arts for Art, Inc.

Further info, sound streams, order both of these titles:

>>> A note on CDs that are soon to go out of print! >>>
Believe it or not, the original intent on launching AUM Fidelity was to keep every release in print for as long as we were walking this earth. The financial reality of this – no surprise; even less so of late – proves that intent to be impossible.  But, we shall always let you know henceforth when particular titles are soon to go out of print, which is the case for two of the extraordinary AUM catalog titles right now. We had to retrieve the very last available copies of these two titles from some of our European distributors; the slight increase in our price is to help offset this return shipping cost. If you do not yet own, do order these gorgeous packages now..  really.

down to the last dozen copies of this stone classic..

we’ve got the last 40 of this awesome set on hand as I type this..

>>> Hail to fans of Shrimp Boat: Japanese reissues available here now! >>>
Following our release of the Something Grand box set and the first-time on CD issue of Speckly, AUM and the group licensed the balance of their long-out-of-print catalog to Bomba Records in Japan.  We recently purchased a small batch of these limited pressings in order to make them available to you at ‘domestic’ pricing. Four (or five) albums of further joy and wonder.  Cavale and Duende are incomparable pop albums that have provided me with great sustenance over lo, the many years ago when and since they were my favorite operative band. What a time!  I urge you to take the Shrimp Boat plunge there first if you have yet to do so.  Some Biscuit + Daylight Savings and Volume One are for you the converted among ye. Wonderful wonderful!

Further info, to order:

>>> And finally, a very fine new High Two release! >>>
We’ve finally gotten this new High Two release up on the website and if it has escaped your notice so far, that can no longer be said:

  CD (HT014)
The very eclectic musical mind of Warn Defever (HNIA) gathered together members of the Nomo and Antibalas afrobeat crews to create this intoxicating tribute/interpolation of the compositions and spirit of the avant-garde jazz great Marion Brown.

Further info, mp3, order at:

OK!  Cheers and forward with compassion and fortitude,
Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity



Kind Greetings All,

As always, we hope this finds you well here one week into 2008 and may blessings reign this year for all of us.  I do believe they will shower strong this Thursday-Friday-Saturday during the Vision Collaboration Festival @ Symphony Space, featuring the first NYC performance of William Parker’s Raining On The Moon since the release of their exquisite Corn Meal Dance album, Roy Campbell’s Akhenaten Ensemble who will be releasing their album on AUM Fidelity/Arts For Art this coming March, and a whole lot more dance+music+visual arts performances: a mini-Vision Fest as it were to start the year off with goodness greatness.  Full details below, along with further rather heartening news...

> WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET in Brattleboro, VT >>>
> NEW AUM Fidelity RELEASES in March >>>
> FURTHER UPCOMING from AUM Fidelity >>>

January 10 – 11 – 12 (Thu – Fri – Sat), 2008
Symphony Space / Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater
2537 Broadway at 95th St

$20 in advance* / $25 at the door / $15 students and seniors
click here to purchase tickets in advance:

Thursday, January 10, 2008
  Vibrational Modes
  Katie Martin dance / Jake Meginsky percussion
8:00  By Night - No Stillness
   Miriam Parker dance / Hamid Drake frame drum
    Katy Martin & Jo Wood Brown visual artists
8:30  Lights by fragments of Light gathering
   Patricia Nicholson dance / William Parker bass / Bill Mazza video drawing
9:00  William Parker’s Raining on the Moon Sextet
  William Parker bass / Rob Brown sax / Lewis Barnes trumpet
   Leena Conquest vocals / Eri Yamamoto piano / Hamid Drake drums

Friday, January 11, 2008
  Constellation Higher Octave
   K.J. Holmes dance / Roy Campbell trumpet
8:00   Asimina Chremos dance / Mavrothi Kontanis oud
8:30   Jumaane Taylor tap dance / J.D. Allen sax
9:00   Roy Campbell’s Akhenaten Ensemble
  Roy Campbell trumpet / Billy Bang violin / Bryan Carrott vibraharp
   Hill Greene bass / Zen Matsuura drums

Saturday, January 12, 2008
  Sally Silvers dance / Bruce Andrews language
   Miya Masaoka koto / Jim Staley trombone
8:00   Mix-Up
  Dance:  Jumaane Taylor, Asimina Chremos, Miriam Parker
               K.J. Holmes, Patricia Nicholson
   Music:  Jason Kao Hwang violin, Todd Nicholson bass
9:00   Charles Gayle Trio 
  Charles Gayle sax / Shanir Blumenkranz bass / Ryan Sawyer drums

Further Info:   Tel. 212.696.6681

> WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET in Brattleboro, VT >>>
The magnificent group graces the good folks up northeast-aways!  
[further: we recently mixed this group’s brand new studio set and it shall be released later this year!]

Saturday, January 12, 8:00pm

William Parker / Rob Brown / Lewis Barnes / Hamid Drake
Vermont Jazz Center
72 Cotton Mill Hill, Studio 222
Brattleboro, VT
more info & advance tickets:
(802) 254 9088

> NEW AUM Fidelity RELEASES in March >>>
AUM Fidelity will launch a truly strong-as-ever release schedule this year with a pair of tremendous ensemble works in March; stay tuned for further emails, as they will likely be available direct from AUM sooner ..

ROB BROWN ENSEMBLE / Crown Trunk Root Funk  CD (AUM044)
Brother Rob Brown’s first album as a leader on AUM Fidelity!  A full set of gripping new groove-oriented compositions featuring his stunning alto sax improvising prowess in union with Craig Taborn: piano, electronics / William Parker: bass / Gerald Cleaver: drums

ROY CAMPBELL ENSEMBLE / Akhenaten Suite  CD (AUM045)
Roy Campbell: trumpet, composition / Billy Bang: violin / Bryan Carrott: vibraharp / Hilliard Greene: bass / Zen Matsuura: drums
Yes!  Master Roy Campbell returns on record with an ensemble of long-time compatriots who beautifully illuminate a suite of compositions deriving inspiration from ancient Egypt.  This is the first in a 3-album series of works specially commissioned by and released in conjunction with Arts for Art, Inc.  Recorded live at Vision Festival XII in 2007.

> FURTHER UPCOMING from AUM Fidelity >>>
Oh lord yes ... 2008!  A further genuine bounty of new releases are forthcoming this year ... the 3-album series produced and released with Arts for Art, Inc. shall continue with:  BILL DIXON Orchestra / 17 Musicians In Search of A Sound and WILLIAM PARKER Orchestra / Double Sunrise Over Neptune.  We will be recording a pair of albums with the great and original young pianist ERI YAMAMOTO, whose gifts many of you have heard on Corn Meal Dance. DAVID S. WARE will record his brand new group which also features the great JOE MORRIS(!) and JOE MORRIS himself is planning a new Quartet set.  The new studio set from WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET was recently mixed and shall be scheduled soon..   plus, there might actually be more..   Yes, many blessings; many gifts to present; we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Very best wishes to you all; forward with fortitude,
Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity  


Greetings One and All,

All of our journeys continue forward, minute by minute.  Hope this finds your own in good stead with solid and clarity.  Here at AUM inna Brooklyn is good.  Change happening here in NYC more quickly than ever before as it relates to the day to day living.  And it ain’t stop.  GO >>>

News herein:
>>> William Parker/Raining On The Moon – Corn Meal Dance (AUM043) >>>
>>> Vision Club Series  / December 2007 (for NYC Metro residents) >>>

>>> William Parker/Raining On The Moon – Corn Meal Dance (AUM043) >>>

The final AUM Fidelity release of 2007 is a motherlode of song as manifest by one of the finest jazz groups currently breathing knowledge into the air around us.  Features one of my favorite songs of all time (being the title track) which shall continue to bring tears of wonder that the essence of life itself was so captured on tape.  Don’t hesitate to partake.

Link to listen further and purchase direct:

BOSTON GLOBE    So good they did it again
"The music is both fascinating and spiritually lifting; everybody works in tandem, and yet things fly off the shelf when Parker's tight folk-jazz melodies evolve into all-out free exchanges. The poem-form stories burn images in the mind. Unexpected beauty and tenderness arrive in an ode to the poet June Jordan, performed as a voice-piano duet. It sends shivers." - Steve Greenlee

THE SUNDAY TIMES (London) "****" + A Record Of The Year
“In suggesting an alternate past, where Nina Simone jammed with John Coltrane, Parker finds another future.” - Stewart Lee

JAZZWISE (UK) "****"
".. the songs are predominately blues-based and the themes move with an elliptical, subtle beauty, sometimes making very few chords go a long way." - Kevin Le Gendre

"Corn Meal Dance, as well as cooking up nine sonic journeys of liberating musical breadth, also offers brain food in poetically epic portions." - Corey Frye

"This sounds like the work of a well-integrated group, with Yamamoto's supple voicings [on piano] providing a lush bed over which Conquest inhabits Parker's lyrics with dramatic delivery. The horns react and accent until unleashed in the solo sections--Brown's bracing alto well tempered by Barnes' more subdued and solemn trumpet. Parker and Drake are unparalleled as a rhythm section, and their intuitive adaptability offers the bassist the ability to pull the strings on the group with understated force." - Shaun Brady

This is essentially ‘The William Parker Songbook', with eight of the nine tracks featuring words and music by Parker, performed by his vocalist of choice, Leena Conquest. Her vocal style is soulful without being self-conscious, while Parker inspires the ensemble from within, recognizing that now isn't the time nor the place for extended bass solos. The high point of the album is the title track with its ecstatic pick-me-up harmonies acting as a catalyst for a solo of magisterial grandeur from alto saxophonist Rob Brown. Pianist Eri Yamamoto lays down fulsome hymnal harmonies on "Prayer", and Parker's allusive wordplays repay repeated attention. Another perspective on the great man's work.” - Philip Clark

Corn Meal Dance is a thrilling ride that hugs the precipices between flaming grooves, zero-gravity free jazz, and gospel-tinged social consciousness.” - Saby Reyes-Kulkarni

‘Pharoah S. Wail (Indiana)’ - AMAZON.COM customer review
“With Leena Conquest singing and Eri Yamamoto on piano, this augmented William Parker Quartet becomes universal elevation of consciousness turned into sound and song. Where Raining on the Moon (another favorite of mine, with 1 song that haunts me) had Leena on most songs, Corn Meal Dance has her on every track. There are times she'll sing/say a phrase and it hits me like The Truth. A Law. Something that just IS, or should be. Eri is a beautiful player. She completely understands and completes this side of William. There's nothing here I dislike but “Tutsi Orphans” and “Soledad” melt me. This band is love, compassion and hope as sound. If you can get through this album a few times without shedding any tears, you're either a stronger or weaker person than me. I'm not sure which. The world needs this music. William's melodies work perfectly with his poems/lyrics. This is my favorite WP Quartet-related album yet. He is tapped in. This album is magical. I feel blessed just to know it. Thank you Leena, Eri, Rob, Lewis, Hamid and the portal through which this all flows, William.”

Link to listen to Corn Meal Dance further and purchase direct:

>>> Vision Club Series  / December 2007 (for NYC metro residents) >>>
Here forwarding news of some fine, fine live happenings this month.  Yes indeed.

all happening @ Living Theater - 21 Clinton Street (btwn. Houston and Stanton)

Friday, December 7, 2007
 Fred Anderson and William Parker
10:30pm  $15
Fred Anderson tenor sax + William Parker bass
Saturday, December 8, 2007
 Sabir Mateen OMNI-FOUR
10:30pm  $10
Sabir Mateen: reeds & flute + Matt Lavelle: trumpet, flugelhorn, bass clarinet
Warren Smith: drums, percussion + Hilliard Greene: bass
Friday, December 14, 2007
 Lewis Barnes  SONIC SHADES
10:30pm  $10
Lewis Barnes: trumpet + Rob Brown: alto sax
+ Todd Nicholson: bass + Cooper-Moore: percussion

Saturday, December 15, 2007
 Jason Kao Hwang EDGE
10:30pm  $10
Jason Kao Hwang: composer, violin
with special guest Steve Swell: trombone
+ Andrew Drury: drums + Ken Filiano: bass
and then on Sunday, December 16, 2007
Special Celebratory evening @ Nativity Church 
44 2nd Avenue – between 1st and 2nd Streets, F train to 2nd Avenue
William Parker Christmas Concert
Universal Tonality:  part V
4:00pm  15$ contribution
William Parker: composer / shakuhachi – David Budbill: spoken word – Patricia Nicholson: dance – Lois Eby: paintings and drawings – Jean Cook: violin – Jessica Pavone: viola – Shiau-Shu Yu: cello – Leena Conquest: vocals – Daniel Carter clarinet, flute, tenor sax – Eri Yamamoto: keyboards – the Introscopic Ensemble with David Moss: bass – Shayna Dulberger: bass – Gunter Gruner: percussion 



it has been a time since last update posted here---been busy moving and summer and getting married and continuing the mission. So, here is a whole lot of good news beyond the magnificent events that caused the delay in posting this.

>> DANIEL CARTER in CHICAGO end of September
>> BILLY BANG BENEFIT September 30 / NYC
>> TEST play live once again in NYC OCTOBER 19 (+ more at Living Theatre)
>> WILLIAM PARKER / Raining On The Moon  Corn Meal Dance (AUM043)
>> 2007 AUM Fidelity Releases Update (Press)
>> CaseQuarter UPDATE

>> DANIEL CARTER in CHICAGO end of September

Daniel Carter brings his wonderful tone and spirit to the city of my birth for, to the best of my knowledge, the first time since we’ve been working together which is to say in over a decade.  City of the Big Shoulders dwellers, DO make every effort to hear DC sing through his horns.

SATURDAY  9/29 (9:00pm; $15)
The Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Avenue
773-276-3600 (p)
The Empty Bottle & The Wire present 'Adventures in Modern Music' festival featuring:
DANIEL CARTER with Michael Reed and Ben Vida
No Age
Jim Becker & Sin Ropas with the films of Brent Green
from the Empty Bottle website: “Free jazz musician DANIEL CARTER will be making his Empty Bottle debut. Perhaps not as well know as some of his New York-based contemporaries, his contributions over the past thirty-odd years are no less significant. He has worked with many of the greatest musicians of his generation, challenging convention and contesting musical boundaries all the while. His spirited adventurousness will be well-matched here, as CARTER performs live with two top-tier local talents, percussionist MICHAEL REED and multi-instrumentalist BEN VIDA.”

And FRIDAY  9/28 (9:00pm; $10 suggested donation)
elastic sound and vision gallery
2830 north milwaukee avenue, upstairs

DANIEL CARTER with the end of the world band (abe gibson-drums, jesse thomas- e gtar)
giallorenzo/stein/daisy -trio- piano/bass clarinet/drums
names: mayjabeen-violin, brian klein-electronics

>> BILLY BANG BENEFIT September 30 / NYC

Forwarding this crucial info to you; truly an extraordinary triple-bill and supremely worthy cause of helping master Billy Bang in a time of need.

Friends of Bang present
A Benefit for Billy Bang

3 Phenomenal Bands:
Other Dimensions in Music, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Charles Downs
Aftermath Band: Ted Daniel, Andrew Bemkey, Todd Nicholson, Newman Taylor-Baker
Commitment : Jason Kao Hwang, Sabir Mateen, Henry Warner, William Parker, Zen Matsuura

Sunday, September 30   7 pm    Admission: $25

at Ariane and Alain Kirili's Loft
17 White Street
btwn. Avenue of the Americas and West Broadway
New York, NY

“On August 7, violinist Billy Bang received a much needed hip replacement surgery at Englewood Hospital in Englewood, NJ (thanks to the Jazz Foundation of America for making the procedure possible).  Billy is recovering nicely, but he has not been able to work at all for the past few months.  He needs to continue to rest and recover for at least another three to four weeks.  In an effort to assist him in meeting all of his expenses, his friends have organized a benefit which will include performances by some of the best musicians living in New York.  

The benefit will be taking place at the home of sculptor and avantJazz enthusiast Alain Kirili and his wife photographer Ariane Lopez-Huici.   Alain Kirili has a history of collaborating with musicians of the avantjazz scene.  In fact a Bang solo CD, "Commandment" was recorded during a live performance in Kirili's loft in March of 1997.

Please come by to check out what will no doubt be an amazing night of music, all for the worthy cause of keeping Billy Bang in the black!”


Aye!  This very fine trio, featured on the album ‘Luc’s Lantern,’ are embarking on their first tour shortly.  One night in Rotterdam followed by a series of shows in Italy.  Hamid Drake’s power and finesse, and Eri Yamamoto’s superb pianistic skills and profound feel for the music are both also fully featured on the brand new William Parker/Raining On The Moon album ‘Corn Meal Dance’ (read more on this beauty below).

William Parker: bass/compostions    Eri Yamamoto: piano    Hamid Drake: drums  

10/5(Fri.) Lantaren Venster - Rotterdam, Holland
10/6(Sat.)Max Music Show-Arezzo, Italy
10/7(Sun.) Gheoatrè- Milano, Italy
10/8(Mon.) Caruso Jazz Cafè- Firenze, Italy
10/9(Tue.) Caruso Jazz Cafè- Firenze, Italy
10/10(Wed.) Panic Jazz Club - Marostica(VI), Italy


Sotto Voce, the album:
What a wonder, what a timeless, what an album — again, it must be stated!  A rare NYC appearance of this great band with special guests, appropriately at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Monday, October 8th  8:00pm  $12
Roy Nathanson’s Sotto Voce band, also tonight featuring
the poetry of Ross Gay, Jeff Friedman and Judith Volmer
The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery @ Bleecker
F train to Second Ave | 6 train to Bleecker | 212-614-0505

Roy Nathanson’s band Sotto Voce is an ongoing project that All About Jazz describes as “a wicked combination of instrumental and vocal counterpoint, rich vocal harmonies, passionate free-jazz instrumental cadenzas and collective improvisation” and calls their 2006 release “the year’s most unusual and intriguing album”.

The band features the trombone of Curtis Fowlkes, the bass playing and vocals of Tim Kiah, Sam Bardfeld’s violin, Napolean Maddox on human beat-box and Roy Nathanson on sax.  Nathanson combines the music with spoken word text, using the vocals as a bridge to a kind of full language music.

For this performance, three great poets will read and perform with the band :
Jeff Friedman is the author of 4 books of poems: Black Threads, Taking Down the Angel, Scattering the Ashes and The Record Breaking Heat Wave. Home Planet News says “No one writes better poems about blue collar work than Friedman”.  Ross Gay is the author of the collection Against Which (CavanKerry Press, 2006). His poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Atlanta Review and Harvard Review. Judith Vollmer has written 4 books of poetry, is the co-editor of 5AM magazine and won the Brittingham Prize in Poetry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.   The poets will read and collaborate with Sotto Voce in an evening that will celebrate narcissism, food, family and dysfunction.”

AND THEN THE CORE QUINTET heads overseas for a handful of hits...
October 11, Porgy & Bess, Vienna/Austria
October 13, Pavilion Multifunctional, Sibiu/Romania
October 15, Alter Schlachthof, Wels/Austria

>> TEST play live once again in NYC OCTOBER 19 (+ more at Living Theatre)

In an all-the-more-rare appearance, TEST: Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, Tom Bruno and Matt Heyner
will be rocking
OCTOBER 19th [Fri.] at 11pm  $10
The Living Theatre
21 Clinton Street, Manhattan (F train to Delancey or 1st Ave)

Let us give thanks and be deh!
More on TEST


This past July, David S. Ware premiered a new group here in NY at Iridium which included Joe Morris on guitar.  It was really something else to behold/behear these two masters on stage together; it gave me great joy and desire for future full-on new rhythmic (section) manifestation.  You’ll get to hear in Rome and Vienna first!  Wish I could be there for all of these sets!  Ancient to the future NOW.
November 7
David S Ware solo
at Spheres
Zurich (CH)
November 9
David S Ware
with William Parker and Warren Smith
Gutersloh (G)
November 11
David S Ware
with Joe Morris, William Parker and Warren Smith
Roma Jazz Festival
Salla Petrassi
Auditorium Parquo della Musica
November 12
David S Ware
with Joe Morris, William Parker and Warren Smith
Porgy and Bess
Vienna (A)

>> WILLIAM PARKER / Raining On The Moon  Corn Meal Dance (AUM043)

YES, AUM is deeply honored to present this impeccable new WP group work, and also, releasing this album is how we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary of giving it up for the people!  Word: it is an intense/beauty-full/intense again exposition of William Parker’s song-craft manifest by a jazz band nonpareil. The title track is one of my favorite songs ever, and kept me up till late in the night weeping tears of wonder the night that it was recorded, and again for many nights henceforth, along with ‘Tutsi Orphans’, ‘Doctor Yesterday’, ‘Soledad’... jesus man, it just doesn’t stop giving and propelling one forward to action on behalf of the main love.

Full details and order now here

>> 2007 AUM Fidelity Releases Update (Press)

A further heads up, so as you know what you might well want to turn yourself on to (if you haven’t already):

>>> DAVID S. WARE QUARTET / Renunciation (AUM042)
"This live set from 2006 displays Ware at his most concentrated and impassioned, with that closely attuned threesome of pianist Matthew Shipp, bassist William Parker and drummer Guillermo E. Brown. Shipp is magnificent: sombre, hypnotic hooks, washes of Tayor-ish runs under the sax tumult (enmeshed with Brown's percussion hustle and Parker's darting basslines), guitar-like twangs and hard-punched chords. Some of the music flows like molten metal; some proceeds in explosive outbursts and dead stops; a little is soulful and slow." - John Fordham/ THE GUARDIAN (UK)

"..if you wanted to analyse the appeal of Ware's playing further it could be said that his tone has a sense of the roaring anguish yet stark nobility that underscores the human condition at its most naked. There is indeed something unadorned and artifice-free about this music. Not so much in the sense of sonic minimalism but the rawness of emotion and the strength of character of the players. .. As for his longstanding band members, they are superb in their accompaniment, bringing the required rhythmic and harmonic attention to detail to the table." - Kevin Le Gendre/ JAZZWISE (UK)

"This taut set is as structurally refined as an architectural plan. Every note feels flawlessly placed, but the music urgently retains its wonder and majesty."  - Philip Clark/ THE WIRE

Full details, many more reviews, listen, and order now here


"It seems almost preposterous that it's taken this long for another [duo] recording to appear, but for men so busy and with an album as good as this one, the delay is certainly forgivable." - Adam Strohm/ DUSTED

"This latest installment of the Parker-Drake double act finds our two heroes in typically compelling form. .. Although both are supremely gifted virtuosi, capable of expressing themselves as expansively as possible, they are also skilled in the art of restraint, measure, balance. In fact at several junctures in this session, the music really comes to life precisely because it breathes rather than stifles under a barrage of notes, as might be the case were two less experienced and less emotionally intelligent players in the frame. .. The grand achievement of Parker and Drake is that they combine the breadth of sounds of a large group with the chemistry and conversational intimacy of a small group, leveling the playing field between two distinct strands of jazz band history."  - Kevin Le Grande/ JAZZWISE (UK)

“The album takes a shadowy detour half-way through, beginning with “Sifting the Dust.” Scintillating metal harmonics and resonating echoes from water bowls, gongs and chimes pervade this haunting musical landscape all the way through “Traces of the Beloved.” Summer Snow incorporates jazz improvisation into myriad ethnic traditions in a satisfyingly organic way. Blending cultures and aesthetics, this is global music in the truest sense, equal parts uncharted future and primordial past." - Troy Collins/ ALL ABOUT JAZZ

Full details, many more reviews, listen, and order now here

>>> HAMID DRAKE & WILLIAM PARKER / First Communion + Piercing The Veil (AUM039/40)
"Widely regarded as the exemplar free-jazz rhythm section, the duo first transformed itself into a rhythm-and-ritual orchestra on 2001's Piercing the Veil, recorded in 2000 and now reissued as a double CD with a live set, First Communion, recorded two days earlier. And that's where they really began distancing themselves from the legendary tandems of the past. Although the pair's bass-and-traps duets are among the most intense and creative in the long illustrious history of jazz rhythm sections, it's Parker and Drake's uncanny conversational alchemy on the "alternative instruments" that puts them in a world of their own. Those tracks have the feel of sacred ceremonies, ranging from quietly contemplative to ferociously ecstatic. Superbly realistic and undoctored sound recording makes the listener an intimate audience member for the live performance, with distinct separation of instruments set slightly back and to the sides of the soundstage." - Derk Richardson/ THE ABSOLUTE SOUND

"If there's a groove that bassist WILLIAM PARKER and drummer HAMID DRAKE can't make their own, I haven't heard it, and they're equally masterful in the free fall of meterless total improvisation." - Bill Meyer/ CHICAGO READER

"This is no moonlighting rhythm section, but two philosopher-dancers plumbing the varieties of rhythmic experience together. ..The meeting lives up to its promise and more, as Parker and Drake chase each other like two inseparable kids through the innermost catacombs of musical creativity." - Lawrence Cosentino/ SIGNAL TO NOISE

Full details, many more reviews, listen, and order now here


2008 promises the busiest/year AUM release schedule yet, starting with, in conjunction with Arts For Art, a trio of exemplary (and then some) recordings of performances at the 12th Annual Vision Festival this past summer, all World Premieres of specially commissioned works: 1: Roy Campbell’s Ahkenaten Suite featuring: Roy Campbell trumpet / Billy Bang violin / Bryan Carrott vibraharp / Hilliard Greene bass / Zen Matsuura drums  2: William Parker – “Double Sunrise Over Neptune” 16-piece orchestra with string section parts to twist your head into the groove, dual drums, and classically trained master singer from India 3: Bill Dixon with the Sound Vision Orchestra master Dixon’s first fully realized (recorded & to be released) large-scale work in an eternity. And furthermore will be new Rob Brown Quartet session featuring Craig Taborn, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver and the most compelling (wickedly so...) group of compositions we’ve yet heard from this secret weapon of sound revolution.  And that will take us through June 2008.  

>>  CaseQuarter UPDATE

>>> THE SPIRITUALAIRES / Singing Songs of Praise (CASE103)

I think we’ve all spent some time in our own private Hurtsboro? Even as a charismatic agnostic, this gets an “Amen” from me. Gospel, like its savior, works in mysterious ways…and genres. It can draw strength from suppressed sexuality via soul, it can get earthy in a country vein (like a miner baptised in a coal mine). Or, as the Spiritualaires do, it can dig deep inside via the blues. If you are in pain, something about a profound bass vocal gives you a rock to build from, fill that out with some sweet harmonies but don’t rush things. Let the notes and the pain linger, just a bit. Add in slow clap, it help with the weariness. Not too fast, now. Guitarist Curtis Harris testifies in tight spots here as well, delivers his own slow-mo Mali style fretting…you could plug him in next to Tinariwen and not miss a beat. Radio fans do not miss tracks #3 and #8, clips from the Spiritualaires Radio Program! “If that car run good and look bad…bring it on in…he’ll make it look good.” Sounds like a modern-day miracle worker to me! KFJC should do all our underwriting in Spiritualaires style. “Some Folk Say” brings in a falsetto voice, and a peppier beat, and almost tastes like a hootenanny. While I may reserve judgement regarding the big If in the sky, I’m fine worshipping the pride and joy of Hurtsboro." - Thurston Hunger/ KFJC Radio

Full details, many more reviews, listen, and order now here

This pair of TV clips from Rev. Jackson’s visit to Ireland in the 80s were up on YouTube, then taken down, now certainly up again and if you’ve never seen them or it has been a while, well then..  witness the singular charms of Rev. Charlie:

>>> ISIAIAH OWENS on MySpace
Sylvia Parker generated this MySpace page for CaseQuarter recording artist Brother Isaiah Owens; further to the three full song streams from his debut album are a flash-photo montage that is heartwarming:

OK --- Kevin Nutt and Steven Joerg swear to GOD! that this is coming out in 2008.  Sooner than later in 2008.  For real, we SWEAR TO GOD!


Our dear friend Daniel Piotrowski in Philadelphia, action-man of High Two recordings, has three new releases he’d like you to know about as well.  Some more fine releases forthcoming, including His Name is Alive/s tribute to the music of Marion Brown, Sweet Earth Flower (more on that momentarily).

Details/listen and order now here:

Once Again ~ Thank You All for Being, Paying Mind, and Supporting the Music (attending events and buying some of these exquisite productions),
Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity


¡ AUM Fidelity UPDATE: February 2007 !

Kind Greetings AUM Fidelity Friends and Family,

Much of this dispatch was to have been posted earlier and my only claim for its delay calls forth from the multi-hued whirlwind that 2007 has been since the 1st. It is very good and of utmost-ever importance to witness, create, and disseminate (“now that you know what you know, what will you do will you do?”), though it is only in those most graceful of moments that we can do all three at once.

All entries below are short and to the point, with links for FURTHER.

Thank you for being and for reading,
Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity



Tom Abbs gave a kidney to his friend Michael Landis in December. All of you by now at least ought know that Tom is 1/3 of TRIPTYCH MYTH and that Michael’s artwork graced ‘The Beautiful’ album. They are both beautiful people. It was real good to see them in post-serious-surgery great spirits a few weekends ago. Please do read everything posted about their new, rare and wonderful collaboration.
AND if you'd like to contribute to their kidney fund through AUM Fidelity, click here: MPLandisTMSeries.html

> WILLIAM PARKER & HAMID DRAKE / First Communion + Piercing The Veil 2xCD!

Piercing The Veil was originally issued in early 2001 to great acclaim. It has been out of print for far too long; so for its re-introduction, an upping of the ante was in order. On the Saturday night prior to the Monday studio session, AUM hosted a live performance here in our Brooklyn HQ and we made another highest fidelity multi-track recording. It was a magical night, fully shared by the packed and rapt audience of some 80 strong. This First Communion is now presented on CD in its entire 88 minutes of deeply fervent glory. For those AUM long-faithful who already own the original edition of Piercing The Veil, this mega-expanded 2xCD set is available for $14- until its official release date this Tuesday, when price goes up to AUM 2xCD standard of $18-. I did intend to send notice of this 2-week live now direct special to you list-members sooner, but hey — here’s to 48 hours! Check or money orders post-marked by Tuesday, February 13 will totally be honored as well.


The Beloved Reverend Charlie Jackson passed from this mortal coil on February 13 one year ago. In memory of this, we’ll be posting a wondrous cassette recording of Rev. Charlie rocking “What A Time!” live at Rose Of Sharon on Tuesday morning. It will be stream-able until Mardi Gras ends.


APRIL 2007

3 : Grinnell, IA / Grinnell College Chapel
4 : Chicago, IL / Empty Bottle
6 : Houston, TX /
7 : Austin, TX /
More news on these live dates soon; this is just a quick heads up!


In case you haven’t yet bought KIDD JORDAN / Palm of Soul, here are a few new and very briefly excerpted exhortations to do so...

”A masterpiece of meditation and multi-ethnic synthesis” - Andy Hamilton, Double Bassist (UK)

“2006 Top 10 Picks” - All About

“With steely determination and emotional resolve, Jordan, Parker and Drake have created a timeless album of understated, dark beauty.”
- Troy Collins’ Lucky 13 Best New Releases of 2006, All About

“A perfectly formed, utterly communicative and wise set that repays many repetitions.” - Brian Morton, Jazz Review (UK)

“Four Stars: Six improvisations that sweeten ecstatic jazz’s lawless energy with meditative moods. The horn snakes between shimmering gongs and prismatic pulses, and Jordan finds life in the midst of death.” - Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times (London) Records of The Year


> FORTHCOMING AUM Fidelity + CaseQuarter RELEASES!


This magnificent group’s last U.S. performance took place at Vision Festival XI on Father’s Day 2006.
It was captured and mixed in highest AUM Fidelity and will be released in April.

WILLIAM PARKER & HAMID DRAKE / volume 2: Summer Snow CD
Hot on the tail of the release of First Communion + Piercing The Veil, their brand new studio recordings.
Calm blue heat. Oh, OH yes.

THE SPIRITUALAIRES / Singing Songs Of Praise CD
The CaseQuarter label finally returns to release action in 2007! This is the first of the jewels.


Vision Dance Music Series
DrummingDance & SoundingStrings
Wednesday, February 21 through Saturday, February 24, 2007
at Peter Norton Symphony Space – Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre
Matthew Shipp/William Parker/Dave Burrell/Daniel Carter/Joe Morris/
Guillermo E. Brown/Miriam Parker/Carmen de Lavallade/Todd Nicholson/
Steve Swell/Treva Offutt/Jean-Baptiste Bocle/Yoshiko Chuma/
Patricia Nicholson/Ben Gerstein/Peter Zummo/Wendy Osserman/
Charis Haines/Justin Terenullo/Rosi Hertlien/Chris McIntyre


We’ve all got work to do or sleep to catch up on right now. Thank you for reading this far; having done so has been and shall be worth it many times over. In late December, the WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET recorded a new album and in early January the WILLIAM PARKER SEXTET (Quartet + Eri Yamamoto/piano and Leena Conquest/singing!) recorded their first album. Following the aforementioned mighty Spring, all ears to the Autumn 2007 jump and sway! By God Yes!!

<<< AUM Fidelity ~ Giving voice to the silence since 1997 >>>
“We all have two lives — the one we learn with and the life we live after that.”
- Bernard Malamud


OCTOBER 2006 - Fruit of patience still sweeter true; stopping is not an option.

And yes it has been a long time since the last big-UPdate from AUM Fidelity. The ‘silence’ is however not indicative of activity lack; rather was due to a debilitating combination of new protocols on our ISP’s part and old computer operating systems on AUM’s part. We’ve rectified the latter and further hope that this and future AUM Updates will indeed reach all. Yes, yes we do, because all here is—always has been and will be—most usually good and always important news.

Alright then! AUM Fidelity Full UPDATE! October 2006:

((((((((((((( o )))))))))))))

> Roy Nathanson / Sotto Voce European Tour!
Yes! this wonderful band is doing a solid string of shows in the G.A.S. plus Serbia and Croatia; make every effort to attend if you are in the nigh and nigh!

Roy Nathanson - saxophones, vocals
Curtis Fowlkes - trombone, vocals
Tim Kiah - bass, vocals
Napoleon Maddox - human beat box, vocals
Jesse Mills - violin, vocals

October 25, Kulturni Centar, Indjija/Serbia
October 26, Sabac/Serbia
October 27, Auditorium Radio Svizzera, Lugano/Switzerland
October 28, Sud des Alpes, Geneva/Switzerland
October 29, Reitschule, Bern/Switzerland
October 30, Das Haus, Ludwigshafen/Germany
October 31, Alte Gerberei, St. Johann i.T/Austria
November 2, Tunnel, Vienna/Austria
November 3, Student Centre, Zagreb/Croatia
November 5, Quasimodo, Berlin/Germany

> William Parker & Hamid Drake ++ in Europe Now!
Again, if you’re anyhere within a hour or more of these peformances, do it! Following are all the details I’ve been provided; no slights no how!

October 22: Mira/Italy - William Parker & Hamid Drake Duo
October 23, 24, 25: Firenze/Italy - WP, HD & 2 Italian musicians 
October 26: Roma/Italy - WP, HD & 2 Italian musicians 
October 27: jazzonze+ Festival Lausanne/Italy - William Parker Quartet
October 29: Azores Jazz Festival, Sao Miguel/Portugal – WP, HD, Daniel Carter and Patricia Nicholson Parker
October 30: Gent/Belguim - William Parker & Hamid Drake Duo
November 1: Vienna/Austria - Blue Tomato Duo: William Parker & Marco Eneidi
November 2nd: FMP Festival, Berlin/Germany – Trio: WP, HD & Sainkho Namchola

> AUM Fidelity 2006 Releases recapitulation: Whoa and Great Grace!
AUM Fidelity released a triptych of tremendous albums in Gregorian calendar year 2006 and thankfully it still isn’t just ourselves espousing their voluminous merits alone in the wilderness. AUM really does produce album works of uncommon potency beauty full human essence expression never more important than now, today, tomorrow, evermore. So now we’re reminding you about these beauties as this year is rapidly making its way to close; for brevity’s sake but a few recent press quotes on each album are included here; many more on each album are posted in their respective elsewhere space on the site.

WILLIAM PARKER / Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (AUM036) CD
In which master WP manifest an album comprised of both rapturous solo pieces for bass (arco + pizzicato) and dosn’ngoni, and decidedly new dance music (both literal and mythological) with The Olmec Group. Gorgeous 6-panel digipak with extensive liner notes by William Parker.

Four different reviews by four different humans were written for and are posted at ALL ABOUT
A new record for one publication! I love this website—being the best of all Jazz websites, ever.
Here’s the link to access all four reviews.

ROY NATHANSON / Sotto Voce (AUM037) CD
Roy Nathanson returned to the world of recorded music (first time since year 2000) with this joyous, moving, hilarious, inventive, innovative, gripping highest culmination of all of his many gifts as alto saxophonist, composer, lyricist, band-leader along with the many MANY gifts of this remarkable band of the same name. What a Quintet!!! This album happened in the way it did because I went to Brooklyn bar/performance space Barbès one fateful Sunday night to check fe see band member Napoleon Maddox. Bearing virgin witness to this band had me stomping my feet, slapping my knee, laughing, nigh weeping; fully inspired. Damn, let’s do this on record! Multi-tracked all live in one room (5 players of instruments; 5 singers!) and then mixed to perfection. Along with engineer and fellow producer Hugo Dywer, we did it! We damn sure did it!

from CODA: "Saxophonist Roy Nathanson's Sotto Voce is an unexpected delight, an avant-populist celebration of the multiplicity of the human voice, in which funky modern jazz meets Jewish raconteurship meets gospel spirituality meets pop earthiness meets hip-hop beatboxing. It's an outstanding album, a hard-grooving, serious/funny exploration of the surrealism of everyday life, and Nathanson deals with potentially heavy topics-war, death, old age-with exemplary honesty, soul, and humour. - Nate Dorward

from JAZZTIMES: "The records dazzles from start to finish .. Sotto Voce blends bebop, funk, free improv, poetry and hip-hop, and the result is bizarre and irresistible." - Steve Greenlee

The most recently released of AUM’s 2006 triptych — offered up this summer past — nine months after it was recorded on September 23, 2005 which as it happened was also the 80th anniversary of John Coltrane’s birth. Perfect though not planned that way. Long-time dream I had of getting these three masters together to record a Godhead album of fully improvised music manifest. I was very happy to hear post-Katrina that Kidd’s son Marlon WAS eventually airlifted and found safe a week post impact and that Kidd himself said, “yeah, let’s do it!” when I was able to get him on the phone. We did it.

from ALL ABOUT "With steely determination and emotional resolve in the face of great tragedy, Jordan, Parker and Drake have created a timeless album of understated, dark beauty. Palm of Soul is spiritually revelatory free jazz, hauntingly beautiful and emotionally resonant." - Troy Collins

from BAGATELLEN: "Palm Of Soul answers prayers and upends expectations." - Derek Taylor

from THE ABSOLUTE SOUND (high-end audiophile periodical): Music: 4/4 Stars Sonics: 4/4 Stars – Derk Richardson

> Forthcoming from AUM Fidelity and CaseQuarter in early 2007!
It has been said and as a matter of fact I’ve said it myself in moments of high-lit glory of the moment, that the strength of a recording label should be judged on its latest releases. Well then, see just above. And here have a glimpse at the soon come..

WILLIAM PARKER & HAMID DRAKE / Volume 1 TOTAL: First Communion + Piercing The Veil (AUM039/40) 2xCD
The long promised reissue of 'Piercing The Veil' will be exploded into a 2xCD set incorporating 'First Communion', their jaw-dropping first ever live performance as a Duo, having been recorded live to mult-track right here at AUM HQ in 2000. Matter of fact, the Saturday night before the Monday in the studio which resulted in ‘Piercing The Veil’. Sweet Jesus Thank You! Any one of the 80 people who squeezed in that night can attest: My GOD COSMOS it was massive. to be released in February are you ready?

WILLIAM PARKER & HAMID DRAKE / Volume 2: title to be determined (AUM041) CD
AND THEN FOLLOWING IN SHORT ORDER: Brand new studio recordings by this mighty majestic duo. I’m still digesting these recordings myself. Jesus (again) would do another 40 days and nights in the desert if he heard this... to be released in April, Yes.

DAVID S. WARE QUARTET / final title to be determined (AUM042) CD
Amazing recording of this godhead Quartet's last U.S. Performance which took place at Vision Festival XI in June 2006. Three stunning new pieces and one uniquely touching rendition of ‘Mikuro’s Blues’ from the Ware songbook. Shining throughout; mad top(est) notch.

THE SPIRITUALAIRES / Singing Songs Of Praise (CASE103) CD
The CaseQuarter label returns to action in 2007! The Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, AL are one of the very last of the traditional gospel quartets whose origin dates from the Golden Age of the late 40s/early 50s. These are contemporary recordings my brothers and sisters. AND – oh whoa YEAH. So indescribably great! to hear Sam Relf sing the country and western! More on this soon, just know it IS coming as promised and as soon as..

ELDER UTAH SMITH / I Got Two Wings: Incidents and Anecdotes of The Two-Winged Preacher and Electric Guitar Evangelist!

..I tell you what, I’m gonna leave it there. It is happening and will be manifest in first half 2007. The Book on this legendary human figure with a CD containing all of his released (and unreleased...) recordings. MAJOR!

> Digital Downloads: AUM Fidelity and CaseQuarter(!)
Like it says on the home page, AUM Fidelity produces premier album works, and we’re not going to stop doing so until it becomes impossible to both contininue to do so AND eat and pay the rent. OK? Alright then. Tactile experience can never be replaced. You can’t make your fingers bleed while typing a keypad like you can trying to play William Parker’s bass (the highest action, ever). I know what I’m trying to say here even if I can’t get it out to you in articulate and moving form.

The attempt to do so notwithstanding, the entire AUM Fidelity (and CaseQuarter) catalog is presently available for digital download on eMusic, iTunes, and MTV’s new download service URGE.

I remember cassingles, OK?

Used to be on time; still aiming to beyond time.

“Calling duppy conquerer!”

Oh Yeah! BUY THE CDs from AUM Fidelity; get the whole not just the temporary quarter.
When the magnetic poles reverse and all hard drives are erased, your boombox will still be rocking.

The whole goes right back to .. there’s more good news...!!!

> New David S. Ware Quartet CD - ‘BalladWare’ - available here!
‘BalladWare’ is a "lost session" studio set recorded in 1999 with David, William, Matthew and Guillermo E. Brown exploring the balladic essence of three Ware originals (Dao Feel, Godspelized, Sentient Compassion) and four standards (Yesterdays, Autumn Leaves, Tenderly, Angel Eyes). Sweet oh so and unique (album-length-wise) excursion in the DSWQ oeuvre. Produced by Steven Joerg, SO: please buy it here if you intend to as AUM was paid in CDs for the effort/vision put forth toward its initial creation (& in its commercial manifestation being a Thirsty Ear label release in the end).

> Vision Club Series Fall 2006!
Arts for Art has already launched their Fall 2006 Club series but it needs be highlight mentioned herein once again as it is a tremendous lineup of performances. If you live in the NYC Metro area or are passing through town in the next month or so, make it out!

Every Saturday night through December 1 -- 2 sets a night -- only $10 per set.
....Click and check full details

> Further exhortation of the moment / now, the BAD news.. !
Tower Records has gone done down for evermore. Just so you know—this is the biggest blow in retail U.S. music sales since I got all up in this thing 17 years ago now. This news was a major blow to independent labels. FIRST now though: big hugs and love to Larry Isaacson (Jazz buyer at NYC 4th and Broadway for YEARS LONG as I can remember) and Matt Lavelle (Jazz buyer at NYC Lincoln Center area for the last year plus) for holding the fort to the fore down here in the Jazz City.

SECOND now though: AUM got stiffed bad on the Tower go-down. Call it 4 months rent worth and you’ll be correct. I’ll state it straight now and without shame that there has never been a better time than right now to lay $13 per down on AUM Fidelity album(s) direct from source right here from this site right now.

Fruit of patience still sweeter true ;
stopping is not an option.

Peace and blessings,
Steven Joerg
AUM Fidelity
Brooklyn, NYC

JULY/AUGUST 2006 - We're all here together - many more crowded than others - on this ship called Earth.

The final release in AUM's 2006 triad of sonic invention is KIDD JORDAN's Palm Of Soul.

detail from a painting by Jason Dean Arnold; featured on Palm of Soul cover - click for more info.



APRIL/MAY 2006 - Two New AUM Fidelity Albums/Release Shows + WILLIAM PARKER Quartet West Coast Tour!

Wed April 26... 9:30PM.. $15.00
JOE’S PUB: 425 Lafayette Street
Tickets available at The Public Theater box office or
through Telecharge: or 212.239.6200

Sunday May 7... 3:00PM... $10.00, $7.00 student
kids 14 & under get in free (families encouraged!!!)
The Olmec Project record release with Omar Payano, Gabriel Nunez,
Isaiah Parker, Dave Sewelson, Todd Nicholson

Location: L.E.S. Gallery of Clemente Soto Velez - 107 Suffolk Street @ Rivington
Tickets available at the door.

William Parker~Hamid Drake~Rob Brown~Lewis Barnes in the West


FEBRUARY 16, 2006 - Reverend Charlie Jackson, Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that we here at CaseQuarter Records must convey the news that Bishop Charlie Jackson of Baker, Louisiana has passed away. Bishop Jackson, known to many blues, gospel and music lovers in the wider world as the Reverend Charlie Jackson, died in his sleep at a local Baker, Louisiana nursing home early Monday morning Febuary 13th. Reverend Jackson had been confined to the 24 hour care facility since the spring of 2005 after suffering the latest in a series of lifelong strokes. His wife, Laura Davis Jackson, said that Reverend Jackson had been unable to recognize anyone since his admittance and his health had steadily declined. For anyone reading this, Reverend Jackson's music needs no introduction or reminders. Along with Elder Utah Smith, Jackson was one of few of the widespread guitar slinging gospel preachers to actually record commercial records and it is such a treasure, especially now, that we have his unique testaments. I still savor the moment when I first heard Chris Smith's and Lynn Abbott's cassette of Reverend Jackson's music. It's a cliche but nonetheless too true: it literally changed my life. Not suprisingly, Reverend Jackson in person was even more impressive than his music. On the occasions that I visited him I was overwhelmed with his perpetual warm heartedness and enthusisam. It was such a delight to be with him and his wife Laura.

There are many poignant and moving moments in Reverend Jackson's music but the one I've been returning to these past couple of days is "The Testimony of Reverend Charlie Jackson." "When I couldn't speak nothing, I let the guitar do it," he says in the song. And then he plays the old hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" on his guitar:

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.

-Kevin Nutt
CaseQuarter Records


FEBRUARY 11, 2006 - HEY HEY!

February already hey! 2006 has been very very good so far; finding parking spaces (two even sometimes when all I need is one), dazzling sunrises, snow crystals in infinite gorgeous variety this past weekend. Even though I stepped into six inches of watery cold slush this morning with my right foot, dazzled near blinded by the advancing sun, I did not curse. In late March, WILLIAM PARKER's Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (AUM036) shall be released (to be available direct from here sooner and cover art below). In May, ROY NATHANSON's brand new Sotto Voce project (AUM037) shall be released. His first new album since the 2000 release of the widely acclaimed The Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grille, this is a pop record recorded like a jazz record; stories and songs and song is the essence of life itself and the jazz therein is at the joyously high level expected. Yes. Also in May, the WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET will be flying to the West Coast U.S.A. for a tour - sho! Stay tuned. And then in June, the KIDD JORDAN / WILLIAM PARKER / HAMID DRAKE Project (AUM038) shall be released. God-send/sent. And before that, a pair of fine new High Two releases (by Adam Arcuragi and Shot X Shot) shall be made available. ... more news again soon.



Ah yes - YES - we've got a lot cooking here in these first shining days of the New Year; all of which shall result in a Spring of true beauty new releases from AUM Fidelity.

Right now, know that William Parker curated the month of January at NYC creative music venue, The Stone. Check the full lineup and pay special attention to the last week of the month. Whoa!

And, here is the cover art for the first of the three true beauty New Releases coming from AUM Fidelity this Spring:





A mighty meeting of three masters. Tenor saxophonist Kidd Jordan from New Orleans, percussionist Hamid Drake from Chicago and our own William Parker on bass and (more). This very special performance is fortuitously happening at this intimate space due to the fact that we are flying Kidd and Hamid in for a recording session in Brooklyn this week. Do not miss this rare opportunity!
> Saturday, SEPTEMBER 24:
> ONE PERFORMANCE 7:00pm SHARP / $10- (all money direct to the artists)

376 9th St. (corner of 6th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn 718.965.9177

> WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET @ Blue Note (note inexpensive admission) !

NOTE: we NEED to pack this night FULL UP, OK? So DO make it out for this and tell all of your friends to come on down as well...
Indeed - an exclusive one-night appearance at the legendary NYC Jazz Club to celebrate the new album Sound Unity, and life in general.
> Monday, SEPTEMBER 26: two sets 8:00pm /10:30pm
> SPECIAL Admission Price: $10- seated / $5- at the bar.

Blue Note Jazz Club
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012


> Monday, October 3: 8:00pm / $10-
Celebrating the October 4th release of their impeccable new album, The Beautiful on AUM Fidelity.


AUGUST 29 , 2005 - Much Great News!

We are incredibly proud to announce the existence of this impeccable new album from the extraordinary trio TRIPTYCH MYTH: COOPER-MOORE, TOM ABBS, CHAD TAYLOR. It will be officially released in OCTOBER, but is exclusively available to you all here now. Breaking new barriers inside and out is what is requisite; TRIPTYCH MYTH are here to do just that. + LIVE DATES COMING: TRIPTYCH MYTH will likely be flying to Detroit for some performances in late September, and will DEFINITELY be celebrating the release of this album live on NOVEMBER 4 at The Stone here in NYC. + AND There will be an opportunity to purchase the original artwork created for The Beautiful; check the site again and stay tuned for further details. >>> WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET @ The Blue Note / NYC ! Indeed - an exclusive appearance at the legendary NYC Jazz Club to celebrate the new album Sound Unity, and life in general. Monday, SEPTEMBER 26: two sets 8:00pm /10:00pm. SPECIAL Admission Price: $10- seated / $5- at the bar. SO LET US PACK THE PLACE! >>> KIDD JORDAN / WILLIAM PARKER / HAMID DRAKE @ Barbès / Brooklyn ! A mighty meeting of three masters. Tenor saxophonist Kidd Jordan from New Orleans, percussionist Hamid Drake from Chicago and our own William Parker on bass and (more). This very special performance is fortuitously happening at this very intimate space due to the fact that we are flying Kidd and Hamid in for the recording session (see below!) Do not miss this rare opportunity! Saturday, SEPTEMBER 24: 7:00pm / $10- >>> UPCOMING PROJECTS -- September beauty & wonder ! Oh man! We have been wanting to make this trio album for a long time now, and finally the cosmos came in snychrony: the KIDD JORDAN / WILLIAM PARKER / HAMID DRAKE trio album will be recorded at our favorite Systems Two Studio here in Brooklyn in late September. Ears wide and await! >>> Also, that same week two days prior, we'll be bringing WILLIAM PARKER & HAMID DRAKE in to Systems Two to record the followup to their stunning Piercing The Veil album. I will be levitating this week from first-hand sonic creation bliss! Both of these sure-to-be-amazing new albums to be released sometime in 2006. OH, and on a related note, the very last few copies of the original dipipak pressing of Piercing The Veil are available only here now. >>> Vision Festival / Peace Book ! This very fine book, encapsulating the Vision Festival ethos in print, was self-published on the recent occasion of the 10th Annual VF. A perfect companion to the recently released VISION Volume 3 CD+DVD set, and available alone and in specially-priced combo with the CD+DVD. Check it!


JULY 4, 2005 - a required listening Song Stream!

In honor of the occasion and dedicated to our Commander-in-Thief, the right wrong Dubya, I've posted a RealAudio stream from the genius first album by FALSTAFF, a rather concise declaration of the general state of affairs: The Cunts (the word of British English parlance, and still of course in common usage, given the general state of affairs).


JUNE 29, 2005 - a brief Vision Festival X recap...

YES! Yes, Vision Festival X was rather incredible. Mein Gott! Highlights for me were Sam Rivers & Roscoe Mitchell (Reggie Workman on the third tonal center and Mr. Aklaff allowing the pulse to be), but Sam & Roscoe together manifesting the inner tones and triggering endorphin centers anew in the midst of the whole of it; the Eloping With The Sun Trio (William Parker/Joe Morris/Hamid Drake) performing together for the first time since they recorded the album of the same name. Sweet Jesus let's move to heaven right here on Earth. The Quartet of Dickey/Campbell/Brown/Morris were playing Jazz like it was meant to be played - i.e.: you've never heard anything like this before and it was swinging mad wide orbits with deepest roots. Finally, for me, Little Huey's performance was the big new cake with sweetest frosting no sugar honey just --- featuring additional this time out was Leena Conquest singing (and dancing), WP's son Isaiah and some of his friends on extra percussions, plus JUICE on the tenor guest spot ---WHOA! Brass just shining shining shining new sun creation. I hope this one will become an AUM album.... ok, back to work, and it has been humid as hell on Earth this past week. Forward to weather relief and more goodness.
Wow, what a week that was!


MAY 6, 2005 - Latest News...

Hello hello busy as ever where does the time go? Into the creation of the music and the forward dissemination thereof! OK: BIG NEWS is that AUM Fidelity recently signed a new group to the label: TRIPTYCH MYTH is a stunning new outfit which progresses the language of Jazz. Composed of intrument builder/musical genius Cooper-Moore, recent NYC transplant (from Chicago) drummer Chad Taylor, and perpetually busy/gifted bassist Tom Abbs. Truth is we've already recorded their new album - last month, a day after my birthday! Dang 'ol whoa! It turned OUT. Got all that further work to do to make it into an AUM Fidelity album: due for release in September 2005. FURTHER, the good folks at the Vision Festival finished production on the 3rd compilation of tracks recorded at the Vision Festival; it is entitled 'Vision Volume 3' (imagine that!) and will be available here imminently --- CD + DVD set, and the DVD portion is well beyond image-wise to the DVD which came which 'Vision Volume 2'. And finally, YES, the fine High Two label will also soon be unleashing another pair of relesaes inna realm of 'avant rock' OK, stay tuned to the home page... - SJ, HUH, maybe I need to turn this page into my blog. Wait a minute, this whole site is my blog. Oh, OK


MARCH 16, 2005 - IMMINENT New Releases from AUM Fidelity

Have been busy working on the building, hence no word prior to NOW. Coming momentarily from AUM Fidelity is the first-time-on-CD issue of SHRIMP BOAT's brilliant and long-out-of-print debut LP Speckly. Lovingly transferred and re-mastered from the original master tapes; is enough to make all ages 8 - 80 get up off their tired bones and dance. The perfect dessert to Something Grand. Further, the brand new recordings of WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET, album entitled Sound Unity, will be available from here in April and to the WORLD-AT-LARGE in late May. More even yet, but plenty for now, yes!- SJ.


SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2005 - 50 Miles of Elbow Room presents a special MATINEE gig celebrating the Cooper-Moore box set...

Sunday, February 13 --- 3:00pm-6:00pm (doors at ~2:45pm)

* William Parker solo
* Cooper-Moore solo
* Cooper-Moore + William Parker duo

All 3 sets for a $6 admission fee, all of which goes to C-M+WP

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center,
LES Gallery (ground floor)
107 Suffolk Street, Manhattan
F, J, M, Z to Delancey / Essex

The Cooper-Moore box will be available at the show for the discounted in-person price of $30.

a glimpse of the box + further info



First Weekend of NOVEMBER, 2004 - ISAIAH OWENS' New York City Debut:

CaseQuarter, 50 Miles of Elbow Room and Antipodes present
the NYC debut of the mighty gospel singer/guitarist Isaiah Owens.


FRIDAY, NOV. 5 - 7:30pm
SUNDAY, NOV. 7 - 7:30pm

$5 admission.

at Barbès
376 9th St. (at 6th Ave.), Brooklyn 718.965.9177
(very easy 1 block walk from the F train
'7th Avenue' stop)

and, if you'll be attending the WFMU Record Fair
this weekend, know that Isaiah will be performing there on SATURDAY, NOV. 6 at 2:00pm EST [ BROADCAST LIVE on 91.1 FM in NYC and at to the WORLD]



JUNE 17, 2004 - one of the greatest bands of all time tours Canada for the first time:

WILLIAM PARKER QUARTET Summer 2004 Canadian Festival Tour !

William Parker / Hamid Drake / Rob Brown / Lewis Barnes

SAT JUNE 26 - MONTREAL - La Sala Rossa
((Roy Campbell/William Parker/Hamid Drake: Pyramid Trio))

SUN JUNE 27 - MONTREAL - La Sala Rossa

MON JUNE 28 - OTTAWA Jazz Fest




((William Parker + Hamid Drake Duo))

William Parker Quartet O'Neal's Porch - listen to / read on



JUNE 7, 2004 - here you go with some truth about The Gipper (published the week that he died, when so many were tripping over themselves in adulation of his service as President of the U.S.A.):



JUNE 2004 - AUM Fidelity's magnum opus SHRIMP BOAT Box is released!

Thirteen lucky years (six more than the existence of AUM Fidelity itself) of nutritious and v e r y slow gestation:


In song and the understanding that song reveals the essence of life itself,
Steven Joerg / AUM Fidelity

AUM Fidelity home