photo(s) by Michael GalinskyRoy Campbell Jr.: trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
Daniel Carter: alto and tenor sax, flute, trumpet
William Parker: bass
Rashid Bakr: drums

OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC is a collective creative improvising quartet of epic proportions. These men are Masters of Music all; their virtuosic and deeply passionate individual voices, and seemingly telepathic communication with one another, reflect and amplify their combined century+ of dedication to Music.

Every time that the group performs, there are no charts, and there is no pre-ordained destination. The profoundly lyrical explorations which result are a fully modern wonder to behold and partake in on the part of anyone who has any affinity towards the art of music. That is the magic of OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC; the joy of hearing these other dimensions reveal themselves.

Bassist WILLIAM PARKER you of course are already familiar with. Having played on over 100 recording sessions, and countless thousands of gigs, with most of the avant-jazz artists of note since the early 70s, he is a cornerstone of this music. He is the leader of The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra and William Parker Quartet, as well as a root foundation member of the David S. Ware Quartet and the ensembles of Matthew Shipp.

Trumpeter ROY CAMPBELL is someone you should already be familiar with; we here at AUM dream of his work being very familiar to every loving household as a matter of course in the 21st. With a working schedule as hectic as Mr. Parker's, the time spent in dedication to his craft is evident in his tone and his constant invention; he is quite simply one of the eternal greats on the instrument. He also leads the phenomenal Pyramid Trio (with William and revolving drummers); pay mind and your heart will sing.

DANIEL CARTER is one of the most naturally gifted horn-players you'll ever have the good fortune to hear in this lifetime. Every time he puts an instrument to his lips, the sounds which result are as aural caresses from The One. He is a master of soul-sonics, as all these men are. He is a member of TEST as well, and you'd better believe it is.

Drummer RASHID BAKR dates the beginning of his attention to the details of music to the 70s as well. He spent a good deal of time playing (along with William) in the Cecil Taylor group. He is an utterly singular drummer with regards to his ability to transmit The Pulse. His and William's interplay together create a bed of fluid and forward-moving polyrhythm that is unprecedented.

For all of the members, playing with this group is a profound communion.

The group is OTHER DIMENSIONS IN MUSIC, a collective quartet that deals with full-on improvisation. They are able to unfold the rich history of Jazz as a living tapestry of sound spontaneously before your ears. In so doing, they articulately and exquisitely reflect the energy/reality of the moment, with flashes of tomorrow erupting or flowing through at any given time. - SJ

2011 Kaiso Stories (with Fay Victor) ..Silkheart
2007 Live At The Sunset ..Marge
2000 Time Is Of The Essence Is Beyond Time ..AUM Fidelity
1998 Now! ..AUM Fidelity
1990 Other Dimensions In Music ..Silkheart

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