Rob Brown is a phenomenal improvisor on the alto saxophone and a beautiful composer; truly a wonder of nature. He has put us in awe on countless occassions.

Below is the discography of his impeccable work to be found on the AUM Fidelity and Riti labels, presently (nigh) topped off with his first AUM Fidelity release as a leader. Awesome.

Rob Brown's official website (old) & new.

2017 Meditation/Resurrection (William Parker Quartets)
2015 Great Spirit (William Parker/Raining On The Moon)
2015 For Those Who Are, Still (William Parker / 3CD Box Set)
2013 Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (William Quartet+++ / 8CD Box Set)
2012 Essence of Ellington/Live in Milano (William Parker Orchestra)
2008 Petit Oiseau (William Parker Quartet)
2008 Double Sunrise Over Neptune (William Parker / Orchestra)
2008 Crown Trunk Root Funk (Rob Brown Ensemble)
2007 Corn Meal Dance (William Parker / Raining On The Moon)
2005 Sound Unity (William Parker Quartet)
2003 Likewise (Stone House)
2003 Prophet Moon (Whit Dickey / Trio Ahxoloxha)
2002 O'Neal's Porch (William Parker Quartet)
2001 Life Cycle (The Nommonsemble)
2000 Mayor Of Punkville (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra)
1998 Vision One: Vision Festival 1997 Compiled
1998 Transonic (Whit Dickey Trio)
1998 The Peach Orchard (In Order To Survive)
1997 Sunrise in the Tone World (The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra)

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