Perfect Sound Forever interview
Boston Phoenix feature

photo by Edvard Vlanders


Matthew Shipp.
"Well now, you see, the thing about Matthew Shipp is..." -SJ

Boxing and Jazz by Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp's web site


2018 Daniel Carter / William Parker / Matthew Shipp : Seraphic Light..AUM Fidelity

Vessel in Orbit AUM Fidelity 2017

The Darkseid Recital AUM Fidelity 2014
Cosmic Lieder AUM Fidelity 2011

with DAVID S. WARE / Quartet
Live in Sant'Anna Arresi, 2004 AUM Fidelity 2016
Live In Vilnius NoBusiness Records 2009
Renunciation AUM Fidelity 2007
Balladware The Blue Series/Thirsty Ear 2006
Live In The World   The Blue Series/Thirsty Ear 2005
Freedom Suite AUM Fidelity 2002
Corridors & Parallels AUM Fidelity 2001
Surrendered Columbia/Sony 2000
Go See The World Columbia/Sony 1998
Wisdom of Uncertainty AUM Fidelity 1997
Godspelized.. DIW 1996
DAO Homestead 1996
Oblations and Blessings Silkheart 1996
Cryptology Homestead 1995
Earthquation DIW 1995
Third Ear Recitation DIW 1993
Flight of I.. DIW/Columbia Records 1992
Great Bliss Volumes 1,2 Silkheart 1991

Going To Church AUM Fidelity 2002

Life Cycle AUM Fidelity 2001

Time Is Of The Essence Is Beyond Time AUM Fidelity 2000

Discography AS LEADER (complete through 2002; check Matthew's site for complete through now.)
2002 Nu Bop The Blue Series
2002 Songs Splasc(H)
2001 New Orbit: Quartet (with Leo Smith, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver) The Blue Series
2001 Expansion , Power, Release : String Trio (w/ Mat Maneri, William Parker) Hatology

2000 Pastoral Composure : Quartet (w/ Roy Campbell, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver) ..The Blue Series
2000 Gravitational Systems : Duo with Mat Maneri.. Hatology
1999 Magnetism : Trio with Rob Brown & William Parker.. Bleu Regard
1999 DNA : Duo with William Parker ..Thirsty Ear
1998 Strata : Horn Quartet (w/ William Parker, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter) ..Hatology
1998 The Multiplication Table : Trio (w/ William Parker, Susie Ibarra).. Hatology
1997 Thesis : Duo with Joe Morris ..Hatology
1997 By the Law of Music : String Trio (w/ Mat Maneri, William Parker).. HatArt
1997 Blink Of Any Eye : Duo with Rob Brown No More Records
1997 The Flow of X : Quartet (w/ Mat Maneri, William Parker, Whit Dickey).. 2.13CD
1997 2-Z : Duo with Roscoe Mitchell ..2.13CD
1997 Before The World: solo piano.. FMP
1996 Prism : Trio (w/ William Parker, Whit Dickey).. Brinkman
1995 Symbol Systems : solo piano No More
1994 Critical Mass : Trio (w/ William Parker, Whit Dickey).. 2.13CD
1993 Zo : Duo with William Parker.. Rise/2.13CD
1992 Points : Trio (w/ William Parker, Whit Dickey)..Silkheart
1991 Circular Temple : Trio (w/ William Parker, Whit Dickey).. Quinton/Infinite Zero
1987 Sonic Explorations : Duo with Rob Brown ..Cadence

with Roscoe Mitchell's Note Factory
Nine To Get Ready ECM ..1999

with JOE MORRIS Ensemble
Elsewhere Homestead 1996

For a full-on intensively detailed sessionography, consult Rick Lopez':

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