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AUM Fidelity distributes the born anew in 2002 Riti label. Riti is operated by impeccable jazz guitarist, composer, and bassist Joe Morris, in order to more fully document the many distinct approaches that he and his equally gifted associates have to the Music. Riti titles are published in strictly limited editions of 1000.


Book $25

The singularly gifted musician and composer Joe Morris is also a great scholar and writer. This is his first book, written for musicians and listeners alike.

Perpetual Frontier / The Properties of Free Music describes the way free music is constructed through the processes of synthesis, interpretation, and invention. With descriptive sections of four seminal methodologies Unit Structures, Harmolodics, Tri-Axium Theory, and European Free Improvisation, as well as sections on how specific properties are consistently used and re-formulated in the construction of free music. This material, which the author developed through years of performing and teaching, is concise and coherent, making it clear for listeners and musicians alike, and thereby setting a new standard for the understanding and study of the most inherently forward-seeking musical form of our time.

Morris was asked by Point of Departure to write an essay on this book:

This extraordinary work also features contributions in the form of answers to a questionnaire by 15 renowned free music artists: Marilyn Crispell, Charles Downs, Joe McPhee, Alex Ward, Matthew Shipp, Ken Vandermark, Jack Wright, Simon H. Fell, Agusti Fernandez, Nate Wooley, William Parker, Mary Halvorson, Nicole Mitchell, Katt Hernandez, and Jamie Saft.

Cover image, book design, and layout by Anne Marcotty


CD $13


All compositions by Morris/Gray/Cancura/Hobbs, RITI Publishing ASCAP
C+P 2011 Riti Records

Joe Morris - bass
Luther Gray - drums
Petr Cancura - tenor saxophone
Jim Hobbs - alto saxophone

Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty


All improvised quartet music by four acclaimed leaders in free jazz and improvised music. The superior collective interplay on this recording is outmatched only by the individual virtuosity of the four players, each a master voice on their respective instruments.
Led by the driving energy and instantly formal playing of Joe Morris on bass, who makes his deepest case yet to be considered one of the great bassists in free music, this amazing group operates as a model of collective interaction creating spontaneously realized pieces that are vivid, grooving, driving, soulful, adventurous, demanding and richly rewarding.

The two lead voices on saxophone, Petr Cancura and Jim Hobbs each display complete command of their instruments and push them to new and beautiful places that are rooted in the tradition of saxophone music. All of this is held down by the deeply rooted and energetic drive of master drummer Luther Gray, whose playing on this recording is nothing short of heroic. At once encompassing what must be considered the history of free music drumming in every statement he makes, Gray commands tremendous force and renders it with graceful musical poise. –JM

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CD $13

Ambrosia 1
Ambrosia 2
Ambrosia 3
Ambrosia 4
Ambrosia 5
Ambrosia 6

All compositions by Joe Morris / Augusti Fernandez
RITI publishing ASCAP / SGAE
C+P 2011 Riti Records

Joe Morris - guitar
Augusti Fernandez - piano

Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty


A state-of-the-art duo recording from two masters of improvised music. Joe Morris: guitar and Agustí Fernández: piano create new musical vistas using rich melodic invention, resulting in completely unique and unprecedented sounds that challenge the ear and enhance the spirit. These two listen closely and approach their music as inventive virtuosos, constantly breaking new ground on their instruments and arriving at a place of originality that could only happen right now.

Recorded October 20th 2010 at Firehouse 12 Studios in Morris’s hometown of New Haven, Connecticut and mixed the next month at FCM Studios in Fernandez’s hometown of Barcelona, Spain, the amazing audio on this recording captures every minute detail and timbre that emerges from the two instruments, highlighting the constant stream of musical invention. This CD also represents the current state of improvised music as it exists in the Global community of musicians. Morris and Fernández are each widely considered to be leading voices in improvised music in the US and Europe. Their individual artistry and versatility seem limitless. Combined they have performed with nearly all of the best-known figures in improvised music. –JM


CD $13

Blue Sky and Blotches 11:06
Particles 4:32
Separate Blue X's 2:38
Gold Drop #2 3:54
Orange Cards 4:41
Index Card #3 3:47
Index Card #1 3:38
Index Card #2 2:15
Double Sheet 16:04
Gold Triptych 6:24
Gold Drop #1 4:23

All compositions by Lowell Skinner Davidson RITI publishing ASCAP
except Particles Morris/Voigt/Plsek RITI publishing ASCAP
C+P 2008/9 Riti Records

Joe Morris - guitar
John Voigt - bass
Tom Plsek - trombone

Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty

Guitarist Joe Morris, bassist John Voigt, and trombonist Tom Plesk, all long time associates of the late, legendary, Boston-based, multi-instrumentalist, biochemist, and composer Lowell Skinner Davidson here perform their interpretations of his graphic compositions. This is beautiful and challenging music from scores created by one of the most idiosyncratic figures in the history of Jazz.
From the liner notes by Joe Morris:
In the history of music and particularly in African-American music Lowell Skinner Davidson, pianist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, scientist, musical visionary, is unique.  Among his many references Lowell used his background as a biochemist (at Harvard) to describe his approach to music. He often declared that new sounds had the capacity to re-formulate the biochemistry of the brain. He made only one commercial recording (Lowell Davidson Trio ESPdisk 1965) but left dozens of tapes of his post-1965 music—vital work that is mostly lost. He also left behind hundreds of scores made in the 1980’s, many done on 3x5 index cards. We used a few of these to make this recording. You can’t read them like regular music, hence the “graphic” in the title. They offer the player a specific guide toward randomness and imagination, a requirement that they be read as regular notation, but that the results find a balance between melodic line and pure sound. Those results occurred in all of LSD’s music. Based on our collective years of experience working with Lowell we did our best to honor the compositions with our own interpretations.


CD $10

1. Unfortunate Situation 7:00
2. Underground 5:40
3. 17th Street 5:26
4. In Parts 7:42
5. Interlude 4:24
6. Non-Sense 2:50
7. Sad Song 5:59
8. Nervous 4:50
9. Fleeting 2:54
10. Bronx #2 6:04

All compositions by Daniel Levin
C+P 2003 Riti Records

Daniel Levin - cello
Mat Moran - vibraphone
Dave Ballou - cornet
Joe Morris - bass

Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty

This is the debut recording for cellist Daniel Levin and it will earn him a place as a leading young artist who can improvise and compose. On this album he is supported by Matt Moran on vibraphone, Dave Ballou on cornet and Joe Morris on bass. The music is rich, resonant, deep, melodic, and it grooves. This music might remind you of the cool of Miles and the daring of Dolphy but Don’t Go It Alone is totally new, honest and original.

Levin started playing at age 6 and studied orchestral, solo and especially chamber music. He continued his studies with the great cellist and thinker Paul Tobias at Mannes College of Music and with various improvisers and composers including Hankus Netsky, Joe Maneri, John McNeil and Joe Morris at New England Conservatory. He has performed with Rob Brown, Matana Roberts, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jim Hobbs, Steve Lantner, Mat Maneri and many others.


CD $10

1. Meet Me in Another Reality 7:46
2. Likewise 12:07
3. Emotion of Space 11:09
4. Turning 6:33
5. Lifelike 10:03
6. Ground Truth 8:15
7. Open Oblique 13:27

All compositions by Brown, Morris, Gray
C+P 2003 Riti Records

Rob Brown - alto saxophone, flute
Joe Morris - bass
Luther Gray - drums

Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty

Stone House is a collective trio consisting of Luther Gray on drums, Joe Morris on bass and Rob Brown on alto saxophone and flute. Likewise consists of seven totally improvised pieces of music – each of a different mood, form, shape, character and flow, and each pushing the musical envelope to the edge. This music is rich in detail, subtlety, and energy, and is presented with amazing technical precision.

Morris and Brown are considered to be innovators and leaders in the new jazz. Their collaboration in performance and on record began in 1993 and together they have been heard in many different groups and recordings. Gray is the youngest member of Stone House but he is a musical equal to the other members. Combined the three are a band that is intelligent, dynamic, soulful, daring and breaking new ground in improvisation.


CD is out of print

1. Sand Choir 7:59
2. Dawn Son 2:04
3. Hop-Kin 16:49
4. Stepdance 12:53
5. Dream 15:48

All compositions by Parker, Morris, Drake
C+P 2003 Riti Records

William Parker - sintir
Joe Morris - banjo & banjouke
Hamid Drake - frame drum

Recorded December 12, 2001 at AUM Hi-Q, Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered and Produced by Joe Morris
Mastered by Frank Clifford
Cover Art and Design by Anne Marcotty

William Parker, Joe Morris, and Hamid Drake are three of the most surprising and adventurous musicians in the world of improvised music. On Eloping with the Sun, they all together step into a completely different musical realm again. Performing respectively on the sintir (a Moroccan bass lute usually associated with Gnawa music), banjo & banjouke (a ukelele hybrid), and frame drum, these remarkable musicians create a sound that is both ancient and totally new. Parker’s pounding, repetitive, though always morphing (and distinctly wicked) bass lines provide the bottom. Morris’ swirling, rapid, rhythmic lines cover the top and Drake’s dark, lush hand drumming moves the body between. Eloping with the Sun is hypnotic, contemplative, completely rhythmic music that would truly mess heads if it ever made rotation on the army of mobile subwoofing systems in the nation’s inner and outer cities. Let the revolution begin at home!

CD $10

1. The Word On The Street 8:49
2. Prophet Moon 18:39
3. Trial By Fire 7:15
((( Listen )))
4. Riptide 14:46
5. Telling Moment 4:46

All compositions by Whit Dickey, Nommo Music (ASCAP)
C+P 2003 Riti Records

Whit Dickey - drums
Joe Morris - guitar
Rob Brown - alto sax

Recorded February 17, 2002 at Roulette, NYC
Engineered by Jim Staley
Design by Anne Marcotty
Produced by Whit Dickey

Drummer Whit Dickey, whose debut recording was with Matthew Shipp on the pianist’s legendary Circular Temple and who then went on to perform and record with tenor saxophonist David S. Ware, has been concentrating his efforts on leading and recording his own groups since 1996. On Prophet Moon he leads Trio Ahxoloxha, which includes longtime colleagues Rob Brown performing on alto saxophone and flute, and Joe Morris on guitar.

Ahxoloxha, a palindrome invented by Dickey, helps to describe his concept of how the group works together, balanced on all sides. This is the latest configuration of an ensemble originally organized by Brown to record the CD Youniverse in 1993 and has at various times been led by Morris as well. This version centers on the drum compositions and orchestral playing of Dickey, whose original use of space, energy, density, and rhythm provide a unique platform for the group to exchange ideas and create a totally original group sound and music that is spare, deep, melodic and driving.


CD $10

1. Saying So 11:38
2. Once Through 7:26
3. Jangle 13:49
4. Under The Sun 29:31

All compositions by Lanter/Morris/Cook, published by Slantsound (BMI)
C+P 2002 Riti Records

Steve Lantner - piano
Joe Morris - bass
Laurence Cook - drums

Produced by Steve Lantner.
Recorded December 9, 2001 at PBS Studios, Westwood, MA. Engineered by Peter Kontrimas.
Cover photo by Larry Volk. Design by Anne Marcotty.

Saying So marks the US label debut for pianist Steve Lantner. Lantner's previous two recordings on the Leo label (UK) were critically acclaimed for their originality and overall musicality. Each displayed his unique improvisational style and his connection to the musical concepts of Mat Maneri, who appeared on Reaching, and Joe Maneri who performed with Lantner on Voices Lowered.

Although this is Lantner's third album, it's his first in a standard jazz setting-a classic piano trio with Joe Morris on bass and Laurence Cook on drums.

From the liner notes written by Ed Hazell (Boston Phoenix & Jazziz):
"Pianist Steven Lantner is one of the most original improvisers to emerge in the past several years. It's not simply because he is always searching for something fresh and original, but that his search uncovers more mysteries and ambiguities than comforting certainties. Morris makes his recording debut on bass here, and melody is at the heart of his concept, just as it is with guitar. Perhaps because the bass is not the dominant voice in the trio, it accentuates Joe's sensitivity as an ensemble player, a side of his playing that's rarely commented on. And what can you say about Laurence Cook? After more than 30 years, he plays like he's still amazed at the sounds that the drums can make. He's the most painterly of percussionists - color and form are always closely interrelated in his drumming. Together they make music that flows organically and communicates with great clarity and warmth."

RITI CD4 - JOE MORRIS TRIO ..Age Of Everything

CD $10

1. Tree Branch 11:43
2. Way In 15:10
3. Age Of Everything 11:25
4. Telepathy 14:47

All compositions by Joe Morris, Riti Publishing (ASCAP)
C+P 2002 Riti Records

Joe Morris - guitar
Timo Shanko - bass
Luther Gray - drums

Produced by Joe Morris.
Recorded January 20, 2002 at Riti Studios, Guilford, CT. Engineered & Mixed by Frank Clifford.
Cover photo by Joe Morris. Design by Anne Marcotty.

Age of Everything marks a breakthrough in the extensive recorded body of work by guitarist Joe Morris. Marking time with unique inventions of rhythmic and melodic precision, presented with a level of sheer velocity unmatched in the recent batch of jazz releases. Morris leads the way on this recording to an altogether new place in the history of guitar and the jazz trio. Anchored by the phenomenal playing of Timo Shanko on bass and Luther Gray on drums, Age of Everything works like a suite that grooves hard and sings with a collective driving soulfulness, the most modern kind of energy, and a timeless depth of spirit.

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