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"Those in the music business say this music can only be so successful. I say there is no limit to what we can do for each other as human beings."
–William Parker

As William Parker embodies the beliefs that gave birth to AUM Fidelity, may that day come sooner when folks on a mass scale awake to the alter/ all true (includes you) destiny as put forth by Mr. Parker, and the many great sages who have come before.

He writes: "it is the role of the artist to incite political, social, and spiritual revolution, to awaken us from our sleep and never let us forget our obligations as human beings, to light the fire of human compassion. Sounds that enlighten are infinite. We can put no limit to joy, or on our capacity for love."

The 90s saw an appropriately growing appreciation of William Parker's massive gifts as a musician, and in the new century, his sheer humanity has take futher deep root in the essence of listeners' beings.

It was in the middle of the last decade of the previous century that William took on the band leadership role that had long been urged on him by his fellow musicians. His talents as a composer and band-leader became quickly evident through his large ensemble - The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, his smaller group concept - In Order To Survive, and the collective quartet Other Dimensions In Music. In addition, William was a root foundation member of the ensembles of David S. Ware and Matthew Shipp. Further, his destined collaboration with Chicago-based drummer Hamid Drake has produced incomparable musical rewards. The William Parker Quartet with Hamid, Rob Brown and Lewis Barnes & the Raining On The Moon Sextet (which adds Leena Conquest and Eri Yamamoto), along with The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield, have been among William Parker's principal projects as a leader since the dawn of the new millenium. -SJ

Complete Discography as Leader

2018 Flower In a Stained-Glass Window -&- The Blinking of The Ear (true double-album!) Centering Records
2018 Voices Fall From The Sky (widely ranging ensembles & singers! / 3CD Box Set) Centering Records
2018 Lake of Light (Compositions for Aquasonics) Gotta Let It Out
2017 Meditation / Resurrection (William Parker Quartet & In Order To Survive) AUM Fidelity
2016 Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind (feat. Lisa Sokolov & Cooper-Moore) Centering Records
2015 Great Spirit (Raining On The Moon Sextet) AUM Fidelity
2015 For Those Who Are, Still (Large Ensembles / 3CD Box Set) AUM Fidelity
2013 Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (Quartet+++ / 8CD Box Set) AUM Fidelity
2013 Live In Wroclove (Quartet) ForTune Records
2012 Essence of Ellington / Live in Milano (Orchestra) Centering Records
2012 Centering: Unreleased Early Recordings 1976-1987 (various groupings / 6CD Box Set) NoBusiness
2011 Crumbling In The Shadows Is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake (Solo Bass / 3CD Box Set) Centering Records
2010 I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield (Octet++) AUM Fidelity
2010 Uncle Joe's Spirit House (Organ Quartet) Centering Records
2010 Winter Sun Crying (w/ ICI Ensemble, Munich) NEOS Jazz
2010 At Somewhere There (Solo) Barnyard Records
2008 Petit Oiseau (Quartet) AUM Fidelity
2008 Double Sunrise Over Neptune (Orchestra) Arts for Art, Inc./AUM Fidelity
2007 Corn Meal Dance (Raining On The Moon Sextet) AUM Fidelity
2007 The Inside Songs of Curtis Mayfield (live in Rome-2004) Rai Trade/Radio 3
2007 Alphaville Suite (Double Quartet) RogueArt
2006 Requiem (William Parker Bass Quartet + Charles Gayle) Splasc(H)
2006 Long Hidden: The Olmec Series (The Olmec Group + solo works) AUM Fidelity
2006 For Percy Heath (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) Victo
2005 Sound Unity (Quartet) AUM Fidelity
2005 Luc's Lantern (piano trio w/ Eri Yamamoto, Michael Thompson) The Blue Series
2004 Mass for the Healing of the World (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) Black Saint
2003 Spontaneous (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) Splasc(H)
2003 Scrapbook (Violin Trio w/ Billy Bang and Hamid Drake) The Blue Series
2002 Raincoat In The River (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) Eremite
2002 Raining On The Moon (Quartet + Leena Conquest) The Blue Series
2002 O'Neal's Porch (Quartet) (2nd edition) AUM Fidelity
2002 Bob's Pink Cadillac (Clarinet Trio w/ Perry Robinson & Walter Perkins) Eremite
2001 O'Neal's Porch (Quartet) (1st edition) Centering
2001 Song Cycle Boxholder
2000 Mayor Of Punkville (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) AUM Fidelity
2000 Painter's Spring (Trio w/ Daniel Carter, Hamid Drake) The Blue Series
1999 Posium Pendasem (In Order To Survive) FMP
1998 The Peach Orchard (In Order To Survive) AUM Fidelity
1998 Lifting The Sanctions (solo bass) No More
1998 Through Acceptance Of The Mystery Peace (re-issue with extra material) ..Eremite
1997 Sunrise in the Tone World (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra) AUM Fidelity
1996 Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy (In Order To Survive) Homestead
1995 In Order To Survive (In Order To Survive) ..Black Saint
1995 Testimony (solo bass) ..Zero In
1995 Flowers Grow In My Room (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra).. Centering
1981 Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace
....... (music recorded from 1974-1979 w/ various accompaniment).. LP Centering

Discography as Co-Leader

2018 Daniel Carter / William Parker / Matthew Shipp : Seraphic Light..AUM Fidelity
2018 Patricia Nicholson & William Parker : Hope Cries For Justice ..Centering
2017 William Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio : Bass Duo ..Centering
2017 William Parker & David Budbill : What I Saw This Morning ..Judevine Mountain Prod.
2015 Oliver Lake & William Parker : To Roy ..Intakt Records
2014 Farmers By Nature : Love and Ghosts AUM Fidelity
2014 Konstrukt and William Parker : Live at NHKM 2LP .Holidays Records
2012 David S. Ware / Planetary Unknown : Live at Jazzfestival Saalfelden AUM Fidelity
2012 Joe Morris / William Parker / Gerald Cleaver: Altitude AUM Fidelity
2011 David S. Ware / Cooper-Moore / William Parker / Muhammad Ali : Planetary Unknown AUM Fidelity
2011 Farmers By Nature : Out of This World's Distortions AUM Fidelity
2011 The Element Choir & William Parker : At Christ Church Deer Park Barnyard Records
2010 Ninni Morgia & William Parker : Prism ..Ultramarine
2010 David S. Ware / William Parker / Warren Smith : Onecept AUM Fidelity
2009 William Parker & Giorgio Dini : Temporary ..Silta
2009 Gerald Cleaver / William Parker / Craig Taborn : Farmers By Nature AUM Fidelity
2009 Joelle Leandre & William Parker : Live at Dunois..Leo
2008 Anthony Braxton / Milford Graves / William Parker : Beyond Quantum ..Tzadik
2008 Charles Gayle / William Parker / Rashied Al i: Live at Crescendo ..Ayler Records
2007 Other Dimensions In Music : Live at the Sunset [Paris] Marge Records
2007 William Parker & Hamid Drake : Summer Snow AUM Fidelity
2007 William Parker & Hamid Drake : First Communion + Piercing The Veil AUM Fidelity
2006 Kidd Jordan / William Parker / Hamid Drake : Palm of Soul..AUM Fidelity
2005 Fred Anderson / William Parker / Hamid Drake : Blue Winter ..Eremite
2003 William Parker / Roy Campbell / Daniel Carter / Alan Silva : Fractured Dimensions FMP
2003 David Budbill / William Parker / Hamid Drake : Songs for a Suffering World ..Boxholder
2002 William Parker / Joe Morris / Hamid Drake : Eloping With The Sun Riti
2002 Jemeel Moondoc / William Parker (& Hamid Drake) : New World Pygmies vol.2 Eremite
2001 William Parker & Hamid Drake : Piercing The Veil AUM Fidelity
2001 The Music Ensemble Roaratorio
2000 Other Dimensions In Music : Time Is Of The Essence Is Beyond Time AUM Fidelity
2000 Jemeel Moondoc/William Parker : New World Pygmies ..Eremite
1999 David Budbill & William Parker : Zen Mountains Zen Streets ..Boxholder
1999 Alan Silva & William Parker : A Hero's Welcome: Pieces for Rare Occasions . Eremite
1998 Other Dimensions In Music : Now! (w/ Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Rashid Bakr) AUM Fidelity
1998 Joelle Leandre & William Parker : Contrabasses ..Leo
1997 Joe Morris/William Parker : Invisible Weave No More Records
1995 Derek Bailey / John Zorn / William Parker : Harras . Avant
1993 Charles Gayle / William Parker / Rashied Ali : Touchin' On Trane.. FMP
1990 Other Dimensions In Music (w/ Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Rashid Bakr) ..Silkheart

For a lovingly detailed WP sessionography do visit Rick Lopez' The William Parker Sessionography

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